Weekend Movie Review; The Three J's - Julia, Julie and Joe

By Maricor Capulong Sorry everyone for the delay of my last week's post. I have caught a head flu ( I think, at least that's how...

By Maricor Capulong

Sorry everyone for the delay of my last week's post. I have caught a head flu ( I think, at least that's how it felt!) last week and could not get up and watch movies or stare at a computer screen for longer than a minute.

But I am back! Shall we begin?

I went to see both Julie & Julia and G.I Joe. Just to get two different spectrums of film genres and also to compensate for times lost. I got carried away, because both of these movies I was overtly excited to see. I love Julia Child and it took me back to being a kid, watching PBS for Julia's cooking show. Back then I thought she was a muppet because of the way she talked and how tall she was. Julia Child would always prepare foods put them in the oven, and a second later she opens it and it is perfectly cooked. As a child I always wondered if that was a special kind of oven, or was there someone else cooking behind it. I guess I was too innocent to figure it out.

G.I Joe was more of my brother's childhood remembrance, I just remember him watching the cartoon holding on to his own G.I Joe doll. I vaguely know of the characters, and I only know of the bad guy, Cobra Commander, a real scary guy because of his slithering snake like voice (if snakes did talk.)

So I shall then proceed with....

Julie & Julia
Directed by Nora Ephron
Meryl Streep
Amy Adams

Based on a book by Julie Powell, and partly of a memoir of Julia child's own book, "My life in France." The story is about two different women, their road to self satisfaction through the art of cooking. Julia Child's story starts off with her moving to France and starting a life there with her Ambassador husband, while Julie Powell moves in with her husband in a quaint (by quaint I mean cramped) New York apartment. Although they have very little in common, their main motivator and strength come from cooking delicious meals and also from their wonderfully sweet husbands. Taking comfort in the fact that ingredients can be controlled to the taste of their own palate, to adjust to their own hunger needs. Their lives on the other hand are not so easily managed and or prepared.

Meryl Streep was superb as Julia Child, her voice, her mannerisms were very Julia. I love Meryl Streep and I would watch any film she would star in, even if it was sub-par for her own talents, much like this film was. Amy Adams, a new and upcoming impressive actress, did not deliver that much of a good performance here (despite her other great movies.) This character did not have much for her to work with to compliment her talents as a thespian. Julie Powell (the character, maybe not the real person... maybe) was very one dimensional, and I believe that Amy Adam's talents were not really exercised to a degree of how the story should direct her to. All she does is whine, whine and whine every time something goes wrong, when this whole experience should have toughened her up. I mean no offense, but there are more steps to finding inner strength than just cooking and blogging about it. Go out with new friends, find a new job, etc, etc... Do not ride the coat tails of a cooking legend in hopes of being an author, have more pride than that! Have more belief in yourself, conquer a new world! Make tread marks! Do something ingenious!

Maybe the screen writer is the one to blame, but this movie just irked me so much. Julie seemed so fragile, a girl that you would hate to be married to... to think about it, she is trying to get fame from someone's else's hard work. recreating every recipe and blogging about the experience does not make her to be an instantaneous four star Author. How can you really bypass, years of hard work and dedication unlike many authors out there who writes about politics, social issues, fashion etc... who spent their whole lives researching and reporting. Don't get me wrong, blogging is a great way to share ideas and to flex the noggin muscle, but I think hard work has to come out from other aspects of any endeavor beside just one try.

I honestly would have liked the movie better if they just cut Julie out of the whole film equation. The whole Julia Child Biopic would have sufficed, I would have loved to see the beginning of Julia Child's life, to the end of it. The two hour time frame would have been better for a biopic, not a romantic dramedy. I would have loved to delve more into why Julia could not have kids (one scene shows her crying cause of being childless.)I would have loved to know how Julia met her fantastic husband (played superbly by Stanley Tucci)I would have loved more of Julia, Julia, JULIA!!!!!

This movie was a big disappointment, but kudos to Meryl Streep for doing it!

I have noticed that I have not created a scale of how bad or good a movie is. I do not want to emulate the thumbs up, thumbs down rating of Siskel and Ebert. I do not want to rate it rotten or fresh like rotten tomatoes would. Or even with stars like IMDB.com does.... soooo

how about this...

I would give it ♥ ♥ 1/2 out of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Just because Meryl Streep did all the load lifting in this film... out of respect for a highly celebrated actress such as herself. This rating is very lenient to say the least.


So moving on to the next agenda of this film critic's list...

G.I Joe Rise of Cobra
Directed By Stephen Sommers
Channing Tatum
Sienna Miller
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

So I had a running bet with my boyfriend (and co-viewer) about this movie and how we both feel about it towards the end. I bet him that the movie will be a success and that the action sequences along with the actors picked were going to do the franchise justice. My boyfriend on the other hand thought (based on the previews) that it would have horrible CGI effects and there would be needless explosions everywhere, and to top it off, he thought that Channing Tatum could not pull off playing Duke, the somewhat leader of the G.I Joe team.

The movie was a fantastic action movie, given there were some aspects of the film I felt that they could have cut. For example, the flashbacks for Stormshadow and Snake eyes. If they were going to keep a flashback sequence for them, they should have spanned it out, showing the two in their teenage years rather than just being bratty kids. As a viewer who has no clue of the cartoon, or comics for this franchise, I loved how they incorporated flashbacks to explain the background of each and every character. They were needed flashbacks, they sufficed better than the characters story telling them into their lines. Over all though, the movie is such a roller coaster to watch, action sequences picks the film up, where it needs some pepping. The gadgetry that were introduced into the story were practical and not overtly unrealistic. Like the bazooka bomb that was filled with miniature creatures that would eat everything in sight, I can believe and would not be shocked if it were invented in real life.

So some might not like this movie because they hold their allegiance to the old story line of Cobra commander being a megalomaniac, Or that the Baroness stayed evil throughout (in the second she might revert back to darkness.) To be fair though, we have to incorporate the changing times of humanity. It had to be changed for many new fans to relate to the story and the heroes, like the part where Duke said he was ordered to be in Iraq as part of a group of troops stationed there. Obviously there is a broader category of viewers now, viewers that love romance, viewers that love spy/war gadgetry, and viewers who would want their kids to relate to an up-to-date version of yesteryear's heroes. I believe this film had enough energy and fun to indulge all those needs and more.

Kudo's to Sienna Miller of which two weeks ago I have ripped her to shreds on my critical analysis of her performance in "The Edge of Love." It was a complete turn around, to say the least, played the Baroness with finesse and style, that I would never have guessed that she could have pulled it off. Way different from the her usual parts, she did not revert to this giggly little British act that she often maintains in every movie (except this one.) This is a good start to get the ball moving f she ever wants to be a serious actress. Although this is hardly a Oscar contender of a movie, I sure hope she at least gets the recognition that she is not just a pretty face anymore, but a good starter actress. Please dont take the John Carpenter star role for Barbarella!!!!!! (rumored.)

I was highly disappointed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's portrayal of Cobra commander. I remember his voice in the TV cartoon show, but I guess he opted for another route to play the main staple of why G.I Joe was a success. Either way, big disappointment for both die hard fans and new ones. I felt as though he was not menacing enough to be a bad guy. Then again it is just the first movie, there might be more to come (crosses fingers) hopefully...

Over all for an action movie I would give this a ♥ ♥ ♥ out of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So there it is folks.. two weeks worth of stuff!!!

Let me know what you think of these movies and comment away! I would love to hear you input, if you liked them, hated them, I was right, if you were wrong... etc... etc...

Up to next week then???? Enjoy the week-end!

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Matt said...

It's a perfectly delighful movie. Nora Ephron's screenplay and direction makes for an excellent light comedy, and the performance by Meryl Streep is deserving of an Oscar which she won't get because it's not a serious enough movie.

Lisa Stone said...

She is awesome, in any movie, but you nver know she might just get an Oscar.

Tammy said...

I actually liked Gi Joe a lot more than i had thought i would. I used to watch the cartoon when i was little and actually thought that while it wasnt a spot on movie they did a really good job taking the cartoon and adapting it to be more modern without being over the top. i will definitely be waiting for a sequel...

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