First Word - Hear from four Elk Grove District 3 City Council candidates

In 2020, Elk Grove voters will have a rare opportunity - elect a new member to take a seat on the Elk Grove City Council. 

For only the third time since the city's 2000 incorporation, voters will have the chance to vote for a city councilmember without an incumbent on the ballot. That happened most recently for the District 4 seat in 2014, and in 2000 when the original city council was elected.

Along with voting for a new representative, the city council candidates for the first time in the city's history will be elected on a by-district basis, unlike the previous at-large from-district system. During the battle to switch to by-district proponents of the new voting procedure argued compared with at-large from-district voting, the change would encourage more candidate participation, and with this election, that prediction is being fulfilled in District 3.

Given the interest in District 3, we have invited the four declared candidates to date to participate in a feature we are calling First Word. The four candidates are Maureen Craft, Amandeep Singh, Kevin Spease, and Lynn Wheat. 

Their recorded messages posted below are in the order received and have not been available until this posting. As the field expands for District 1 and Mayoral race, those candidates will be invited.

Thank you to each of the four candidates for their willingness to participate in this feature to offer voters a more informed decision as they determine their next representative on the Elk Grove City Council.

Please listen to all four candidates.

Lynn Wheat

Amandeep Singh

Kevin Spease

Maureen Craft

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Thank you for posting the candidates' audio recordings. If you follow civic matters, you probably have heard MS. Wheat and Mr. Spease. The recordings are also a real opportunity to hear again from Ms. Craft and be introduced to Mr. Singh.

To the point mentioned in the introduction, it is worth pondering if the city had not changed - some say with hyperbole forced under the threat of a bullet to the temple - to by-district voting would Mr. Detrick have tried for a fourth term? My guess is if the change had not been made, Mr. Detrick would have sought another four more years, maybe faced only one poorly financed opponent, and reelected on a citywide basis. Yes, District 3 voters have a unique opportunity to elect a new voice to the city council, and if the right person wins, it will be a big chink the armor of the old-boys clubs who dominate things in our city.

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