Ly Draws Large Audience to Elk Grove City Council Race Fundraiser

May 23, 2014 | Elk Grove City Council candidate Steve Ly held a fundraiser in Elk Grove yesterday that attracted a large audience, as wel...

May 23, 2014 |

Elk Grove City Council candidate Steve Ly held a fundraiser in Elk Grove yesterday that attracted a large audience, as well as locally noted politicians.

Ly, who is currently serving as a trustee on the Elk Grove Unified School Board District, is running for the city's District Four seat that is currently occupied by Bob Trigg, who will not be seeking reelection. To date, Ly is facing fellow Democrat and Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires and local business-owner Daniel Jimenez. 
Steve Ly (center) with members of the
Sikh Political Action Committee.

Among elected officials in attendance at the event were Elk Grove Unified School District trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis and Assembly Member Roger Dickinson. Singh-Allen and Davis are running for reelection to their prospective offices while Dickinson is embroiled in a tight and increasingly negative campaign with fellow Democrat and Assembly Member Dr. Richard Pan to succeed Darrell Steinberg in the California Senate.

Davis, who has ties with Ly going to the 2012 election, said the election of Ly would lead to a coalition on the city council. 

"The best way to an effective city council person is to be able to build a broad, diverse coalition," Davis said. "The key is to do things together and that is why Steve is going to win."

Davis also urged the audience to become involved as campaign volunteers, noting it will be a very close election.

"Get ready for a battle, because there is going to be one," he added.

Channeling President Obama's 2008 campaign comments in Philadelphia about bringing a gun to a knife fight, Davis also implored Ly's volunteers to work harder that their opponents. 

"His opponent is working hard already, so we have to work harder," Davis said. "If his opposition is knocking on one door, we have to knock on 10. If his opposition raises one dollar, we have to raise 10." 

For his part, Ly thanked the various supporters for their attendance and contributions.

"I don't have any quick fixes for any of our problems for the city of Elk Grove or the school district," Ly said. "The one thing I consistently do is and that I am quite proud off, is that I show up and listen."

Ly said that by listening to constituents he can connect the dots and help get things. He also discussed the city's job to housing imbalance saying that is one of the city's biggest challenges. 

Working off the city's "Live, Work, Play" marketing motto, Ly noted he and his family live and plays here, but he works in Rancho Cordova. 

"To me, that has to change," he added.   

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Watching the Wannabees said...

R.I.P. John Vasconcellos and what you stood for. Maybe others can learn from you:


I will not vote for any politician who uses hatred and difference to drive a wedge in the body politic.

If I find a politician who is especially effective at whipping up my anger, I will oppose said politician. Anger is dangerous and makes for bad politics.

I understand that the most important question in politics is not what, it’s how.

I will applaud any act of political courage and sincerity, even when I disagree with the position being asserted.

When asked an honest question I expect an honest answer. I expect my politician to address the point, not spout the talking point. Evasiveness is insincerity and not to be tolerated.

I will not allow myself to be manipulated to serve a politician’s ambition and ego.

I will not support any politician who doesn’t understand it’s not about his or her career, it’s about the people’s interests.

I will not support any politician who labors under the delusion that he or she possesses power. They do not: It is on loan from the people.

I will demand the kind of honesty often displayed by ex-politicians from our current politicians. Not only can I handle the truth, I insist upon it.

I will not support any politician who cynically conducts politics as an exercise in naked power, devoid of morality. Amoral power politics has led us to the brink of destruction.

I will demand that all politicians obey The Prime Commandment: Speak the truth. Only trustworthiness is voteworthiness.

Anonymous said...

My question would be...why is Mr. Ly aligning himself with a Political Action Committee or beholden to any Political Action Committee for that matter? I would think that the only endorsement that he should be seeking is that of the citizens of Elk Grove.

lynn said...

Are any running seeking endorsement of Elk Grove citizens. In particular look at leaders voting records, do the records demonstrate the majority of citizens best interest or just a particular few?

Amar Shergill said...

Anonymous posted on 5/25 a question regarding a political action committee. As the treasurer of the American Sikh Political Action Committee, I am happy to explain that the people in the picture are proud residents of Elk Grove. After the brutal murder of two Sikh grandfathers in Elk Grove, our community realized that it is important to become more involved in civic affairs so that our neighbors know that we are Americans with the same aspirations that they have. We pool our resources and make modest contributions to those that have shown they are friends of the Sikh Community, like Steve Ly and Nancy Chaires. We cherish their support and look forward to working with all communities in building a better Elk Grove.

Amar Shergill
(Feel free to message me directly with any questions.)

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