Open Letter to Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly - You Should Be 'Laser Focused' on OUR Issues

January 12, 2017 |

(Authors note: This letter was to be read at Wednesday night’s city council meeting (1/10/2018). However, the mayor was absent so I am asking the editor to publish it here for public dissemination. A copy will be sent directly to Mayor Ly as well at his city e-mail address).  |

Dear Mayor Ly: 

You never cease to amaze me. 

Why do I read of you interjecting yourself into a $1 billion, illegal black market Hmong pot farm issue in Siskiyou County, almost a four hour drive from Elk Grove? 

According to a December 22, 2017 Sacramento Bee article by Stephen Magagnini, there are over 2,000 illegal cultivation sites on public lands in that county, mostly tied to Mexican drug cartels. The abuse is so devastating that the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors has declared a state of emergency. 

The growers are admittedly involved in a “multi-state commercial marijuana production effort.” Understand, transporting drugs over state lines is a federal offense. The growers conversely state in the article they grow based on medical need. That’s $1 billion of production from a county with less than 45,000 residents; that equates to over $22,000 per person, per year. – That’s a lot of sick people. 

Keep in mind this has absolutely nothing to do with Prop 64, which recently legalized recreational marijuana in California. 

The Bee article went on to quote Mayor Ly as wanting to “mediate” between the sheriff and the pot farmers. Mr. Mayor, understand, the sheriff doesn’t make the laws, his job is to enforce them and to protect the public. THERE IS NOTHING TO MEDIATE. It’s simply a matter to enforce or not enforce the law. If the sheriff were to compromise enforcement due to undue influence he would essentially be accepting a bribe. Interestingly enough, the pot farmers have offered a $1 million bribe to the sheriff, who promptly called in the FBI. 

We have well documented serious issues here in Elk Grove with illegal pot houses. Mr. Mayor; Do you want to “mediate” on behalf of these growers with our police chief as well? Are you promoting or advocating for illegal pot farms in Elk Grove?

Back to my original question: Why did you get involved with Hmong pot farmers 200 miles away? Is it maybe because a portion of $1 billion in illegal drug/blood money can easily fund a local/regional political campaign? 

If you want to advocate for the Hmong people or Hmong pot farmers, I have no problem with that. Just resign as our mayor so that you can open your own business as a lobbyist/consultant for the illegal Hmong pot growers and the drug cartels. 

Remember your oath, as mayor of this city, your first and predominate duty is to the citizens of this city. 

In the words of your predecessor and mentor, you should be “laser focused” on OUR issues….and we have serious issues. 

We don’t need someone with your low standard of morality and disrespect for the law acting as our mayor. 

We deserve better. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Steven Lee (not the mayor) Elk Grove, California 

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Thank you Mr. Lee, and before you, Ms. Conley for pointing out Mayor Ly's lack of "laser focus" on issues happening in our community.

As suggested, Mr. Ly is an elected official and is not the Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson who often insert themselves into any number of hot button issues. Regardless of what people say about Mr. Jackson or Mr. Shaprton, neither hold elected office and therefore are acting on their own behalf.

When Mr. Ly inserts himself into the matters outside of our city limits, he is doing so as a representative of Elk Grove regardless of what he might believe.

On a side note, one cannot help but wonder what the men and women of the EGPD are thinking about these escapades. Given that he did not receive their endorsement last time around, I suppose it is fair to say he probably does not care. So much for setting a leadership example for the youth of our city.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

I want to give Mayor Ly the benefit of the doubt because he was personally endorsed by Mayor Emeritus Gary Davis, and we all know the good things Mr. Davis did for our community! I mean, that 100-acre MLS soccer field outside the city-limits is growing the finest hay this side of the Mississippi!

I think when Mayor Ly offers to intervene on behalf of Hmong growers conducting criminal operations, we in Elk Grove should be impressed that 'our man' has a broad perspective and is willing to insert himself into a major cash crop operation that supports the underground economy.

I think having a pro-ag Mayor offering to help farmers is good for the "farm-to-fork" movement. Marijuana, corn, dairy cows, it's all the same!

I think when Mayor Ly travels to various functions across the country, we in Elk Grove should be proud of him, because he is putting our city 'on the map'. As a law-abiding taxpayer, I have compassion for ethnic groups who are having a hard time assimilating into our country and abiding by its laws--all in the name of economic development of course!

I stand by Mayor Ly!

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