Arrests made in Elk Grove domestic violence incidents as suspects flee

November 28, 2018 |    

Elk Grove Police arrested two suspects who fled alleged domestic violence incidents.

Just before 5 p.m on  Tuesday, November 28, Ahkeen Taijuwon Fulton, 21, of Sacramento is alleged to have punched his victim in the face and punctured their skin with a car key resulting in a visible injury. When responding officers located Fulton a short distance from the scene, he allegedly resisted detainment before being arrested and booked into the county jail.

The other arrests occurred after 10 p.m. after Jimmy Wayne Kessinger, 28, of Elk Grove fled the scene of the incident and was found at a nearby park. Kessigner allegedly hit the victim on the side of the head with a lamp and grabbed their wrist causing a visible injury.

In both cases, the victims were granted emergency protective orders. Kessinger, who was acharge with assault of an elderly person, and Fulton remain in custody with arraignment on Wednesday, November 28. 

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