Elk Grove Police Arrests Man Suspected of Taking Pictures in Dressing Room

June 20, 2016 |

A Sacramento man was arrested on Peeping Tom charges in Elk Grove Saturday afternoon.

Elk Grove Police officers were dispatched to a retailer on the 9100 block of East Stockton Boulevard where they contacted 26-year old Floyd Bryonte. The suspect was allegedly observed holding a smart phone over a woman's dressing room while the victim was changing. 

After contacting Bryonte, he was arrested and charged with Penal Code 647 (J)(2) and violation of probation. Bryonte was booked into the county jail but was released on Saturday. 

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Martin Weiss said...

Moron ... does he realize there is free port on the Internet ?

Unknown said...

This is now the THIRD time this particular individual was caught for the same crime. Elk Grove PD, when are we going to see someone who violates women ACTUALLY get punished other than a weekend in jail?

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