Online Poll Show Overwhelming Opposition to Increasing Elk Grove Sales Taxes

July 27, 2016 |

An online poll that concluded today showed respondents were overwhelmingly opposed to increasing sales taxes in the City of Elk Grove.

The unscientific poll conducted over a five day period showed that 44 of the 50 respondents, or 88-percent, opposed raising sales taxes. Only three participants, or six-percent, who were in favor and three respondents, or six-percent, were undecided.

At their regular meeting tonight the city council will decide if it will place a sales tax increase on this November's ballot. If the city council decides to pursue the sales tax increase, they must also determine if it will be a one or one-half percent increase in the city's tax rate. 

According to the city's staff report on the matter, the proceeds from a possible sales tax increase would be used to help maintain Elk Grove streets and roads. While the report says the intention is to use the new funds for things such as infrastructure needs, the city council has wide discretion in allocation of the additional funds.

Tonight's meeting starts at 6 p.m.    


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