Audit Validates NAACP Concerns - City of Elk Grove Workforce Not Reflective of Community's Diversity

May 8, 2017 |  

The findings of a self-audit conducted by the City of Elk Grove verified what members of the Sacramento chapter of the NAACP have claimed - the City does not have a diversified workforce.

The audit came after several members of the NAACP, led by chapter president Betty Williams, expressed concern about the city's workforce at the February 22 meeting. The results of the study that examined the racial and gender makeup of the city's workforce will be discussed at the Wednesday, May 10 meeting of the Elk Grove City Council.

The report prepared by Jacqui Langenberg, the city's human resources manager, verified the concerns conveyed by Williams and others who spoke to the council. The findings showed that while Whites make up 37-percent of the city's population, its presence was over-represented at the city hall with 64-percent of the employees.

The other three categories; Asian, Black, and Hispanic; were underrepresented in the city's workforce as compared to their population. Blacks are 10-percent of the residents and have seven percent of the workforce; Asians, the second largest group in the city at 28-percent, make up 11-percent of city employees; and Hispanics are 18-percent of the city's residents and are 16-percent of the workforce.

Regarding high-income employees, a majority are White. The City has 21 employees making more than $120,000 in annual salaries, 20 of whom are White.

In her report, Langenberg also examined the City's contract workforce. This analysis found that Whites were 61-percent of staff; Asians 19-percent; Hispanic 16-percent; other three percent, and Black one-percent. 

Wednesday's meeting starts at 6 p.m. 

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