Five Suspects Arrested For Shooting Gun at Elk Grove Park

Written By EGN on Monday, March 19, 2012 | 11:56

Five men were arrested early Saturday morning after they reportedly shot guns at an Elk Grove Park.

According to Elk Grove Police, officers were dispatched to Fite Park on the 4300 block of Careyback Ave. after getting reports off gunshots. Responding officers found 22-year-old Raymond Walker of Sacramento, 21-year-old Jason Pastora of Elk Grove and 21-year-old Gabriel Rodriguez of Sacramento walking on the street and 18-year-old Robert Walker and 18-year-old Nicholas Pastora both of Elk Grove sitting in a parked car.

Officers contacted the subjects in the car and recovered a rifle along with ammunition. All five suspects were then detained.

A search of the area led to the discovery of six expended casings in the park. All five suspects were arrested then transported to the county jail.


Anonymous said...

Don't you feel real safe ????
Go to the park and start packing.