Elk Grove Mayor to Consider Appointments to City's Committees, Commissions

Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis.
January 13, 2015 |

At Wednesday night's meeting of the Elk Grove City Council, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis will discuss with fellow council members his appointment selections to the city's various committees and commissions.

Since Elk Grove voters adopted a directly elected mayor in 2012, the decision of who would be nominated to the committees and commissions has been made by Davis. While Davis and the city council have conducted an annual survey of committee members and commissioners to see if they are simply interested in continuing their service, on one occasion Davis has tried to replace a commissioner.

Following his 2012 election, Davis tried to remove Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Frank Maita. When Davis nominated former Elk Grove City Council Member Sophia Scherman as the replacement, Councilman Steve Detrick and former Council Member Jim Cooper objected. With only four members on the council at the time, the nomination died. (Watch video below.)

This matter was an agenda item at the council's sole December meeting but was continued to this Wednesday.  

Of the current planning commissioners, two were nominated by Davis - George Murphey was Davis' original appointment as a council member, and Keven Spease was appointed last year to replace Brian Villanueva following his 2013 resignation. Of the other three, Sparky Harris was appointed by Detrick, Maita by former council member Scherman and Nancy Chaires by former council member and current California Assembly Member, Jim Cooper.

There have been rumblings within Elk Grove political circles since the November election that Davis has been angling to replace Chaires and Maita supposedly because they are serving as appointments by former council members. Chaires unsuccessfully ran against Davis's hand-picked candidate, Steve Ly, in the four-candidate race for city council's District 4 seat that Ly won.

The appointment's discussion will be the second to last item on tomorrow night's regular agenda. The meeting starts at  6 p.m. 


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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's time for some of them to be replaced. Asking the Commissioners if they want to continue if fine but just because they want to continue doesn't mean the should be reappointed.

Pop me some corn said...

I wonder if Gary "I'm afraid of strong intelligent women" Davis tries to replace Chaires. I suspect he's afraid she will run against him for Mayor in 2016. By that time Steve "The emperor has no clothes" Ly will have proved himself to be unqualified for his current position and won't make an attempt for higher office. So, that will leave a run at Davis by Chaires.

Davis is done. I would love to see a run for Nottoli's seat by Hume and Davis. Davis would lose. And then of course he could make a try for Cooper's seat. Dems love Cooper and hate Davis. Davis wouldn't stand a chance against Cooper as long as Cooper keeps it tight and in line.

Anonymous said...

"Pop me..."
Surely, you don't believe incompetence will stop Ly or any politician, for that matter. He's already shown his colors with his quick grab at the developers' dollars.

All that said, Davis is done in 2 years. Someone will knock him off his perch in '16, doesn't stand a chance against Hume in '18 and, barring any missteps, he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of knocking out Cooper.

Say goodnight, Grace Coffee Roaster.

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