Chaires Receives Democratic Party of Sacramento County Endorsement in City Council Race

August 19, 2014 | Elk Grove Planning Commissioner and District 4 city council candidate Nancy Chaires announced several endorsements tod...

August 19, 2014 |
Elk Grove Planning Commissioner and District 4 city council candidate Nancy Chaires announced several endorsements today. The latest round of endorsements come from a business association, Democratic club and a fellow city council candidate.
Chaires received the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County and the Women Democrats of Sacramento County.
Nancy Chaires with supporters Elk Grove Vice Mayor Jim
Cooper (l) and California Assembly Member Dr. Richard Pan.
Also offering his support was District 4 candidate Kristofer Tan, who until last week was in the race. Chaires is facing Daniel Jimenez, Nayyar Sarfaraz and fellow Democrat Steve Ly.  
"After spending time and speaking with both Nancy Chaires and Steve Ly and getting to know them both, I strongly feel that Nancy Chaires is the most capable, most knowledgeable and definitively, the best candidate for the position," Tan said.
On the business side, Chaires also received the support of the Sacramento Association of Realtors (SAR) which represents thousands of small business owners in our region.
"I am encouraged by the strong support of the SAR," Chaires said. "We share common goals, such as the desire to bring good jobs to Elk Grove, to ensure that residents have a real opportunity to own a home in our city." 

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Anonymous said...

wow, this is the new power group, clean sweep in November for Chaires, Cooper and Pan.

Anonymous said...

Not Cooper. Don't want him to move to state assembly - don;t want him on council. Stuck either way.
I go with Fong. Funny, a friend of mine wanted Cooper off the Council, so voted for him to move to the Assembly in the primaries. I voted Fong in the primaries because I didn't want him to advance - a cancel!! I do really like Fong, by the way. He's the one for me for Assembply.

Not Pan.

Don't know about Chaires. Certainly not LY - no way. But, Chaires is in the pockets of the developers. No way out for us - sadly. Too bad, she is sharp.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt she's intelligent and of the people running I'm sure on paper the most qualified. It's difficult to look at her campaign and not think that she's running it as if she read a manual on what you have to do be a cookie cutter elected official and is following it flawlessly.

For a position that's supposed to be non-partisan it sure seems democrat leaning, she's definitely in the club of aspiring career politicians. Also, if Pappas investments is leasing her the space for her campaign office, what happens if any of their projects come before council, will she abstain?

There's an interesting dynamic forming here: Chaires and Cooper, Davis and Ly, Hume by his lonesome once Trigg is gone, and Detrick is the lame duck.

I'm not totally confident in this group leading our city into the promised land.

Just thoughts and questions? Anyone else?

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