Wheat Makes History in Elk Grove Mayoral Bid, Politics

With a self-imposed spending limit of less the $1,000 in her campaign to become Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor, candidate Lynn...

With a self-imposed spending limit of less the $1,000 in her campaign to become Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor, candidate Lynn Wheat employed free Internet-based technology last night in what could be first in Elk Grove city political campaigns.

Using the free services, Wheat performed a groundbreaking first in a Elk Grove politics - a live questions and answer session broadcasted on her YouTube channel. The session, which Wheat dubbed "Lynn Wheat - Uncensored," fielded live questions via Email and postings on her YouTube channel.

During the 30-plus minute session, Wheat fielded a variety question from the city's planned expansion to the viability of the Old Town Elk Grove's First Saturday event.

Below is video of the live broadcast.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people tuned in. EGN did not elaborate on this "history making" event, leading one to believe that more people watched this broadcast than the Presidential debates! I venture to guess it was less than a half dozen.

Either way, jump to end and yes, "butterflies are free!"

Constant Craving said...

LMAO....you stepped into that one Anon. It did make history because it got haters like you to watch the whole thing. How would you know that comment was at the end unless you watched the whole thing. Curious? Running scared, eh?

Nastiness Continues said...

So that's the tactic. . . get people to watch the video so they can hear your candidate in order to make informed decisions and then call them haters when when comment on a very odd question at the end.

Your comment was hateful and atyical of this candidate's supporters.

Anonymous said...

Seems as if Anon left herself open for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I know us old folks are supposed to get with the times, but this was painful to watch. Aiming the camera up someone's nasal cavities is not only disgusting but distracting. Makes it hard to focus on the message. Although I did get that butterflies are free.

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