As Sacramento-area Mayors Take Stance on Paris Agreement, Elk Grove's Mayor Ly Silent on Opposition to Trump

May 3, 2017 |  

When President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Thursday, worldwide condemnation of the move to back away from the climate agreement was swift and certain.

Aside from criticism from America's key allies, corporate America and politicians joined the chorus of criticism calling the President's decision shortsighted and dangerous. Among the wide assortment of corporate interests upset with the move, was even one of the most vilified global entities, Goldman Sachs.

In his first ever entry on Twitter, Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein said the following:

Blankfein was among several corporate titans including executives from Tesla Motors and General Electric characterizing the stance as an abdication of America's leadership role in the world.

The reaction among national political figures, from both parties, was predictably not supportive of Trump. Among the most critical was California Gov. Jerry Brown.

While national politicians chimed in on the controversy, a host of American mayors announced their continued support for doing their part to comply and work towards the goals of the accords despite the President. The mayors formed a group called the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda to support the Paris goals.

The stated goal of the MNCAA, which was organized well before Trumps announcement, is to work toward compliance and "is intended to make a statement that emission reduction projects – starting with existing cap and trade programs in the US - are not only viable, but essential initiatives that must be embraced and scaled across the country."

Among the Sacramento-area mayors who have joined and pledged support for reducing emission are Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento; Christopher Cabaldon, West Sacramento; Angel Barajas, Woodland; Michael Tubbs, Stockton; and Robb Davis, Davis.

These officials are among 187 American mayors from a variety of cities, large and small, in blue and red states with one thing in common - a commitment to be part of a worldwide solution to one of the most crucial environmental issues facing earth. Cont. below

West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon had several tweets on the topic, including these on the day of Trump's announcement

While several regional mayors have taken a stance on the topic, the second largest city in the six-county Sacramento region, Elk Grove, is absent.

Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly did not respond to an email request sent yesterday afternoon seeking comment if he supported Trump's withdrawal from the agreement, or if we would stand with other area officials in opposition to the President.

In the past Ly, a Democrat, has been unwilling to take stances with his party on a host of hot-button social and economic issues.

When running for Elk Grove City Council in 2014, Ly went on the record saying he opposed raising minimum wages in Elk Grove, which has an abundance of adult fast food and retail employees working part-time schedules, higher than the state-mandated rate.

Additionally, in early 2014 Ly, along with his two fellow Democratic council members at the time, former Mayor Gary Davis, and Darren Suen, would not support a city employee non-essential travel ban to Indiana when then Governor and current Vice President Mike Pence signed legislation widely condemned as discriminatory to the LGBT community. After considerable nationwide pressure from a host of government officials and business, Pence's decision was rescinded.  

As of this posting time, Ly has not commented on his Twitter page if he supports or opposes President Trump's decision on the Paris Agreement.        

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JD said...

Ha! Color me surprised! I've always thought Elk Grove politicians were really just DINOs.

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