Video Interview - Chaires, Ly Hit The Streets in Pursuit of Votes

November 2, 2014 | The two leading contenders for the District 4 seat of the Elk Grove City Council, Nancy Chaires and Steve Ly, hit th...

November 2, 2014 |

The two leading contenders for the District 4 seat of the Elk Grove City Council, Nancy Chaires and Steve Ly, hit the campaign trail today in pursuit of votes.We caught up with them and asked them why Elk Grove residents should vote for them. Here are their answers.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I would've seen Ly on the street, I wanted to talk to him regarding the letter I received from Gary Davis about him.

I received a letter from the Mayor asking me to support Steve Ly, It seemed sincere until I got to the bottom of it. At the very bottom the later stated that it was paid by Steve's campaign.

Hmmm, I bet Steve wrote up the letter and had Twinkle eyes sign it. The bonus was the cute little photo of Gary and Ly wearing his famous blue shirt.

Truth seeker said...

I am so sick of these "personal" letters. The "personal" note from Steve Liar's wife of "20 years," the "personal" letter from Dickinson's wife of "40 years," etc., etc., etc. And really, a "personal" letter from Gary Davis? One liar supporting another. Why would anyone vote for someone to be Davis' yes man?

Oldman Pete said...

I'm no Steve Ly supporter, but calling Mr. Ly's run for city council a "self service" is a little like a grade schooler being jealous of another kid who keeps raising their hand because they know the answer.

Let's be realistic in our society today. Based on the political landscape of Elk Grove and the 2012 election results of receiving almost 57,000 votes over an incumbent and the recent chaos regarding the mall fiasco and the job to housing ratio problems, if Mr. Ly did not run for a seat on the council, I would call him flat out, "an idiot" whom has missed out on an excellent opportunity.

Get over it. Negative campaigning does not work in Elk Grove. As every school teacher knows, if a kid keeps raising their hand in class, perhaps he's onto something. Give the kid a break. Maybe the kid does have something important to say.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon 23:23...had trouble following all that info about the "kid."

That being said, I do wonder why our Mayor Davis has such a hugh interest in one candidate, Mr. Ly. Is there a "free lunch" involved somewhere down the line if he becomes the next Dist. 4 council person? While out running errands this cool weekend I kept looking for a FREE "Graces Coffee" stand on Laguna, manned by non other than Mr. LY.

Anonymous said...

Hello Amigo,

The damage is done. The train has left. Next time, make sure you have the right ducks and make sure the ducks are in order.

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