Parking lot encounter in Elk Grove goes viral, social media users seek to identify man they say harassed teenager

An encounter at what appears to be a public parking lot in Elk Grove has gone viral. According to accounts of the event claimed by Twitter users, the encounter happened on Friday, May 24 at Laguna Community Park when a young woman sitting in a parked vehicle was approached by a man who only implied to be an Elk Grove resident telling her to leave the parking lot.  

On a video shot and first posted to Instagram, the man tells the woman to "take her fucking car and get the fuck out of here" and "you park this car here again, I am going to report you to the fucking ICE."

The entire video can be viewed in the below tweet. The video has had almost 90,000 views on Twitter alone.

Along with the person being harassed by the unknown man, the Twitter threat includes several unflattering comments about Elk Grove.

The woman in the vehicle posted this comment as well.


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