California Appellate Judge removed from bench for sexual misconduct

Today the California Commission on Judicial Performance has issued a decision and order removing Justice Jeffrey W. Johnson of the Cali...

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Today the California Commission on Judicial Performance has issued a decision and order removing Justice Jeffrey W. Johnson of the California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division One, from office. 

The commission’s determination becomes final in 30 days, subject to discretionary review by the California Supreme Court. The commission ordered Johnson removed from office following an investigation that verified 18 acts of prejudicial misconduct, comprised of more than 40 proven allegations. 

The commission found that Johnson, 60,  engaged in the unwanted touching of four women; engaged in conduct that would reasonably be perceived as sexual harassment of seven women at his court; misused the prestige of his position and demeaned his judicial office by attempting to develop personal relationships with three other women, and further demeaned his office by his offensive conduct toward a fourth woman, as well as by multiple incidents of undignified conduct (including conduct at the courthouse for the Court of Appeal) while intoxicated; and displayed poor demeanor to coworkers and made a disparaging remark about judicial colleagues.

The commission found this misconduct was aggravated by Johnson's lack of candor throughout the commission proceedings. Johnson was determined to have “testified untruthfully in many instances.” 

Johnson has served as an Associate Justice of the Court of Appeal since August 3, 2009. The Second District is based in Los Angeles. 

As a result of his misconduct and his lack of candor during the course of the proceedings, the commission concluded that Justice Johnson “cannot meet the fundamental expectations of his position as a judge.” 

The commission’s Decision and Order is available on the commission’s website at  under “Pending Cases - Press Releases & Documents” and “Public Discipline & Decisions."  

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Atticus Finch said...

If I'm not mistaken, Johnson got his undergraduate degree at Trump University, so he learned from the best. He probably got his law degree from the same place as Steve Ly.

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