Elk Grove Mayor Ly asks to meet with 4 aggrieved women who offer qualified acceptance

Bobbie Singh-Allen (left), Jaclyn Moreno, Nancy Chaires-Espinoza, and Linda Vue. Picture from
Linda Vue Facebook. | 

In the latest wrinkle of the claims against Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, three of four women who claim to have been harassed or threatened by Ly or associates have accepted his offer to meet with qualifications. 

The four women who Ly extended the olive branch to include Ly's 2016 mayoral campaign manager, Linda Vue; Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno; and Elk Grove Unified School District Trustees. Starting with Vue in June, all have accused either Ly, who is of Hmong descent, or his associates in the Hmong community of threatening or harassing them.

The email that each of them received from Ly was released by a person associated with the Singh-Allen for Elk Grove mayor campaign. Ly's email said the following:
I have issued my statement and would like an opportunity to sit down and find a way for us to move forward and heal. Please contact me at the below number and let’s work together. Respectfully, Mayor Steve Ly
In response, each of the four offered slightly different responses. While three agreed to conditionally meet, Singh-Allen vehemently refused.   

Vue, who initiated the charges against Ly in late June after she said members of the Hmong clan system contacted her and allegedly made threats if she did not remove a social media post critical of the mayor. Vue, who is also of Hmong descent, did not remove her post and rallied against Ly and the Hmong clan system which she called misogynist and patriarchal.

In response to Ly Vue said she would be open to "meet after you publicly, on your social media platforms, acknowledge your involvement and apologize to me." 

Replying to Ly Chaires-Espinoza said she would be willing to meet, but noted that he still had refused "to take any personal responsibility for the unethical and harassing actions you have directed and/or failed to stop."  She added she wants "move forward and heal" but said that healing cannot happen "as long as you continue to be dishonest and gaslight me and your other victims."

Singh-Allen, who announced her challenge to Ly in the midst of this controversy said she see not need to meet and that he had not directly apologized. She added that "we are not calling on you to acknowledge that harassment exists in the abstract, but to acknowledge and change your pattern of behavior that is years-long."

Moreno, who was a slate candidate in her first election to the CCSD Board of Directors with Ly in 2018 on the so-called Team Elk Grove, said she too like to put this behind her, but added he needed to fully acknowledge his actions. Saying she did not need a personal apology, Moreno said "once you are able to acknowledge your role in this, I would be happy to meet so the restorative justice process can begin."

The press release was issued late this afternoon and Ly could not be contacted for comment during this evening's city council meeting. Earlier today the same group held a press conference at Elk Grove City Hall and has called on the city council to censure Ly.

At tonight's meeting, the city council is considering actions to take against Ly including a possible censure. Although city attorney Jonathan Hobbs said that the council could censure Ly, they should not do so without giving the mayor an opportunity to respond to the allegations.

Hobbs also advised the city council that their possible censure of Ly should be confined to actions after he assumed office in December 2014. Singh-Allen's accusations of Ly and associates of trying to block her appointment to the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Directors in 2012 and Chaires-Espinoza accused Ly of spreading rumors about her during the 2014 District 4 Elk Grove City campaign where she lost to Ly. 

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