Elk Grove News Podcast - Planning Commissioner discusses SMUD's, Elk Grove's Tacos and Test Drive EV event

In this edition of Elk Grove News Podcast, we meet with Elk Grove Planning Commissioner George Murphey. The discussion centers on an...

In this edition of Elk Grove News Podcast, we meet with Elk Grove Planning Commissioner George Murphey.

The discussion centers on an event scheduled for Saturday, June 8 at Elk Grove City Hall that he and fellow planning commissioner Mackenzie Weiser helped organize. The event, called Tacos and Test Drives will allow participants to examine, test drive and learn about the vast array of non-fossil fuel vehicles.

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Unknown said...

Great interview! It is refreshing to see an EG resident who has been around awhile embracing positive change. Mr. Murphy answered a few of my questions here and I'm looking forward to attending the event to learn even more.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

The work that Ms. Weiser and Mr. Murphey, have done on this is commendable. Perhaps this is unique to Elk Grove, but it seems the only people advocating for substantive changes for people in the city are the people themselves.

It is a shame the members of our city council only seem to care about:

1.) Strictly enforcing the three-minute rule during public comment; that would be Mr. Ly;
2.) Disrespecting public speakers with a particular ire directed at women in our community; that would be Mr. Ly and Mr. Hume, respectively;
3.) Mr. Suen's mantra stating motorist need to get out of their vehicles and onto bicycles (making Elk Grove something akin to Mao's Cultural Revolution-era China) will somehow solve traffic congestion and magically address crumbling roads;
4.) Saying and doing nothing of substance; that would be Ms. Nguyen; and
5.) Mr. Detrick's taking a seemingly swansong junket to Washington DC and coming back punch-drunk on former Mayor Gary Davis' Kool-Aid blathering about bringing the training facility, at taxpayers expense we might add, for the yet-to-be-established Sacramento MLS franchise to Elk Grove.

There is much that can be done to improve our community. Unfortunately, our five city council representatives have no interest in doing the necessary work.


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