Combining Burning Man and Woodstock, 'The Grove Suburban Hipster Brigade' Organizing Elk Grove's 'Living Room Fest'

Maxwell LaCasa and The Grove Suburban Hipster Bridgade are organizing the 'Living Room Fest' in Elk Grove.|

April 1, 2018 |

Inspired by comments recently published in their local newspaper about the new Civic Center becoming the city's "living room," a group of civic-minded boosters is putting together plans to get Elk Grove, California on the cultural map and establish an annual festival.

Led by Bay Area transplant and new Elk Grove resident Maxwell LaCasa and a group that call themselves "The Grove Suburban Hipster Brigade" (TGSHB) are organizing like-minded people to hold what they are calling the 'Living Room Fest' in Elk Grove. They hope to unite a gathering of over 3,000 people, along with their pets and living room-type furniture to enjoy the scenic beauty along the Cosumnes River floodplain before it is consumed by rooftops in what they hope will be a combination of Burning Man and the original Woodstock music festival.

"We're hoping that we can hold the event on a weekend before Memorial Day, a sweet spot you know, between the end of the rainy season and before our summer heat," La Casa said. 

Organizers have said they will contact the City of Elk Grove to explore the possible use of the 99-acre parcel on Grant Line Road. The plot, which was purchased by the city for over $4 million ostensibly for a $125 million Major League Soccer stadium which failed to materialize, has been leased for about $1,500 annually to farmers for alfalfa production.

"We are willing to pay the city over $10,000 for a couple of days for our event, so why wouldn't they want to generate more revenue," La Casa said. "It's not like that hay production is paying for the cost of that land."

LaCasa said participants would be asked to bring food to share, living room furniture, sunscreen, garbage bags, and most importantly, entertainment, preferably live performing acts. Although the event will be free, donations to offset the cost are already being collected. 

"We have reached out on several social media platforms, and already we have over 300 people that have donated over $5,000 through our crowd funding page and have confirmed they will join in," LaCasa noted.

If the city declines their request, LaCasa said they have been in contact with Wilton Rancheria Chairman Raymond Hitchcock seeking his permission to use their 35-acre parcel at the unfinished Outlet Collection at Elk Grove shopping center. That parcel, like the hay field, is unused and is awaiting demolition of the unfinished structure to build their $500 million casino resort, and as tribal nation land, is exempt from city ordinances.

While individual donations are coming in, LaCasa said organizers are also contacting various organizations for sponsorship. Tops on his list was the Elk Grove Community Council (EGCC), formed by Elk Grove Mayor Emeritus Gary Davis, that was intended to be a conduit between nonprofit groups like and sponsors. 

Unfortunately, LaCasa said it appears the EGCC's website has gone dark and requests to the group's Facebook page have gone unanswered. The group was hoping Davis could use his influence and distribute free hot dogs as he had at his previous Elk Fest gatherings at Morse Park. 

As a replacemnt to Davis' group, LaCasa said he would target Tony Cincotta, a named director of EGCC and general manager of Elk Grove's garbage hauler, Republic Services.

"Since the city council praised Republic's willingness to help in a variety of community events, maybe they will help us haul the trash, provide latrines, and be a sponsor," LaCasa said. "This is a once in lifetime opportunity for them to become a charter sponsor of the 'Living Room Fest.'"

LaCasa added if 'Living Room Fest' becomes the attraction he and his brigade think it will, it could become an annual event as reknown as the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival, but free of the blatant commericialization.  

"Even though this event is planned for only one day, our hope is to make it an annual event," he said. "If Nevada can have an annual art festival in the middle of the desert, and the baby boomers could slather around in mud at Woodstock, why can't Elk Grove's $4 million hayfield be home to the 'Living Room Fest?'"

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

365 days a year the Elk Grove City Council is giving new meaning to "All Fools' Day!"

Connie said...

EGN, you have outdone yourself with this April 1st tradition. The “aroma” of this parody is “rich and bold,” with a shot of stimulate to wake up one’s senses. “Good to the last drop”. . . .Maxwell “Casa.” Too much!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

If we are fortunate enough, maybe council members Mr. Detrick and Mr. Suen will have some spokesperson comment on this "festival" at a future council meeting.

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