Is West Sacramento School Race Harbinger of Thing To Come For Elk Grove Dems?

Across the river in West Sacramento, the Washington Unified School District (WUSD) will be holding ...

Across the river in West Sacramento, the Washington Unified School District (WUSD) will be holding a mail-in special election to fill a vacancy on that board. Normally a school board election in an adjoining county might have no significance for Elk Grove, but this one could be a harbinger of things to come for Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis.

What caught our attention last week was a tweet from the Democratic Party of Sacramento County. The tweet read "Read who employs Sarah Kirby-Gonzalez for School Board's well-funded opponent, and we're sure you'll join the..." A click to the link led to a profile of one of the five WSUD candidates.

There are two interesting aspects of the candidate, Francisco Castillo, linked in that tweet that warranted closer examination. Those two things were his apparent party affiliation and his employer.

According to Castillo's biography, he previously served as Director of Communications for Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. The other interesting thing about Castillo is his current job with the Michelle Rhee led pro-charter school anti-teacher union group, Students First.

While the Democratic Party of Sacramento does not visibly offer endorsements outside of this county, last week's tweet pointing out Castillo's employer is telling. Obviously the Sacramento Democrats, which has strong labor backing, wants to point out Castillo's employer to WUSD voters.

So what are the implications for Elk Grove Democrats and Mayor Gary Davis?

Given their stance on Castillo and his employer on a race outside of Sacramento County, we can't help but wonder what the leadership of Democratic Party of Sacramento County thinks of Davis' choice of employment with the pro-charter school, and by implication anti-union, advocacy group EdVoice? After all EdVoice and Students First are twin siblings of different donors. 

Furthermore, given his sandbagging of Democratic Party supported Nancy Chaires appointment to the city council in favor of the old Elk Grove connected Roy Herburger-backed Robert Trigg to the Elk Grove City Council, we can't help but wonder what exactly is Davis' standing with local Democrats.

It will be interesting to see if Davis can dig himself out of this hole or will the his employment by the anti-union anti-public school EdVoice and sandbagging of Chaires grind his aspiring political career to a halt. 

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