Elk Grove News Minute - Happy Birthday GOAT!

In just about every type of endeavor, especially sports there is a so-called GOAT - The Greatest of All Time. In the modern era, there are several GOATS. Boxing has Ali. Well, today is the birthday of one of those GOATS who is still going strong.

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Connie said...

I just wish the Patriots and the Dan Gougherty’s GOAT Tom Brady had one less Super Bowl ring.

My lifelong teams are a metaphor for my life. With the Dodgers, for the last two years, and my Rammies this year, always the bridesmaid, but never the bride. But alas, there is always hope for this year!

Keeping a watchful eye on those SF Giants now that they are on a winning streak. However, what appears to be on the horizon in the World Series in the American League are the Houston Astros and the NY Yankees!

So, until we take another road trip to Chavez Raven, I have to say going to beautiful Oracle Park, taking the ferry over, to watch Giants’ and Dodgers’ games are a lot of fun.

And with that crab sandwich and a beer, along a Dodger win, looking out over McCovey Cove, life is good!

Renegade said...

Thanks Dan for acknowledging TB12's birthday and more importantly his accomplishments. So many times people don't stop to think about what they are actually witnessing until much later when their feats are etched in history. I understand many people prefer a "underdog" to a "winner." But years from now, we'll all be able to tell youngsters that we saw Tom Brady win those six rings, maybe even more by the time he's done. Brady is without a doubt the GOAT, and after the sting of him beating YOUR team has dissipated, hopefully we'll all be able to appreciate the opportunity we've had of seeing TB12 during our lifetime.

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