Who Won the Bera-Ose Debate - It Depends on What Spin You Believe

October 9, 2014 | Last night Congressman Ami Bera and his Republican challenger Doug Ose held their highly anticipated debate.  R...

October 9, 2014 |

Last night Congressman Ami Bera and his Republican challenger Doug Ose held their highly anticipated debate. 

Regardless what is said and written on the debate, one thing is clear - both candidates won. That is if you believe the post-debate spin coming out of both camps.

Bera's press secretary Allision Teixeira emailed the following at 9:27 p.m. last night:

In a televised debate on Wednesday night, Dr. Ami Bera was the clear winner, highlighting his support for middle class families and his putting people ahead of politics.
"Tonight you heard two very different visions of leadership," said Bera. "I'm leading by example and looking out for middle class families. Congressman Ose is looking out for himself and his Wall Street banker friends."

In contrast, Congressman Doug Ose doubled down on lies that have been proven false again and again by dozens of respected news outlets, and couldn't even name one vote he took to stand up to Wall Street bankers while he was in Congress.

What did he say instead? "Just bear with me here."

Even at the post debate press conference and in an interview after the debate with Capital Public Radio, Ose still failed to name one vote. 

Dr. Ami Bera represents Sacramento County in Congress. He’s working to make Congress a place for service and fighting to rebuild an economy that works for middle class families. As a leader of the No Labels Problem Solvers, Bera is leading the charge to find bipartisan solutions to our nation’s challenges.

Beating Ose in the battle of getting out their spin, Ose's press Secretary Michawn Rich sent the following at 8 p.m., immediately  following the debate. 

Ose Wins Debate
Doctor-turned-politician Bera recites same-old partisan talking points

(Sacramento, CA)
– Tonight’s debate between Doug Ose and doctor-turned-politician Ami Bera provided a clear contrast between Ose’s pro-growth, pro-middle class vision and Bera’s Washington-first, big-government, and pro-special interest agenda.  

“Tonight, Doug Ose proved that he is the candidate that will make our community’s interests his top priority. His vision for Sacramento County trumps that of Congressman Ami Bera. Doug offers real solutions and as he has done in the past, he is ready to implement his plan of fiscal responsibility and commonsense policies. He will stand up for the middle class and will always make the issues at home a priority.  

“On the other hand, as we just witnessed, Congressman Bera has become part of the problem in Washington. He is insistent on reiterating the same partisan talking points and misleading attacks without informing voters of a plan to get then back to work. This district and the entire nation are facing very serious issues and he has no answers.

“Congressman Bera stopped being a doctor a long time ago and became a politician. After tonight’s debate, it’s clear Doug Ose is the best candidate to represent California’s 7th Congressional District,” said Michawn Rich, Doug Ose spokeswoman.

So did you watch the debate, and if so, who did the better job and will it influence or change your vote?

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Anonymous said...

I think Ami Bera won, I believe him more than Ose. And would somebody please buy Ose some antacid? I couldn't stop thinking of Foster Brooks whenever I saw Ose's obvious dyspepsia....

Anonymous said...

I believe Ose won. Bera could not defend his poor performance in Washingron, having to result to name calling and referencing newspapers to support his debate facts. That's like saying everything you read on the internet is correct. Newspapers are notorious for having political agendas supporting the right or the left instead of reporting just the facts. Anyone who keeps company with Pelosi needs to be ousted.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 23:35...You mean versus Ose keeping company with Boehner?

Thinkin' there's enough name calling on both sides with Oses TV ads starting it all.

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