Elk Grove's Consumer Credit Rating - Not as Good as Davis, But Better Than Galt, Sacramento

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January 23, 2016 |

As consumer credit worthiness goes, Elk Grove residents as a group can say that at least they are ahead of a few neighboring Sacramento-region cities.

That study, conducted by the personal finance website WalletHub.com, found that as an aggregate, Elk Grove residents rank in the 66th percentile of 2,570 American cities in the survey. The study found the average Elk Grove resident had a credit score of 686, which placed it in the 882nd place on the list.

Below are ratings from high to low of nearby communities in the Sacramento region:
  • Elk Dorado Hills - 721 score, 91st percentile, 168th place
  • Davis - 720 score, 91st percentile, 183rd place
  • Folsom - 717 score, 91st percentile, 235th place
  • Rocklin - 699, 77th percentile, 591st place
  • Roseville - 695 score, 73rd percentile, 683rd place
  • Elk Grove - 686 score, 66th percentile, 882nd place
  • Galt - 675 score, 54th percentile, 1184th place
  • West Sacramento - 669 score, 47th percentile, 1372nd place
  • Sacramento - 652 score, 27th percentile, 1873rd place
The community with the highest consumer credit rating was The Villages, Fla. with an aggregate score of 779, while Camden, NJ had the lowest at 565. The highest ranked California city coming in third nationally with a score of 755 was Saratoga, while the San Bernardino County city of Adelanto residents scored 600, which put it the 1st percentile. 

Based on FICO credit ratings, Elk Grove's overall consumer credit rating of 686 is in the "fair" range.

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Anonymous said...

That may sound good now, but just wait until the city gets through placing those hugh CFD's on homeowners and watch the slide downwards. This isn't a high earning community...we're largely "coupon city".

Destination City said...

Coupon City yes, and Comfort Food Central. Big portions of food at cheap prices and chains dot Elk Grove. You can count fine dining experiences on one hand at best.

Anonymous said...

The FICO score is the biggest scam going. It's not an indicator of wealth. It's an indicator of debt. The components that are used to make up your FICO score all have to do with debt (how much, type, repayment, etc) and not your income, your assets, or your wealth. I'd rather have a big bank account then a big FICO score.

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