With a little more than a year until 2020 elections, political polling in Elk Grove now underway

With a little more than a year unit voters go to the polls to elect the next president in November 2020, politicos in Elk Grove are already seeking the publics' pulse in Elk Grove. 

According to one Elk Grove New reader, they were contacted today by pollsters gauging the public sentiment in Elk Grove. Of particular interest were four Elk Grove city councilmembers and two candidates.

The respondent was asked their views on Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, and three council members, including Vice Mayor Pat Hume, Steve Detrick, and Darren Suen. Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen was not included in the questioning.

Additionally, pollsters asked the respondent about their views on Elk Grove City Council candidates Maureen Craft and Kevin Spease. The two candidates are seeking the District 3 seat that is currently occupied by Steve Detrick who has been signaling he will not pursue a fourth term.

Along with their view on the city councilmembers and the candidate, the pollster asked the respondent to rate Elk Grove as a city, schools, parks, and other community features. The respondent was also asked a battery of demographic information, which was intentionally distorted. 

The pollster identified themselves as Central Market Research, and they were calling from 916-237-0290 and the call displayed an origin of Rio Linda, Calif. The sponsor of the survey is unknown.  

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

This one is so obvious. it almost doesn’t deserve comment; but alas, I cannot resist. The people behind this poll must think Elk Grove voters are stupid. Maybe that is what they are counting on!

So, no questions about the one woman on the Elk Grove City Council; only the men. What this tells me is that this push poll is trying to ascertain whether another man, and a white male at that, is electable in Elk Grove. Especially now since our city’s diversity and demographics are finally front and center and should be representative on the Elk Grove City Council.

Where is it written that the Elk Grove City Council should be dominated by middle aged men when the majority of Elk Grove are women and under-represented minorities? Our local government must be reflective of the community, and of course, elect qualified candidates.

We shall see who paid for this poll when the next 460s come out.

Randy Bekker said...

As someone who received this poll. This article is missing an important piece. Was that on purpose or was it not shared. Hmmmmm maybe that information might help you Connie. But then again maybe not!

Renegade said...

Randy, care to fill in the rest of us as to what you're talking about. I'd like to know, I want to be informed. Please don't use the cloak and dagger to keep the uninformed public hanging. If you want to make a point then just say it.
BTW: your first sentence is a fragment.

Renegade said...

Isn't the majority of the city council minorities?
Suen, Ly and Nguyen?
Yes, two are middle aged men, but I think your argument could have been better stated.
We do need persons on the council who are smart, and care about the future of the city over their own war chests. This is what is missing. I don't care what ethnicity they are.

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