With Filing Deadline Looming, Will Davis, Hume be Unopposed?

August 7, 2014 | According to information posted on the Elk Grove City Clerk's page, th...

August 7, 2014 |

According to information posted on the Elk Grove City Clerk's page, the deadline for would-be candidates to file papers to run for the city council or mayor is this Friday at 5 p.m.

In the District 4 race, there are six individuals who pulled papers, five of whom have submitted nomination papers. A sixth District 4 resident, Charles Shanks, filed intention papers last February but has not submitted nomination papers as of today.

While the District 4 race should be competitive, as of today, the same cannot be said of the race for mayor or the District 2 seat. According to information on the city clerk's webpage, no individuals have drawn papers to run against Mayor Gary Davis or District 2 Council Member Pat Hume.

Should Davis and Hume appear on November's ballot unopposed, it would not be the first time in Elk Grove's brief history that sitting council member ran unopposed. In 2012, Elk Grove city council members Jim Cooper and Steve Detrick were swept back in for additional terms when they ran unopposed. 

Davis and Hume were both first elected to the Elk Grove City Council in 2006 in highly competitive, expensive and occasionally dirty races against two very unpopular original city council members. As challengers, Davis and Hume drew hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, mostly from real estate developers and construction-related trade unions, to finance their races. Since that election cycle, the big-money needed for challengers to run a viable campaign against an incumbent has disappeared.   

So if Davis and Hume go unopposed, as Cooper and Detrick did in 2012, is this the start of a permanent city council? If so, maybe a name change to the Elk Grove City Politburo would be in order.  


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