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Ken said...

Please, please, please encourage your viewers to go out every night at 7:00 and cheer our first responders and our medical professionals. My wife is a nurse and every day she works puts our whole family at risk. The least thing we can do is cheer them every night at 7:00 - please!!!!!

Unknown said...

My husband Tim and I are alarmed by the need those in the medical profession have for (PPE) personal protection equipment. We decided to try to help with this problem. We ask you to please support this t-shirt campaign. Please share information about it with others. Thank you, Donna

A Starry Night T-Shirt Campaign
Fundraiser for


Also, please help us get the word out about our COVID-19 story project. It provides ordinary people (anywhere in the world) a place where they can share their COVID-19 stories.

COVID-19 International Story Project:


Thank you,
D.B. (Donna) Pacini-Christensen
Woodbridge, California

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