Video - Elk Grove 'Reevaluating' Veterans Hall, Aquatics, Senior Centers - Is The Well Running Dry?

October 30, 2015 | During her report on Wednesday night to the Elk Grove City Council, City Manager Laura Gill delivered a short, a...

October 30, 2015 |

During her report on Wednesday night to the Elk Grove City Council, City Manager Laura Gill delivered a short, and perhaps ominous warning to her bosses.

In her administrative update, Gill said city staff is currently "reevaluating" plans for the proposed aquatics center, senior center and Veterans hall.

"...and will be presenting options for all three projects for council consideration at a future council meeting," Gill said.

Coincidentally, later in the same meeting the council discussed a recently executed contract for $47,000 for polling services to gauge if Elk Grove voters would support a sales tax increase. If put on the ballot, the sales tax increase would require a two-thirds voter approval.

The idea of seeking a sales tax increase surfaced at the September 23 city council meeting when Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis floated the idea as a means to fund these projects, as well as the city's soccer facility and stadium. The polling contract, which will be conducted by the Oakland-based Democratic political consulting group Edwards Lew, was executed on October 20.

Aside from the $14 million in Mello Roos fees earmarked for the aquatics center, which is already $6 million over budget based on current design features, none of the other projects have firmly identified any funding sources for construction as well as on-going operations. 

So in bureaucratic speak, does "reevaluation" mean reduction or even elimination of any or all three of the projects? If it is does, don't expect the throng of supportive soccer enthusiast, swim teams, senior citizens and Veterans groups who Mayor Davis has packed the council chamber with to be so jolly next time around.

Could the cost of these projects be beyond what the city can actually afford? Is the city's money well running dry?

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Anonymous said...

Well I have total confidence in our city doing the right thing for us hard working taxpayers. When I write my check for our property taxes I always draw a "Happy Face" on it. They are some of the smartest stewards of our money a city could ever hope for....spend, spend, spend, as we exit with a smile of our faces and mark those ballots for the incumbents and more of the same.

Anonymous said...

When a city sets up a $10K GO FUND ME account, that's a pretty good indication things are not as they seem.

Anonymous said...

There should be signs all over Elk Grove in one year that read:

"Elk Grove City Council

Vote Them All Out!"

Warren Buffett said...

Mayor Davis has flashed his Democratic Party "tax and spend" credentials for all to see. Unfortunately, his populist facade of being all things to all people is literally going bankrupt. So, I look forward to watching their spin doctors develop a campaign whereby, we the taxpayers, are portrayed as the obstacles to them building a fine city for us unless we open our wallets to a sales tax increase.

Not mentioned in this article are two other special interest groups who want their piece of the pie too: The elitist government employees currently enjoying their subsidized shuttle bus service to downtown, who will not switch to transit for the masses (light rail); and the devoted animal lovers who have petitioned the city for a city-operated shelter.

I for one will vote that the city do like all of us have to do with our finances every day-live within your means and take your cues from the private sector: if your dream projects made good financial sense, then the private sector would have already invested in it.

Anonymous said...

The animal shelter. I love my pets...well all pets, but the animal lovers need to open their eyes and take a hard look at the cities finances and the projects that are currently on the agenda. If choices are to be made, which seems obvious, our kids come first IMO.

For some reason our city just keeps hiring. Next thing you know and they'll have a Go Fund Me account for more new hires. I thought that permit rubber stamping was supposed to save us thousands of dollars, but seems it's working in the reverse. Our motto now seems to be "Elk Grove, Tax and Spend".

Anonymous said...

The city should maybe be thinking ahead to this El Nino season being predicted. We could be facing hugh expenses if it happens as predicted. Might not be a good time to throw all our resources into some sports facilities, etc. As said above, follow your private sector, we suffered through brown lawns, dying trees, replastering pools, cracks in walls and foundations all due to the drought and now have to think about flood insurance. Those dreams the city has can wait. Sacramento's on top of it I hear.

Proud to be led said...

As the young lady indicated in the video clip, exploring options just means we are going to get the best bang for our buck. These projects are critical for putting Elk Grove on the map and destination dollars will help us reap the rewards. Personally, I wouldn't mind taking advantage of AirBnB and converting my current home to a bed and breakfast and upgrading to a new home near the mall someday. That way I'm close to the movie theater and the outlet stores, plus if I need to dispose of some household hazardous waste, it's just down the street.

Anonymous said...

Tell the city to hire more minorities.

I am surprised that they haven't been hit with lawsuits over the lack of diversity in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

Proud to be Led - This was your best post yet.

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