First-of-its-kind Business in Elk Grove Files Paperwork With County

UPDATE April 1, 2014 | In a filing with the Sacramento County Department of Finance, a new business registered its fictitious busin...

April 1, 2014 |

In a filing with the Sacramento County Department of Finance, a new business registered its fictitious business name statement last week for what is believed to be the first-of-its-kind enterprise in Elk Grove.

According to public documents, the new business will be located at the strip center at 8690 Elk Grove Boulevard. The new entity has taken the name Ricky's Escorts (see document below) and it is not known if the business is a dating and introduction service or mobile home escort car service.

If the business is classified as a dating and introduction service, Elk Grove regulations require it to apply for a special business license. According to the city's website "The Special License is issued based on a character review of the owner of certain types of businesses. The license is approved by the Police Department and fingerprinting of owner is required. The fee for a Special License is $125 and is an annual license. The one time fingerprinting fee is $44. This license may take up to 90 days to be approved."

As of this posting, no further information about the escort service could be obtained.31.

According to Elk Grove Public Information Officer Christine Brainerd, Rick'y Escorts applied for a city business license on Monday, March. The business was classified as a transportation business.  

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Old-Timer on the east side said...

The mayor wanted his destination city, so here we go. Our first escort service. We're really stepping up.
This is the kind of business that strip malls and low income high density housing brings to our area.

The mayor and Mr. Starbuck should be proud.

SteveB6509 said...

EGN, looks like you caught one.

Anonymous said...

So Ricky Boy finally made it to Elk Grove. Mayor Davis couldn't bring in the Texans, so maybe Oakland is our next best bet. That's a good start on our housing to jobs fix and it only cost us $6000.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, but you can just walk over to Palermos's for a nice glass of wine and some good chow.

Laguna Pete said...

So this is what Randy Starbuck has been working on the past 2 1/2 years. As usual, Elk Grove on the cutting edge.

Maybe Grace's Coffee can offer Ricky's customers some discounted coffee while they wait.

Sacramento has Shrimp Boy, we have Ricky Boy and his Angels!

Welcome to the big city, Mr. Mayor!

That rope you spoke of at your propaganda luncheon may be a noose tightening around your next candidacy. - Too bad.

I'm sure your adversary in the next election will use this as great debate fodder against you.

Should be entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Is this the "solicitation" component that Gil Moore spoke of? First the Beer Cave and now the Whore Hotel. Great job fellas!! Elk Grove Thriving!!

Dan O'Brien said...

Mr. Mayor:

You take an awful lot of punishment on these websites. Do you even take the time to wonder why?

Maybe it's the condescending manner in which you address the public from the dais. The lies of which you speak from the dais when you say this is the public's house, our meeting, then you and your cronies ridicule or ignore the public comments; maybe it's the fact that you NEVER take responsibility for a poor decision. This is what I find most egregious; Your unwillingness to tell the people that you are human and you're made a mistake. Instead you ignore the screams from the public for accountability.

You have become a regional laughing stock and an embarrassment to this city. You just refuse to see the obvious.

Please stop the photo ops and stupid self-serving ads and start taking stock of what your jobs is and just do it!

$7,000 to advertise in Houston, Tx? How about using that money toward a tangible benefit for this town.

Huggy Bear said...

While our leaders cow-tow to the developers who want to turn raw dirt into cash, the inner core of our city continues to decline like a cancer. Good going guys!

Connie said...

The City of Rancho Cordova, in reevaluating the businesses they were attracting, saw in increase in check cashing stores, massage parlors and escort services. So their staff drafted and council passed very strict ordinances to prohibit these types of businesses from propping up all over their city.

As with the tobacco store location ordinance we tried to get passed back in 2005, which the Elk Grove City Council ignored, it was only when a tobacco store opened next to a preschool did public outrage cause the city council to pass an ordinance for future businesses. But it didn't help the current situation because the council did act.

So when we saw what Rancho was doing, because those businesses that can’t open in Rancho are going to want to open somewhere else, we asked the Elk Grove City Council to pass similar ordinances. Those requests were ignored as well.

I guess we will try again because I would venture to guess that some of the businesses in that strip mall are going to mind. Not to mention there are at least five fast food businesses within that area that attracts our youth.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to laugh at all of you if it's not what you think it is.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:43: Well if you are the same person who called the people on this site, town fools, having the name "Escort" in your business brings to mind one thing.

But it appears you keep coming on this site and posting your nasty comments.

And you are not fooling anyone by the way!

Anonymous said...

If anybody is nasty, it would be you Anon 10:09. And for the record, it's my first time ever to post on this site.

Shrimp Boy said...

Connie, to your point, since it is election season, I would not be surprised to see our leaders who are up for re-election to start "pandering"(no pun intended Ricky!) to the little people on this and other issues the "town idiots" are concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Shrimp Boy:

You are killing me with your nom de plume. Every city has one, I guess. But in Elk Grove we already know his real name with his Tommy Bahamas and white bread!!!!

Fifth Estate said...


So glad you are on top of all of these stories. We get nothing from that community newsletter. In fact, it appears their reporters read this site and then write articles.

Keep up the good work; otherwise we would all be in the dark which is exactly where the Elk Grove City Council and staff want the residents to be.

Anonymous said...

"Huggy Bear" it!! I think Gil Moore will have to start wearing gold chains and leisure suits!! Thanks for the memories, Huggy Bear!

The Biggest LIttle...well you know said...

Just today I listened to a discuss regarding various famous/infamous people being paid large sums of money to escort wealthy men to major gala events; or large sums to show up at different events.

So, the argument goes that the escort company only charges the client to provide suitable escort/companion and that sex is not part of that contract. However, if the client and the escort/companion choose to transact their own contract to include sex, that is sole between the client and escort/companion and has nothing to do with the escort service. Semantics...yes, but apparently being paid to show up or act as an escort occurs every day in the world of celebrity.

It will be very interesting to see what exactly this business sells.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is an April Fool's Day joke!

Uncle Leland said...

This is getting out of control.

The "escort" service is currently based out of house in East Oakland.

Oaktown in the house!

David W said...

Anon @ 12:48

Sorry to inform you, this is an actual filing. I just confirmed it with the county. An escort service is now doing business in our destination city.

Ricky is expanding from his Oakland headquarters, no pun intended.

It would have made for a good joke, but it looks like the joke is on us.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see how HRH Davis handles this one. There is no ordinance or requirement against this type of business per the city's licensing dept. "Escort" is considered a retail business....LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Thanks EGN for this news that now EG will have its very own "night time destination place".

I wonder why Ricky is leaving Oakland? Expanding to EG? What gala's do we have that Escorts are required??? This is hysterical!!!

Shrimp Boy Chow said...

Wait until the TV stations and the Sacramento Bee get a hold of this one!

Oliver said...

While Farmer John was paying to get a chuckle out of his Texas ad, the world's oldest profession moved in under his nose. Economic development!

SteveB6509 said...

I started off thinking this was a great joke. If so, EGN has gone to brilliant lengths because the business name and phone number does match an escort service in Oakland:

Now I'm worried.

Anonymous said...

It looks like some type of party bus service.

Why does he call it an escort service?

lynn said...

When the core of a city is ignored and focus is on expansion and spending monies in the wrong manner. When sound bites win elections. When attendance at city meetings is low. When voting is along party lines. When blame is passed on..the doors open for this type business

Anonymous said...

The photo showing the "in use" stripper pole in the middle of the bus full of men just about says it all. Now it may only be a limo service, but the name escort service accompanied by the photo says different. Hilarious!

Gil Moore should be pissed. He made substantial contributions to council members, including $20K to the Detricks, in order to get his signs and Mickey D's while Ricky just slipped in under the radar with no contributions necessary.

One more year until retirement and then I'm out of here.

Shrimp Boy Chow said...

It's time to Par Tay!


What is with the silver pole and the woman in the middle of the bus?

This got onto last night's Channel 13 news at 10 o'clock.

Shrimp Boy said...

Hey, this could be a way to increase the ridership on E-tran!!

Magic Mike said...

Only if you add a dance poll, music and mood lights. People will always find a way. Call this by any other name, time will tell when EGPD starts pulling these vans over because they are rocking and rolling too much!

Anonymous said...

"The business was classified as a transportation business."

Give them credit....they just learned how to slip in under the ciies R & R for a business license. Do an internet search under "transportation" and see how many listings you see for this type of business. When the Bingo Parlor wanted to locate here and was turned down, they made a mistake. Should have registered as a Retail Card Sales business.

Anonymous said...

How about this one?

Pot Shop:

Botanical retail sales

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