Pennies to Protect the Environment?

By Connie Conley |

Would you spend less than 36 cents to help protect our local environment?

During a recent visit to an independently-owned Elk Grove restaurant, when requesting a “take out” box, and very mindful of the recent student effort to ban single-use expanded polystyrene (EPS) aka Styrofoam in Elk Grove, it was a pleasant surprise to receive a biodegradable, compostable and chemical free container.

When my friend and I commented on the eco-friendly container, we were told that the restaurant has never used Styrofoam containers, and never would.

In fact, the server told us that just last week, someone came into their restaurant asking them to sign a petition to not ban EPS in Elk Grove. No coincidence given the outspoken, honest, fact-based, impressive, student-driven movement to reduce the use of or banning food service containers use of EPS in Elk Grove was an agenda item at last week’s Elk Grove City Council meeting. According to our server, the restaurant owner refused to sign the petition.

I checked out the pricing of the very container I received on Amazon Prime - 50 containers would cost $17.99. That is less than 36 cents per container.

We can all protect our environment in small ways and so should the Elk Grove City Council. The Elk Grove City Council seems resistant to make even small changes. Could it be because of the sizable monetary contributions the Council received from Dart Container Corp?

What about a voluntary program asking restaurants to at least offer an eco-friendly container option? The city of Elk Grove has a small business incentive program which could assist local restaurants in making the transition away from EPS.

Taking care of our local environment is an important responsibility which should be shared by every member of the Elk Grove City Council. It is a critical component of being a healthy community.

So, is less than 36 cents too much to ask? Would you pay an extra 36 cents to contribute in protecting the environment?

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