2019 Elk Grove Year in Review

Nicknamed "The Cage," the city's new District56 civic center features the public art sculpture
named the Cloud Fountain. The District56 swimming pool opened one year late and has been a source of litigation. |   

As 2019 winds down, let's take a look at some of the more interesting and significant stories for Elk Grove

Start off Elk Grove's New Year With Road Rage

Even though overall crime rates nationally and locally have been on a downward trend, there are categories not in decline such as property crimes. Elk Grove started off New Years Day 2019 with a road rage incident where one motorist fired a gun at another vehicle. Given the steadily increasing vehicle traffic throughout Elk Grove, we are surprised this has not happened more often.

Story of the Year - California Northstate University's Proposed Hospital

Even though the announcement for California Northstate's University proposed hospital was made in December 2018, it permeated into 2019 in a big way. The announcement made things politically difficult, especially for Elk Grove Councilmember Darren Suen, and the effects of the announcement weaved its way into Elk Grove topics throughout the year. As you read some of the significant events in the review for 2019 Elk Grove, CNU will have played a role in many events.

Pat Hume's Pink Flamingo Incident 

Sometimes politicians - intentionally or not - expose themselves to ridicule. Such was the case for Elk Grove City Councilmember Pat Hume during the Memorial Day opening of the Swimmin' Hole, known formally as the Aquatics Center at District56.
During the booze-soaked Friday night Memorial Day Weekend, invitation-only VIP grand opening, - Councilmember Pat Hume posed for a picture in shorts, a sunscreen laden nose, and interestingly, a kid's pink flamingo inflatable floating aid attached around his waist.

What was notable about Hume's pink flamingo was that he availed himself to be photographed in what was a compromising pose. Hume's pink flamingo was placed on his waist and given it was half-inflated, it looked like a giant tallywacker

In these days of social media and text messaging, the picture was appropriated and a meme spread immediately with hashtags like #ViagraFailure. Ironically, Hume, who wisely eschews social media save for his 2018 Facebook city council campaign, became another example of the dangers of social media for public figures.

We are still trying to figure what was going through Hume's mind when donned the half-inflated pink flamingo. Regardless, thank you Councilmember Hume for providing the funniest picture ever of any Elk Grove City Council member.

Getting Real - City Staffer Tells Truth on Traffic; Elk Grove City Employee of The Year

Every so often a civil servant will demonstrate courage and do the right thing. This is best demonstrated by the whistleblower who unveiled President Donald Trump's maleficence as it relates to Ukraine.
EGN's Elk Grove City Employee of the Year, Jeff Werner. 

For Elk Grove taxpayers, that person is city staffer Jeff Werner. First, Werner presented what can be best characterized as a truthful presentation on one of Elk Grove's most vexing problems, traffic congestion.

During his April presentation, Werner said among other things that "traffic congestion is going to get much worse."  The 20-plus minute presentation was an honest look at traffic conditions manufactured by the city council and their developer pals (watch Werner's presentation here).

Another example of Werner's honesty was inadvertently revealed after the city filed its lawsuit over alleged construction defects (see below) at the District56 swimming pool. In emails obtained by lawsuit plaintiff Big B Construction, Werner's intra-office email squarely put the blame for the one-year construction delayed cost-over-run project on city contractor Willdan.

We salute Werner's honesty. Given Willdan's oversized influence on the Elk Grove City Council via their generous cash contributions, we hope Werner does not experience retaliation. 

Swimmin' Hole, aka The Elk Grove Aquatics Center, aka District 56 lawsuit 

When the Elk Grove Aquatics Center, known colloquially in The Grove as the Swimmin' Hole opened over one year late on Memorial Day 2019, we should have known that was not the end of that story. And sure enough, it wasn't.

Not long after the opening, led by Elk Grove's highly-compensated but otherwise impotent city attorney's office and city attorney Jonathan "Material Breach" Hobbs filed suit against Swimmin' Hole contractors including Arntz Construction and Big B Construction alleging construction defects.

Instead of quietly being played out in arbitration and other legal procedures, Big B co-owner Brian Ericson punched back. Ericson forcefully launched repeated public comment at city council meetings condemning the city and laying the blame on the politically connected Willdan. 

Not only is Willdan the city's largest outside contractor, but they have given beaucoup bucks to Elk Grove City Councilmembers. So effective Ericson has been at molding public opinion that the city and Willdan are incompetent and responsible for the cost overruns and one year delay that the city was compelled to issue a statement pushing back on these claims.

The story isn't finished, but given Elk Grove's and Hobb's crappy track record of litigation, don't be surprised if Big B's claims are validated.

Below is a video of comments Ericson offered during an Elk Grove City Council meeting, and interviews with Ericson on Elk Grove News Podcasts.

Explore Elk Grove Slapped With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The quasi-public tourism agency Explore Elk Grove and the City of Elk Grove were slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit in May by a former contractor. According to the lawsuit, it seems the former contractor - who didn't appreciate advances directed toward her by the agency's executive director - had her contract terminated after she complained to Elk Grove economic development manager Rachel Brown. 

Even though the case is awaiting adjudication - and naturally the city and Explore Elk Grove deny the claims - the executive director at the heart of the controversy, John "J.T." Thompson was separated from the agency. There go those plans to fulfill former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis' dream of transforming The Grove into a notable tourist destination. 

We guess people will have to choose Napa Valley or the Mendocino coast for their weekend getaways over the jewel of the Central Valley, Elk Grove.

Political Dynamics Change With Switch to By-District Elections, Representation

Since Elk Grove's founding in 2000, there have been two significant changes in governance. The first was is 2010 when the voters decided to go from four districts to five, and have a directly elected mayor starting in 2012.

This year saw another change, and that was the switch from the at-large system to the by-district form of representation and elections. The city will continue to have a directly elected mayor, but instead of the four council members being elected on a citywide basis, they will be elected by in-district voters.

While there are many implications for the change - easier for grassroots candidates to campaign in one district versus citywide and more direct city council member constituent accountability - the more meaningful change will be a transfer of power. With only Mayor Steve Ly - who has no allies on the current council - as the only official elected on a citywide basis, his hand will become more powerful.

The question is will Ly be able to leverage his new power, recruit allies to run and win council seats in District 1 and 3, and effect changes he is hoping to achieve.     

Stonelake Neighborhood Reacts to CNU Announcement - NEST Takes Flight 

No one - except perhaps Elk Grove City Councilmember Darren Suen and the executive staff of CNU - was surprised when neighbors to the proposed hospital got pissed off when they learned a 12-story structure was going up in their neighborhood. In the greatest of American democratic free speech traditions, they organized a group called NEST - Neighbors Ensuring Stonelake Transparency.

Protest Leads to Resignation of Mayor Steve Ly's Assistant, Political Advisor

Not long after the CNU announcement, NEST members organized a street protest near an event held at CNU sponsored by Mayor Steve Ly. That protest led to a confrontation that was a battle victory of sorts for NEST.
Ly's then-assistant, Ty Sorci approached the street protesters. During his interaction, to the objection of several parents, Sorci video recorded and photographed children attending the protest.

After the encounter, Elk Grove city manager Jason Behrmann heard complaints from the resident protesters. Sorci, who was not only a political consultant to Ly but a part-time city employee, resigned from his part-time city gig after his hand was forced.     

Darrenmandering - See Darren Suen's Year of Living Dangerously 

Lent Ranch Mall cum Elk Grove Promenade cum Outlet Collection at Elk Grove - We hardly Knew Ye! or, At Least During 2019, We Were Spared The Promised Black Friday Openings

What was supposed to be a major generator of sales tax revenue, part of making Elk Grove a tourist destination and a general cure for male pattern baldness, came to an inglorious end. Of course, we are talking about the Howard Hughes Company's decision to pull the plug on its half-finished, skeletal shopping center, most recently called the Outlet Collection at Elk Grove.

Elk Grove residents no longer to hear empty promises
from people like former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis. 
Construction on the overgrown strip center stopped in July 2008, and after 10 years of its skeleton standing like a stark reminder of the Great Recession on Elk Grove's south side, HHC had the structure demolished in early 2019.

Anyone halfwit who followed the "progress" on getting construction restarted realized by 2009 that it just wasn't happening. Nonetheless, just about every Elk Grove city council member promised things would restart.

Al least during 2019 we didn't have to listen to any more shallow promises "that it will be open by Black Friday" or other such malarkey regularly coming from the Elk Grove City Council dais.   

All Quiet on Casino Front

Opening this year?
Notwithstanding occasional statements issued by the Wilton Rancheria, progress on the proposed $500 million casino has stalled like a 1975 Mercury Montego. Anyone following this story is unsurprised that dirt on the 35-acre parcel in south Elk Grove has not moved.

The litigation between casino watchdog group Stand Up For California and the Wilton Rancheria and the Bureau of Indian Affairs continues in Washington D.C. The casino interests have scored litigation victories, but the ever tenacious SUFC promised and has followed through on an appeal, which will continue to delay the opening.

Of greater significance, especially given the lengthy appeal process, there have been no announcements of what hedge fund will finance the venture. Boyd Gaming, who is on the record as managing casino operations once the facility is open, backed away from its previous financing commitment.

Interestingly Wilton Rancheria tribal chair Raymond "Chuckie" Hitchcock told another media outlet in early 2019 that the casino construction would start in 2019 and be open for gamblers by 2020. Good thing 2020 is a leap year because they'll need all 366 days to get that open a year from now!

Hume Does The Rarest of All Things For an Elected Official

Quote of The Year Runner-up - A Two-Fer

Say what you will about Greater Sacramento Economic Council Executive Director Barry Broome's piss-poor performance, but he knows how to run a good confidence game - just ask Elk Grove City Councilmember Darren Suen and several other elected officials throughout the region. During Broome's May presentation to the city council, Suen was like a bubblehead in agreement with Broome.

Notwithstanding Suen's bubblehead-like acknowledgment, Broome's presentation was so laughable that it elicited guffaws from the audience, much to the objection of Mayor Steve Ly (see below). 

Our favorite quotes from Broome that night were "They love us in Seattle" and, as seen in the video below, "I've made 1,100 presentations in the Bay Area, and that's a lot of presentations, and not all of them are to a decision-maker. Sometimes I'm pitching a temp help."  

Barry, you need some sales lessons from Blake - remember, A B C, Always Be Closing, and coffee is for closers! 

Mayor Steve Ly Comes to Broom's Rescue After The Public Ridicules His Claims, Presentation

To say Barry Broome had a bad night with his April appearance before the Elk Grove City Council and the taxpayers paying his salary, is being charitable. As you will see in the first minute or so of the video, Mayor Steve Ly admonished the audience for their snickers at his dubious claims of greatness.

Perhaps it was the mood in the gallery, but Ly received pushback for his pushback and his interactions with other public speakers. Among those pushing back on Ly was small business owner Matt Weaver. At about the 5:45 mark Weaver admonished Ly.

Things did not go well for Ly with the public comments that preceded Weaver as both he and Broome were criticized and ridiculed. Even though Barry Broome is a scammer and boob running his confidence game, he has comfort in his taxpayer-funded exorbitant six-figure income and can be secure in the knowledge once taxpayers understand his scam, there is some other region like Sacramento and Elk Grove that is an easy mark.    

CCSD Volunlarily Goes By District; Takes Climate Action Plans Seriously

Unlike the Elk Grove City Council who was forced to switch to by-district elections and representation only after a gun was put to their head - their words, not ours - the Cosumnes Community Services District undertook the switch voluntarily. Additionally, the five-member board undertook more a more assertive climate action plan, especially as compared to the Elk Grove City Council, which did the bare minimum.

These actions didn't happen in a vacuum - they were largely initiated by the CCSD's newest board member, Jaclyn Moreno who was elected in 2018. Under her leadership, Moreno pushed these and other changes.

Moreno's 2018 campaign was perhaps the best run local operations ever seen in Elk Grove politics. Given her skills and leadership, we expect Moreno to seek a higher office sometime in the next few election cycles. 

Like a Canadian Penny, Elk Grove Just Can't Seem To Rid Itself of Former Mayor Gary Davis
Like a Canadian Penny, Elk Grove Just Can't Seem To Rid Itself of Former Mayor Gary Davis

Even though he left office over three years ago under a cloud of sordid rumors, Gary Davis keeps showing up in city matters. This year there even seemed to be an amplification of Mayor Emeritus.

Not only did Davis inject himself into community events like Holiday celebrations, but he also started pimping himself and Honda's in cable TV commercials. Note to Elk Grove Honda - several people said that endorsement kept them away from your showroom.

More significantly, Davis was able to position himself as a sort of community relations guru for CNU. Not surprisingly Davis went Davis and demeaned the very people he was supposed to win over - opponents of CNUs project.

In a social media posting, Davis slammed neighbors and CNU hospital opponents in his Stonelake neighborhood calling them "childish." Give Davis this much - he knows how to run a confidence game and we are sure he is lining his pocket with cold, hard cash.

Hey, Let's Build a Hospital in a 200-Year Flood Plain With Levees in Need of Multi-Million Dollar Repairs!

That is yet another challenge facing CNU as they seek to build their proposed hospital. In spite of the hair-brain idea of building a hospital in a hazardous area, they press on.

Another obstacle is the Elk Grove City Council learned this summer they are on the hook for about $15 million in needed levee repairs for the Laguna West, Stonelake, Lakeside neighborhoods. Never mind though, hospital proponents said to mitigate the flood hazards - of course, taxpayers will cover CNU with a subsidized levee subsidy - the hospital will simply be elevated a few feet about the flood zone.

That begs the question if there is a flood and the bottom floors are covered in water, how will patients access the facility - a Venetian Gondola?

Waisting 'Political Capital' Ala CNU, Alvin Cheung

CNU strikes again! This time it was during their August so-called TEFRA hearing where CNU's President Alvin Cheung was not only criticized by the public in general, he took heat from the city council dais.

Then-Vice Mayor Pat Hume scolded Cheung telling him his lies, er, make that "claims" were hurting the city's efforts to support the controversial $900 hospital project. Hume famously told Cheung - to a round of audience applause - that he was spending a lot of political capital and that he better save some gas for the future.

While Hume feigned indignation, when the time comes to vote for the project, have no doubt, he'll vote affirmatively. For those who know Hume, this was one of his Shakespearean performances to accomplish just one objective - cover his butt.

Quote of The Year

During a December Elk Grove City Council meeting, the most relevant quote of the year was uttered by a small business owner who is being sued by the city. That small business co-owner is Brian Ericson of Big B Construction.

Though it was not widely seen, Ericson's quote encapsulates the overall general behavior of the Elk Grove City Council when he said:

"Have you ever heard the word deontology? Deontology is the study and theory of ethics, rules, of right and wrong actions in determining the right way to live based on a duty and moral obligation. Basic rule - treat others how you want to be treated. I think all of you guys need to take a deep thought of that."

Detrick To Ride Off Into The sunset - But When?

In early 2019, Elk Grove City Councilmember Steve Detrick told his council colleagues and the public that during the foreseeable future, his PG&E work obligations would press his time. Not long after EGN was provided information from a knowledgable and reliable source that it was part of a set-up to pave the way for Detrick's resignation and the appointment on the council so they could run in 2020 as an incumbent.

While that didn't happen - perhaps the leaked put a kibosh on the scheme -  Detrick has announced he will not seek reelection and hasn't left office early. Nonetheless, that resignation chatter persists.

Three Candidates So Far Declare District 3 Candidacy - The Wild Card?

Even before Detrick announced his formal decision, Maureen Craft announced her intentions for the District 3 seat in May. Craft ran against Detrick in 2020.

This summer Detrick's fellow Republican Kevin Spease also entered the race. Spease ran for Mayor against Steve Ly in 2016.

And just to keep things interesting, Craft's fellow Democrat Amandeep Singh entered the race in December. Unlike his two declared opponents, this is Singh's first bid for elected office.
The Spoiler?

The wild card is this field, or spoiler as she has been described in reader comments, is smart planning advocate Lynn Wheat, who ran for mayor in 2012. Although Wheat has stated she is undecided on a District 3 candidacy - she has flashed signals as evidenced at city council meetings -  her entry would make this a four-way race which could make predicting an outcome difficult.

The extra wrinkle is this is the first election cycle done on a by-district basis which will somewhat level the playing field for grassroots candidates like Wheat. Of course, expect a candidate like Spease, who already is endorsed by Detrick,  to be endorsed by fellow Republican council member Pat Hume, and Democrats Stephanie Nguyen and Darren Suen, and that their developer pals' dollars will flow to his campaign.

District 56 and "The Cage"

Drum roll, please...The new name for is Elk Grove's new Civic Center is...District56!

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on marketing consultants, the City of Elk Grove announced the District56 name as the new moniker for the civic center complex. The name was selected by an Elk Grove city bureaucrat and approved by the city council.
The Cage at District 56.

The name is a derivative of the size of the complex - 56-acres - and is meant to provide some sort of hipster branding identity. Whether that name catches on is still undetermined, but once it was unveiled several people said it reminded them of Area 51.

One of the more interesting features at District56 is the public art taxpayers - more specifically Laguna Ridge residents purchased with their Mello Roos fees - is the Cloud Fountain sculpture

While reaction to sculpture has been mixed - some call it The Cage, and yet others say it is a beacon for Area 51,  check, make that District56 - if public art is meant to generate discussion, this piece designed by Gordon Heuther has achieved its goal. 

As for the name District56, we were still holding out for The Silo! Also, anytime you have to create a nickname four yourself, how authentic is that?

Holiday Tree Celebrations off to Rough Start

In an effort to bolster community spirit, Elk Grove purchased a new, one-of-a-kind ribbon-style Holiday tree for display at the District56 facility. Call it first-year jitters, but things did not go exactly as planned.

First, the city said it would have the lighting ceremony at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 7. For those arriving after 6:45 p.m., well, unfortunately, they were late for the ceremony.

It seems the parade that preceded the lighting ceremony was quicker than planned, and the evening's light rain pushed organizers to light the tree almost an hour early.

The second more significant foul-up was on Christmas Eve. Visitors trekking to the tree to get in the spirit of the season were greeted by an unlit.

City officials say that there were unanticipated electrical problems. By Christmas night the problem was resolved.

While we understand the lighting was early because of the rain, it was not supportive of the vendors who set up in anticipation of selling their goods until 8 p.m at the Holiday Marketplace. By 7 p.m. the crowds were thinned out, but at least the band played on until 8 p.m.

Things could have been worse - the lights could have shorted during the December 7 lighting ceremony. Let's hope things go better in 2020.

Nguyen Compensates For Hume's Viagara Failure

Social media taketh, and social media giveth. After Hume's hilarious pink flamingo picture went locally viral, another picture made the rounds from the VIP invite-only Swimmin' Hole grand opening and it was of Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen.

In the photo, Nguyen is photographed diving - in great form we'll add - off the platform. Who knew we had a skilled diver on the dais? A much better job of representing The Grove than a half-inflated pink flamingo! 

Dignity Health's Executive Statement to Elk Grove City Council - Reality Check on CNU's Overblown Proclamations

Ever since their announced plans for a $900 million hospital, CNU's executives and other assorted hangers-on's like Mayor Emeritus Gary Davis and Region Business have displayed nothing if not an excess of confident swagger. One of their more outrageous claims is that not only will the hospital be approved by the city by next year - entirely possible with a few well-placed bribes, er, check that, campaign contributions - but that it would be opening sometime in 2022.

During the August 21 Elk Grove City Council meeting, Dignity Health executive Phyliss Baltz popped that balloon during her comments on plans and the timetable to open their hospital in the city.

Environmentally Minded Elk Grove Students Learn Lesson in Politics & Money 

This year several students from Elk Grove-area high schools sought an audience with the Elk Grove City Council. The environmentally-minded students sought a ban on single-use styrofoam containers in Elk Grove.

Even though the students' suggestions were enacted by the Elk Grove Unified School District and the Cosumnes Community Services District, their efforts with the City of Elk Grove were less successful. The city council threw a table scrap and said they would form an informal group to study the matter - translated - we are putting this out to die. 

Even though the students presented compelling environmental reasons to initiate the ban, they were fighting big money in politics. Seems the world's largest producer of styrofoam, Mason, Michigan-based Dart Industries, also happens to give big bucks to city council members.

Smiling Selfies at a Fallen Sacramento Police Officer'sFuneral Procession 

Darrell "Mr. Bojangles" Doan Goes Subrosa

Ever since Elk Grove's economic development director Darrell 'Mr. Bojangles' Doan organized the now-infamous December 2018 CNU hospital announcement, he has largely gone underground. Oh sure, he surfaced with flim-flam artist Barry Broome at the Elk Grove City Council meeting and even hinted last summer he wants to take over the operations of Explore Elk Grove, but for the most part, he has disappeared.

Darrell "Mr. Bojangle" Doan. 
Could his lack of visibility have anything to do with the CNU announcement? We have heard from numerous sources and elected officials that when they were summoned by "Mr. Bojangles" Doan to CNU's dog and pony show last December they were not aware of what the announcement was going to be.

Doan sure made things difficult for people like Elk Grove Councilmember Darren Suen. Even though Suen later said he was undecided about the project, it sure seemed like he was reading from a prepared statement (see video below).

Did "Mr. Bojangles" Doan prepare that statement? Regardless, Suen owns what he spoke. 

Fortunately for him, "Mr. Bonjangles" Doan will probably stay in his cushy six-figure job for as long as he wants because canning his butt would be an admission he just hasn't delivered anything but hot air his excessive salary. 

Those "Good Guys" at PG&E Have Their Way With Elk Grove

PG&E overall had a crummy year. There were a few bright spots, and naturally, Elk Grove proved to be one of those wins for the beleaguered utility.

If you ever wondered why PG&E gives money to Elk Grove City Councilmember, this video answers that question.

Elk Grove Councilmember Darren Suen's Year of Living Dangerously  

There are good years for people, and then there are bad ones. This same rule applies to our elected officials.

While he didn't have as a bad of a year as President Trump, Elk Grove's Darren Suen on several fronts suffered repeated setbacks. Suen's troubles started in late 2018 with the California Northstate University planned hospital, and those spilled over into 2019 and were the cornerstone of his woes.

After realizing he was screwed by Elk Grove Economic Development Director Darrell Doan's orchestration of the CNU announcement where he praised the controversial project, we have learned within minutes of that announcement Suen started backpedaling his support. Nearby residents of the CNU project, which are now wholly-owned by Suen in the new by-district system, were pissed.

Alvin Cheung (left) and former Elk Grove Mayor Gary
Davis evaded  answering questions 
on the proposed 
California Northstate University's hospital during a
February 22 community meeting hosted by Darren Suen.
So Suen hosted a poorly executed community meeting in February. When you have discredited and desperate former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis representing CNU, you know things are will not be honest.   

Davis and Alvin Cheung, President of CNU, were purposely evasive and dismissive of concerns about the project. While Mayor Steve Ly squarely answered a question if he accepted cash from Cheung - he did - Suen bobbed, weaved and - we'll say it - lied about the cash he got from Cheung.  

After growing unpopular in District 1, Suen was further battered by the switch to by-district voting for his 2020 reelection. To preserve his political hide, Suen suggested that District 1 be redrawn for the 2020 election.

Suen's suggestion was criticized by Elk Grove resident and Democratic party heavyweight Amar Shergill, who said his fellow Democrat was engaged in Darrenmandering. The idea was unpopular with constituents, Suen was widely ridiculed, and his fellow city councilmembers, fearing for their own butt, 86ed his scheme. 

And while Suen committed several more blunders, we'll summarize it with his idea of renaming Civic Center Drive to be consistent with the new District56 civic center. That idea was skewered, especially by people affected by the change, and it thankfully died a quick death but not before considerable staff time was wasted exploring the idea.

While Suen, who is widely acknowledged as a "nice enough guy" had a bad year, he has no announced opposition to date for the 2020 election, and as an incumbent still has an advantage when running for reelection. Suen's ham-handed handling of several matters reveals his lack of political savviness, and when the time comes for him to run for the California Assembly seat currently occupied by Jim Cooper - along with about another dozen or so people -  it's unlikely his political career will advance. 

Below is a video Suen's Civic Center Drive renaming folly.

A Gun To Your Head. Really? 

A real gun to the head. 
In one final act of defiance after deciding to forgo what would have been a multi-million dollar taxpayer settlement in legal fees from a civil and voter rights lawsuit, two Elk Grove City Councilmembers used a rather stark - some might say an inappropriate, overly dramatic analogy - to describe their feelings about switching to by-district elections and representations.

In two consecutive city council meetings, Steve Detrick and Stephanie Nguyen expressed displeasure with having to switch to by-district voting saying that civil rights attorney Kevin Shenkman had a gun to their head. The "gun to their head" was the California Voters Right's Act of 2001 which compelled them to finally obey state law.

Poor choice of words councilmembers. 

Suen Goes AWOL During Crucial CNU Vote

As if it was a validation of his perceived political cowardice, Darren Suen skipped out on the first opportunity the Elk Grove City Council had to vote on anything related to CNU's proposed hospital.  That vote was at a special city council meeting on August 13 to give CNU the privilege to pursue tax-exempt financing of its proposed hospital.

Instead of "cowboying up" and rearranging his reported scheduling conflict, Suen skipped the TEFRA meeting and the accountability of the vote.

Throwing shade at EGN - But, Hey, You Just Pushed Our Readership To 13! 

The proprietor of the Elk Grove's most awesome social media site started leaving comments on EGN after being unable to have his and other select followers comments - much to their consternation - viewed by others on EGN's social media platforms. The person threw shade at EGN saying, something to the effect, nobody comes to EGN, unless directed by their site.

True enough, that other site is the Cat's Meow, Bee's Knees or whatever superlatives you want to use to describe it, but hey, we got you and now our readership is all the way up to 13 people!

As for the number of readers coming to EGN, our attitude has always been and will continue to be the same as what U.S. Marshall Samuel Gerard said to Dr. Richard Kimble who was proclaiming his innocence in The Fugitive - I Don't Care!

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