Social media post claims motorist in Elk Grove yells "go back to Mexico" after driving mistake

A posting on social media yesterday claims another motorist in Elk Grove yelled "go back to Mexico" after an unintentional dr...

A posting on social media yesterday claims another motorist in Elk Grove yelled "go back to Mexico" after an unintentional driving mistake.  

The claim was made on Instagram by a female motorist who said she was driving on Harbour Pointe Drive headed towards I-5 on Elk Grove's westside. The driver acknowledged another driver made a last-minute lane change and that she was not aware of the action. 

In her post, she said the other driver, a male, stopped his vehicle, rolled down his window and starts to yell. After he continued to yell he also started to tell the motorist and her mother, who was a passenger, whose origins are not Mexican, to "go back to Mexico."    

Once the female motorist said she started recording the man on her cell phone, he went silent (see video below). 

The motorist said the other motorist "...  claimed to be 'Mexican' once I started recording him. He was telling my mom and I to 'go back to Mexico' over and over again and once I got my phone out he went silent. That’s when I told him to say it on camera and he switched up and claimed he was Mexican. So I believe he was trying to cover up what he previously said to somehow make it 'better.'"

In her original post, the motorist said that she has never experienced this type of hateful encounter.

"When people say 'I don't under why people are so hateful' I tell them I understand 100%." 

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kp said...

What a jerk!!!! How dare he tell you to go back to Mexico lol You're not even Mexican!

BigPapa said...

Let’s make Elk Grove Great Again by making this guy famous. There is absolutely no room for this type of behavior. Unfortunately, our country seems to be heading back to the days where people are emboldened to act this way. Despicable and sad.

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