Hume Raises Over $42,000 Toward What He Claims Will Be His Last Elk Grove City Council Campaign

February 5, 2018 |  

In the final six months of 2017, Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume raised $42,928 towards his 2018 reelection campaign. That information was found in his financial disclosure report filed last week with the Elk Grove City Clerk's office.

According the disclosure, Hume received a total of 33 contributions. Of those, 25 were from political action committees or business interests.
Among the largest contributions were the following:

  • Taylor Morrison Homebuilder - $5,000
  • California Real Estate PAC - $5,000
  • Sierra Capital and Investments, Fresno - $2,500
  • Thomas P. Winn; Julie Ray Riggs, Sac Metro Homes; George Carpenter - $2,500 from each
Additionally, Hume received donations of $1,000 from PG&E; Committee For Home Ownership; Nissan of Elk Grove; Angelo Tsakapoulos; Laguna Gateway Phase 2; LLP, JJV LLC; Laborers Local 185; Gil Moore Oil Company; Willdan Group; Republic Services; MMS Strategies;Mankas Saetes Real Estate; and Richland Investments. 

Also listed was a contribution of $100 from Hume's city council colleague Stephanie Nguyen. Hume received non-monetary contribution valued at $1,998 from Town Planner Calendar for campaign advertisements (see above). 

Among expenses, Hume paid Capital Campaigns of Sacramento $3,007 for fundraising. Hume ended the year with $91,217 for what he claims will be his final run for the District 2 seat of the Elk Grove City Council. 

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

An interesting note on that $3K fundraising expense Pat Hume paid to Capital Campaigns: Capital Campaigns, almost exclusively, represents Democrats such as local Dems Darren Suen, and in the past Steve Ly, Gary Davis and Roger Dickinson.

So has Pat Hume switched teams?

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Of course this will be his last term, there's nothing more for him to accomplish for the developers.

The Connector, so the developers can cash in on the rural land they bought cheap--check.

The Sphere of Influence, so the developers can cash in on the rural land outside of town they bought cheap and expand the city limits--check.

Get yourself appointed to the Board that will approve the Sphere of Influence--check.

Lower developer fees--check.

Rig the General Plan so developers can practically build whatever the market will support--check.

Someday those potholders are gonna be collector's items!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Hey D.J. so right you are! And let’s not forget the Hume “consanguinity” explanation regarding his extended family's interests in the transition zone. In this voter’s opinion, get out before the cash rolls in and Hume is held accountable for conflict of interests.

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