Elk Grove Vice Mayor Pat Hume Elected Chair of Southeast Connector JPA

December 23, 2014 |

Elk Grove Vice Mayor Pat Hume was elected Chairman of the Capitol Southeast Connector Joint Powers Authority (JPA) Board of Directors at their regular monthly meeting

Hume, who has been on the Elk Grove City Council since 2006 and was elected unopposed to a third term in November, has served on the JPA's board as the city's representative since 2007. Folsom City Council Member Jeff Starsky has been elected vice chair.

“The Connector is a critical piece of this region’s future transportation network that will create thousands of jobs and provide huge economic-development benefits, Hume said. "I expect over the next year to see significant progress in moving the project closer to construction.”

Starsky has served on the JPA board since 2009 and on the Folsom City Council since 2000. He served as JPA board chair in 2011.

The proposed 35-mile road will connect Interstate 5 south of Elk Grove to Highway 50 just east of El Dorado Hills. The project’s first phase, envisioned to be completed between 2018 and 2023, will include construction of a Connector “backbone” featuring four continuous lanes, expanded at-grade intersections at all major access points, a continuous path for pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians, and right-of-way preservation for the project’s full build out including future interchanges.

The project’s second phase includes interchanges and additional lanes in some segments, and would be completed over the subsequent 10 years to 20 years as additional funding is made available and demand necessitates additional improvements.

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Lynn said...

This project has been called an expressway....however I would suggest that with all the signals we will be getting a watt blvd.
I am most disappointed that light rail has not been considered.
The number of signals along this "expressway" will of course bring jobs; construction etc...all temporary, not sustainable.
Most likely this big project will not provide the transportation benefit we would like. This project is growth producing, however I doubt it will bring the growth this region desires.
The price tag on this project is huge! We the taxpayers and residents of the Elk Grove will indeed pay. Remember our council reduce developer fees that went for infrastructure ect....Show me where the money is coming for this one? Watt Ave 2 here we come....what will happen to the urban core of Elk Grove and the other cities. I supported an expressway...this is not it!

Hume's Homies said...

Of course Hume wants to see the connector go through. . .just following the list of developers and others even closer to him who will no doubt benefit.

Consanguinity? Yeah right!!!

Anonymous said...

Last I read this connector will have some 30+ stop lights. Hardly an expressway and will not reduce traffic on our existing Boulevards. It will have some benefits regionally getting people to Tahoe w/o going to downtown Sac. But this "new" expressway already exists it's called White Rock Road, Grantline, Kammerer, Bilby, and Hood-Franklin. Expanding these current roads is not for the existing residents but to facilitate future development. We can already get to Folsom using Grantline Road in 30 minutes. A new expressway will cut the time by what 5 minutes???

Warren Buffet said...

It's creating a highway in rural undeveloped lands at taxpayer's expense to open up areas for developers without them having to pay their fair share of the cost

New Highway+Taxpayer Funding=Subsidy

Subsidy+Dirt= Cheaper Development

Cheaper Development+Cars=PROFIT

SteveB6509 said...

This is needed to help alleviate some traffic, especially on 99. No matter what, growth will come and as we hopefully grow our employer base here, people living in Rancho and Folsom will start to come to Elk Grove to work. Light rail would not have been a solution on this path and yes, this will start with many lights (similar to Highway 99 north of Sacramento).

Anon 12:08 said...

Steve ~ I'm not opposed to the connector but don't try to sell it to me as traffic relief for Laguna or Elk Grove Blvds (As I've read Mr. Hume quoted as saying). I'd even question it relieving traffic much on 99.

But I do agree that Light Rail isn't a solution. Not enough density in the areas covered by the connector.

SteveB6509 said...

I can see the Connector giving some relief to EG Blvd (remember, the Connector includes the segment between 99 and I-5).

bainc said...

Very minimal relief to EG Blvd. It's too far south. Those that live just north of Bilby already take Bilby and Hood-Franklin to I-5 or Kammerer Road to Hwy 99. They aren't on Elk Grove Blvd for the most part. If you live north of Whitelock you'll likely continue to take EG Blvd if you intend to go N/B on I-5 or Hwy 99. However, the Whitelock interchange will help with traffic on EG Bvld.

I'm not saying the connector won't help a little but the connector is a ploy to open up new development (SOI, and land off Jackson Hwy) not give relief to our current boulevards. I realize development will happen and the connector will help with the traffic from the new developments. That's why I do support the connector but save me the "it will help with our current traffic message". It won't.

Dist 2 Millie said...

If I'm not mistaken Hume has family that owns properties along the proposed route of the JPA. If I'm wrong, please correct me, but if I'm correct, he has a conflict of interest and should recuse himself from ANY participation in this matter.

Now he's the "Chair" of the committee? This is very wrong on many fronts. Ethically for sure, legally, he may open the JPA to law suits in the future for any potential shenanigans, actual or perceived.

Hume must disclose his ties to the property owners irrespective of whether the JPA Board allows him to continue in any capacity.

Anonymous said...

Hume's family property was brought up before and Hume and city lawyers dropped a new word on all of us... remember "Consanguinity?" Hume has no intention of stepping down. His last 8 years on council was to get this connector put through...it has been his number #1, self proclaimed reason for living. I agree, it is a conflict; however he will never step down on his own..it will take a lawsuit to force him to make the right decision.

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