Elk Grove City Council to Discuss Proposed Animal Shelter Tomorrow Night

January 27, 2015 | The City of Elk Grove has several big dollar plans.  Among them are the $100 million soccer stadium-facili...

January 27, 2015 |

The City of Elk Grove has several big dollar plans. 

Among them are the $100 million soccer stadium-facility, a $17 million aquatics center and a $2.3 million Veterans Hall. Another big plan the city will explore, a proposed animal shelter that could cost up anywhere from $8.4 to $24.6 million, will be discussed at tomorrow night's Elk Grove City Council meeting.

At the centerpiece of the council's discussion is a report authored by City Manager Laura Gill. That report, which outlines the history of the Elk Grove's animal sheltering and field animal control services, presents council members with three options the city could pursue. 

Those options include:
  • Continue contracting sheltering services as is with Sacramento County
  • Build a city-owned shelter facility and include an option to pursue contracting with nearby cities
  • Establish a new joint power authority shelter with nearby cities
If the city were to pursue construction of its a facility, construction cost could range anywhere from $8.4 to $24.6 million dollars. 

With regards to current animal shelter operations, Elk Grove currently pays Sacramento County a net of $1.5 million annually. If the city were to construct a facility, net operating cost are estimated to be $2.6 million annually, or $1.1 million more than is currently being spent.

Tomorrow's meeting starts at 6 p.m.  

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Anonymous said...

....and here I thought stuff like that usually only happens in the movies. Seems our focus on JOBS was short lived!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there will be a Revenue Bond class for all the kiddies the soccer coaches bring to the gallery along with all the pet lovers (of which I am one). Peanuts in the shell & popcorn will be provided free of charge. Don't worry about the clean-up..council will be happy to do that!

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