Elk Grove City Council Decides Against Giving Themselves a 10-percent Pay Raise

March 12, 2015 | Following a short debate, the Elk Grove City Council last night decided not to give themselves a 10-percent pay raise....

March 12, 2015 |

Following a short debate, the Elk Grove City Council last night decided not to give themselves a 10-percent pay raise.

Had the raise been approved, which is permitted by state statute based on the city's increased population, council member would have seen their pay go up $80 a month to $880. The increase would have become effective in December, 2016.

During their deliberation before the 3-2 vote declining the raise, each side argued their case. Leading the argument for granting the raise was Council Member Steve Detrick while his colleague Steve Ly led the counter argument.

Detrick noted that city employees are currently eligible for up to a five-percent annual pay increase and that their proposed $80 monthly increase was modest. 

"We are trying to get in line with the same program that the rest of the city employees are doing," he said.

Ly said he viewed his pay only as a part-time earnings, and the duties as more of a community service. The first-term council member acknowledged in actual dollars the proposed raise was small, but added he was philosophically opposed. 

"I truly believe I serve on a voluntary basis and that being the case, I do not think a 10-percent raise, $80, is going to make me work any harder or any less," Ly said.    

Council Member Darren Suen, who along with Detrick voted for the raise, acknowledged that it appears self-serving, but noted there city's budget is in good health and the economy is in recovery.  

"I don't see an issue going forward with this small raise," he said.

In a moment of levity, Vice Mayor Pat Hume said, "I had to wrack my brain to come up with an item on the agenda that I could less about that this one." Hume went on to say he understood the rationale, but was ambivalent about the proposal.  

"I don't see the need for this," Hume said. "I think it's kind of bringing headaches I don't really need."  


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Anonymous said...

If Mr. Detrick really wants to "get in line with the same program the rest of city employees are doing", he will have to give up the $650 a month in lieu of health insurance and the guaranteed $400-$800 a month health retirement account after only 5 years of service. For that matter, city employees also don't get to use $90,000 of campaign contributions to pay personal expenses and fines.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I'm amazed at what this council comes up with. All while we stand around waiting for those jobs to arrive. Here I thought the new appointed council member might just lend some light to our problems, but seems to just be adding to them instead.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

The headaches Mr. Hume is referring to are how voting yourself a 10% pay hike will look on mailers when the council members run for reelection, or in Mr. Ly's case two years from now, a higher office.

Warren Buffett said...

I find it laughable that the Council person pushing for the raise is the only sitting Council person with multiple FPPC violations to his name!

Anonymous said...

And speaking of FPPC violations and assessed fines, as of January 1, 2015, a new law went into effective, if any elected official is found guilty by the FPPC of personal use of campaign funds, they must pay the assessed penalties and fines out of their own pockets. No more paying fines from their campaign accounts. So get out your own checkbooks boys and girls!

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