California Northstate executive 'ghosting' says agent for Stonelake Landing tenants, alleges they are trying to kill small businesses

Christina Snyder telling the Elk Grove City Council a CNU executive is 'ghosting" her.  UPDATED 10: 30 p.m. | As a follow up...

Christina Snyder telling the Elk Grove City Council a CNU executive is 'ghosting" her. 
UPDATED 10: 30 p.m. |

As a follow up to last week's special meeting of the Elk Grove City Council, an agent who is representing seven Stonelake Landing shopping center tenants alleged California Northstate University is trying to put them out of business by stall tactics.

Those comments were made during public comment at tonight's regular Elk Grove City Council meeting by Christina Snyder, a leasing executive with the Roseville office of TRI Commercial. Snyder is representing seven tenants at CNU's Stonelake Landing shopping center in Elk Grove far west side.

As the owner of the shopping center, CNU is seeking to demolish the shopping center to build a 400-bed $900 million hospital. Even though CNU vice president of operations Mike Lee told the city council last week the school is engaged in outreach, earlier this week Snyder sent a letter (see related story here) to Mayor Steve Ly and the four city council members pushing back on that claim.

At tonight's meeting, Snyder reasserted that CNU is not dealing in good faith with regards to the tenants she represents.

"I have been working diligently with these tenants since I got a call from [Stonelake Landing tenant] Flaming Grill back in January when all this hit the news media and when their businesses started taking a hit," Snyder said. "Nobody talked to them from the hospital."

Snyder told the council she has attempted to contact CNU for months through a variety of means. Notwithstanding her attempts, Snyder indicated CNU was unresponsive.

"They have been ghosting me," Snyder added.

She went to say CNU's claims of outreach efforts "is a flat out lie." Reached by email CNU's public relations representative Brian Holloway issued a statement saying the school offered relocation and construction costs for the affected tenants.

That statement said "Our intention all along has been to help Stonelake Landing businesses succeed and be part of a thriving commercial area around the hospital. We have been very clear that we have offered to pay relocation costs as well as construction costs at a new location, and with no increase in rent. If tenants or their representatives don’t want to participate in this future, that’s a business decision they are entitled to make. We still intend to meet with our tenants and see how best we can assist them."

Snyder claimed the nonresponsiveness is a tactic to affect the livelihood of the small, family-owned businesses who some CNU Stonelake Landing's tenants. Additionally, she said she has thorough documentation to back her claims.

"For somebody to come up here and blatantly lie to city council and everybody in her, and these tenants, and try to portray themselves as 'hey we are trying to do the right thing,'" she said. "They have not."

Snyder also aimed at Lee saying, "Mike [Lee] is adamant for making sure these people go out of business, and they don't have to drop a dime."

Interestingly, after her comments, Councilmember Darren Suen asked Snyder's for her contact information.

"I sent all of you guys all an email [that included phone numbers], but I'll be happy to," she noted. "I'll give you my cell phone, you can call anytime."

Updated to include the statement from CNU representative Brian Holloway. 

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