General contractor for Elk Grove's District56 aquatics center files counter suit against city

Original and redesigned plans for the District56 aquatic center promenade. | According to a report published today by the Sacramen...

Original and redesigned plans for the District56 aquatic center promenade. |

According to a report published today by the Sacramento Business Journal, the general contractor for Elk Grove's District56 aquatics center had filed suit against the city.

Petaluma-based Arntz Construction is seeking $4.6 million in damages for unpaid work performed on the aquatics center. Not long after the Memorial Day opening of the facility, which was about one year behind schedule, the city sued Arntz, Stockton-based concrete contractor Big B Construction and two other contractors involved in the construction.

The Business Journal reports that the complaint says “The city has stonewalled and forced Arntz and Big B to finance millions of dollars in extra work, the cost of which is the city's sole responsibility for finishing defective designs.” Arntz and Elk Grove city staff declined to comment on the litigation, but Big B co-owner Brian Ericson has vocal in his opposition to the city's lawsuit.

Erricson has appeared on two Elk Grove News Podcasts (see below) and spoke before the Elk Grove City Council expressing his dissatisfaction. Countering the city's assertions, Erricson said the delays and concrete rework along the aquatics center promenade were caused by flawed design.  

Big B is not a party to Arntz's suit.     

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

To use a phrase Detrick's once used: "This is not a good look".

I hope the City closely examined its own e-mails and correspondence before it filed suit. Because, you can bet this latest countersuit will daylight any incriminating evidence that points fault at the City. Now in the past, the City has been very good at looking tough in the press, but tap dances all the way to out-of-court settlements and non-disclosure agreements.

In this case, I'm sure Giuliani, I mean Hobbs, will be sure to keep any unfavorable evidence out of the public domain and probably has the City's liability insurer on speed dial! This whole fiasco screams 'settlement', particularly with an election coming up. Any internal staff mistakes will be dealt with on a cubicle by cubicle basis out of the public eye.

"Not a good look".

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