EGPD Arrests Group of Suspected Robbers, Muggers; Also Being Investigated by Sac PD

March 18, 2015 | Four juveniles and one adult suspect who where arrested by Elk Grove Police yesterday on suspicion of robbing and assa...

March 18, 2015 |

Four juveniles and one adult suspect who where arrested by Elk Grove Police yesterday on suspicion of robbing and assaulting two victims, are also being investigated by Sacramento Police for a similar crime. 
Darryl Reed of Elk Grove is in custody at the 
county jail and is not eligible for bail. 

According to police reports, the group of four male juveniles and one adult, 18-year old Darryl Reed of Elk Grove, robbed and accosted a 47-year old male victim yesterday morning while he was doing landscaping work at Fales Park. After grabbing the victim's cell phone, the group swarmed a 45-year old female victim, began hitting her, and stole her cell phone and purse. The victim sustained injuries that were treated at an area hospital. 

The victims then fled in a damaged four-door Nissan Maxima, and later yesterday afternoon Elk Grove Police located a vehicle fitting that description on the 9100 block of East Stockton Boulevard. After conducting a vehicle stop, officers were able to determine the car's occupants were responsible for the earlier robberies and assaults.

The Sacramento Police Department was also investigating a similar robbery involving the same suspects.  

Two of the juveniles ages 15 and 16, were from Elk Grove, and the two others, ages 16 and 17, were from Sacramento. All four were taken into custody and transported to juvenile hall.   

Reed was arrested and booked into the county jail facing numerous felony charges. Reed is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow and is not eligible for bail. 

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edgar said...

This little fruity b.!.t.c.,h assaulted my son on the same day at MLK park. I WISH I had been there. The jail would have one less worthless roach to worry about. Watch your back Darryl.

Anonymous said...

Ghetto rats.

Too bad the victim didn't have a gun and shoot those fools.

Anonymous said...

Sad ending.

Would have been happier if the thugs crashed into a concrete wall during their escape.

D'usse said...

Free Darryl Fu#k Yall ^^^

edgar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
edgar said...

Yeah free Darryl b!tch a$s so street justice can be served.

edgar said...

Yeah free him. I can't get him when he's locked up.

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