Stafford Kicks Off 2018 Elk Grove Mayoral Campaign Before Energized Supporters

November 8, 2017 | 

With almost exactly one year to go until next year's election, Tracie Stafford officially kick-off her campaign for Elk Grove mayor before an enthusiastic group of supporters last night.

The kickoff event was held at Lola's Lounge in Old Town Elk Grove and drew a standing room only crowd of about 150 people. Introducing Stafford to her supporters was Delaine Eastin.

As the former termed-out State Superintendent of Schools Eastin was the first and only woman to hold that office, and before that served as a California Assemblymember and Union City Council Member. In her introduction of Stafford, Eastin, who is a Democratic candidate for Governor, noted Stafford possesses unique qualities that are missing in many elected officials.

"I've had the privilege of know Tracie for a few years now, and she is a woman of great courage and character," Eastin said. "She has a few things that are frankly, missing in public life - she's got courage; she's got vision, she's got heart."

In her presentation Stafford noted that Elk Grove is still managed as though it is a 20,000 person community even though it has over 170,000 residents.

"When you grow from 20,000 to 90,000, to 175,000 here in 2017, you are going to need to have more vision," she said. 

Stafford went on to say that before Elk Grove expands, it should address several issues for existing residents. Among some of the needs mentioned were a vibrant arts and culture scene, better shopping and dining options, and the development of some defined city center.

"We need strategic, courageous visionary leaders to make sure that our quality of life does not suffer," Stafford noted. "Its time we start growing up instead of growing out."

Along with Eastin, the audience included Fabrizio Saso of the Sacramento Central Labor Committee and Democratic candidate and Elk Grove resident for the California's 7th congressional district Brad Westmoreland.

Stafford who ran an upstart candidacy in 2016 against fellow Democrat Steve Ly who won the election has been actively working on her campaign for several months. Part of this activity got her successfully elected as a delegate for the California's 9th Assembly District over a slate that included Ly, who organized and headed his slate.

Although Stafford said she initially wanted to launch her campaign in February 2018, she pushed it up a few months so she could control the narrative of her effort. 

"Apparently I must be viewed as a threat," she said. A group of people are trying to control the narrative about who I am. I said 'no, we cannot have that and we are going to launch, and I am going to control my own narrative.'"


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