Post Oscar Wrap-Up, and the need for CLASS

By Maricor Capulong Maybe I missed the memo about The Oscars wanting to be more hip. To me though, the Academy Awards always conjures el...

By Maricor Capulong

Maybe I missed the memo about The Oscars wanting to be more hip. To me though, the Academy Awards always conjures elegance and sophistication that no other can equal, not even the Golden Globes. It is after all considered to be one of the longest traditions running in tinsel town. 

The 83rd Oscars night was a complete flop, it tried too hard to appeal hip, to be more youthful. The producers forgot that class has nothing to do with age. Nontheless age adds on to the mystique and wonder that is the history of cinema. The show ran-a muck disorganized at how the flow of the show should go. Granted they picked todays hottest stars to host, but they too cannot save a failing plan to promote to a more "younger demographic," much like Hathaway jokingly stated.


The Dialougue was ill timed, ill writen, and just plain boring. The begining mash up of all nominated films having the hosts splice themselves into an interactive joke was not at all interresting, no chemistry whatsoever between the hosts. I would rather have Hugh Jackman come back to host, atleast he did a great job with Anne Hathaway two years back. Jackman had the inventive edge to do a cheap musical production of all the nominated films. During that time, the awards decided to honor the down turn of the economy by having it in a smaller venue and less grand production. It worked... because of the creativity. Which ultimately they forgot this year. You can also feel the disconnect between the writers and the performers, if it were a collaborate effort, it would have been a smoother sail to say the least.

Why would 'the power that be' want to diminish that classic allure to the Oscars? By making it appeal to today's standards would make it vulnerable to cheapen the name and its focal point. It is a celebration of the film industry, not a middle aged crisis! The Oscars is bigger than age... it will live long after this debacle, and it will live because of the history and its long standing worth to the film industry. Writers, actors, producers, directors etc... etc.. etc... all work towards its accolades, as long as there is film, movies, music, stories, and children who aspire to one day receive that statue, the Oscars will always be youthful. Let the names of the past strengthen the structure, Harlow, Brando, Hephburn, Tracy etc... broaden todays youth's imaginations. re-awaken the history and the roots of the industry for those who do not know the long standards of what great film should be.

Ending the show much like a Saturday Night Live spot for thank you's is so cheap and unoriginal, high fives all around, what the heck!? They could have done it with more taste and CLASS.... okay so you know my underlining theme is.... The children singing is not the problem, the spur the moment thank you's was. The Anne Hathaway nervous hoots and hollers on the stage were annoying, and Franco's apathetic facial expression was uninspiring. This is not a football game people!
And please please please.... stop brining your Iphones to the stage, its very tacky babes! Believe me, there is not an app for CLASS.

All in all... bring back Hugh Jackman please......
Thats what I'm talking about.
As for the Winners.....

The King's Speech was a blind spot for me, who would have thought right? But no hard feelings, its a good film and Collin Firth deserved the Oscar (last year also, but they decided to give it to him this year.) I was right about Christian Bale though, and I am pretty happy about that decision. Bale has had an amazing career in the span of five years choosing the right films so it was just leading up to that night to make it official. The best speech would have gone to him as well, I love speeches that conjure tears to the winner.  Kirk Douglas was adoreable, as a veteran he knew how to make a show of it, and he did. Loved that he is such a ladies man, perfect to announce best supporting actress nominees. Much love to his son Michael for his quick recovery! I am very glad that Melissa Leo had one, I knew it was either her or Amy Adams. Well pleased with the awards that "The Fighter" had brought home, I'm sure Mark Wahlberg is happy with the outcome as well.

Best Adapted Screenplay was given to "The Social Network" and I am pretty content with that, I believe it was writen to exactly capture the boom growth of one of today's societal changes. I am slo glad Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross won an Oscar for best Original Score for the film as well. I think my predictions were pretty accurate this year....   :D

What do you think about the Academy awards this year? Did you think it was good? Bad? misinterpreted? Drop a line on the comments, I would love to hear from you!!!   :D
If you missed the Oscars, you can check out the winners on the official website, click on the statue below.

Have a good weekend!!!!

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