Possible Full House - Resident Draws Nomination Papers For Elk Grove's District 1 Seat

With the final deadline approaching, an Elk Grove resident has drawn nomination papers to enter the November election for Elk Grove's City Council District 1 seat.

Information posted on the Elk Grove City Clerk's website today showed John Phair has drawn nomination papers to face Darren Suen. Phair is the first challenger to signal intentions to run against Suen, who was appointed to the seat in December, 2014.

If all the residents who have drawn nomination papers follow through and enter their respective races, this will be the first City Council race since 2010 that there has not been an unchallenged incumbent. In 2012 Councilman Steve Detrick and former Councilman Jim Cooper ran unopposed, while in 2014 Mayor Gary Davis and Councilman Pat Hume faced no opponents. 

With one week to go until the nomination period ends, the Mayor's race has six candidates, District 3 has three candidates, and District 1 has two. The Mayor's race does not have any incumbents, although current Councilman Steve Ly has entered the race.


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