Online Petition For Animal Shelter Targets Elk Grove Mayor, City Manager

October 27, 2015 | An online petition to urge Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis to get an animal shelter built in the city was recently...

October 27, 2015 |

An online petition to urge Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis to get an animal shelter built in the city was recently post on the advocacy site The petition titled "Elk Grove Needs an Animal Shelter" was started by Elk Grove resident June LaVine. In addition to Davis, the petition is also addressed to Elk Grove City Manager Laura Gill, and Animal Control Supervisor Maureen McCann.

The petition states "The city of Elk Grove has a population of 165,000. We have built homes, provided jobs as well as an abundance of restaurants and shopping malls. Along with this explosion of residents, we neglected to provide for our four legged friends. We are years overdue for our very own animal shelter. We are paying the County $690,000 a year to take our animals and we have absolutely no control over their care or where they end up. Please proceed with our own animal shelter right now."

The petition currently has 226 signatures and seeks to gather a total of 500. Of those 226 signatures, the petition site claims that it has added over 100 in the last 24 hours.

Typical of the comments attached to the petition is this one from Elk Grove resident Sharon Andrews who wrote "Enough with the grandiose soccer field plans. I'd like to see the Council get real and get the lead out. We've needed our own animal shelter for as many years as I've lived in Elk Grove. Step up and do the right thing!"

The proposed animal shelter is one of several major public works projects Davis has promised Elk Grove residents he would deliver since becoming the city's first directly elected mayor in 2012. The other projects Davis has promised constituents includes a new senior center, a Veterans hall, an aquatics center featuring an Olympic sized pool and 10 meter diving platform, and a world class soccer facility and stadium. 

To date, the city has not progressed beyond feasibility studies and some engineering work on some of the projects. No firm completion dates or financing plans on any of the projects has been established.

To help finance the animal shelter the city has turned to crowd source funding and has established a Go Fund Me account. To date, the account has generated contributions of  $265 towards its goal of $10,000.   

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Warren Buffett said...

Uh oh, we have animal lovers competing with soccer parents, swim parents, and government e-tran riders to downtown competing for tax dollars to fund their special interests. The city tried kicking the can down the road on the pet lovers and the e-tran shuttle service riders, but now it looks like the stakes have been raised now. Looks like next election is going to be interesting as we watch some of the incumbents start to do the famous Colonel Tom Parker chicken dance!

Anonymous said...

LMBO...the city throws them all a life-line and now it's finally coming home & time for our city to face the facts that we don't have the money for all those wonderful dreams they had while drinking the kool aid. Election time will be interesting...the Mayor should start looking for that new pad in Sacto & give that one a try. Maybe the Kings will give him a ball to toss around during photo-opt sessions....he loves those.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? The city has set up a Go Fund Me account for the Animal Shelter. I've never heard of a city using those tactics before. We must be in deep s*it financially if we have sunk that low. Did you know that they keep 5% of the contributions for fees...heck I can't even earn that much on my funds at the bank.

Reminds me of that old Tennessee Ernie Ford song "You load sixteen tons, what do you get. Another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go. I owe my soul to the company store."

Anonymous said...

The city set up a Go Fund Me account for $10,000.00? That won't even do a Feasibility Study. Is this a down-payment on the study? Maybe we could set up an account for Builders and Residents to make monthly payments on all future Feasibility Studies. Remember this is a Destination City! We all have to contribute....

Anne Robinson said...

The Weakest Link and the Biggest Loser all rolled into one city!

Anonymous said...

Another group of voters looking to dig another pit to throw more money the taxpayers of this city do not have.

Anonymous said...

Advocates for the animal shelter may not get much help from Elk Grove City Councilman Steve Detrick. When the Animal Rescue League was before the city council requesting grant funding money, Detrick stated paraphrasing, “Sorry. . .the two legged animals need to be taken care of first.”

Elk Grove's two legged animals have a very long and expensive wish list! at 9:09 p.m.

Anonymous said...

Tony Lopez,CBS...Getting Answers Road Tour: When Will Elk Grove Get An Animal Shelter?

Estimated cost $12 - $26 Million. Assume the $12. Million would be the cities estimate. Whoops, missed that one again. Looks like the cities Go Fund Me account should have been for $10 Million instead of $10 Thousand. On the other hand, that information didn't come from the powers that be. Who knows what the actual facts are at this point.

June LaVine said...


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