Controversial 'Silverado' Housing Project to Be Heard This Wednesday by Elk Grove City Council

June 23, 2014 | A proposed Elk Grove housing project that has been mired in an environmental controversy since its inception will be ...

June 23, 2014 |

A proposed Elk Grove housing project that has been mired in an environmental controversy since its inception will be heard by the Elk Grove City Council at their regular meeting this Wednesday night.

Proposed by Vintara Holdings, the so-called Silverado project is seeking to develop a 651-unit subdivision on a 230-acre site located on the northwest corner of Waterman and Bond roads. 

The project, which is being built on a parcel that will be purchased from The Sacramento Area Sewer District, was originally proposed over 10 years ago by Centex Homes. Subsequent to that, Centex dropped their plan in the midst of the housing collapse, and it was taken up by Vintara Holdings.

Along with a lawsuit that successfully halted the development, other concerns regarding the project include the effect it will have on flooding in nearby neighborhoods, the traffic flow along Bond Road that already has the lowest grade and environmental concerns that many believe have not been adequately addressed in the project's environmental impact report. At recent public meetings, a number of longtime Elk Grove residents said the site was widely used to dump solid waste and other hazardous materials.

The project was most recently heard on June 6, by the Elk Grove Planning Commission, who approved it after they sent it back to the city's planning department to make several changes after hearing it last February. At the June 6, planning commission meeting, several members of the public expressed concern that they felt as though no substantial changes had been made to the project since the February referral back to the planning department.

At that same meeting, it was suggested the planning commission was pressured by some other unspecified parties to approve the project as is. During that meeting, planning commissioners George Murphey and Frank Maita denied any pressure had been applied.

Vintara has been a frequent campaign contributor to all of the current council members, with the exception of Bob Trigg.

Wednesday's meeting starts at 6 p.m. at city hall.  

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Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the Planning Dept. & City Council caters to the out of town developers and doesn't demand more from them. The city holds the cards for the people who trusted them to make the right decision and make this a better city, but yet they let the developers make the call. I have never understood this way of doing they not know when this developer leaves he got the last laugh at their expense?

More Senior housing is good, but not at this location. There will be 24/7 traffic from this complex, plus extreme problems in getting to facilities when there is an emergency due to the many trains blocking access to that care. That's not to mention the heavy/fast traffic on Bond with no way to expand the roadway..flooding issues...devaluation of existing property owners homes. Perhaps this is what you get when our city cannot place themselves in the same situation and just say NO, we want better for Elk Grove.

Lynn said...

A few years ago one of our planning commissioners asked "Is Elk Grove Worth Saving?" I often wonder what his response would be if I asked that question of him today.
So many people that previous attended council meeting and other city meeting have gone away. The handful of residents who initially participated and gave input in the planning of the SEPA did not show up to the Planning Commission meeting last week. If any have a chance please listen to the public comment regarding the SEPA...resident testimony...
I keep asking people to show up this week to the city council meeting. You do not have to say a word...just sit, watch and listen...then ask yourself the question "Is Elk Grove Worth Saving" If you are new to the area it may be to early to ask yourself the question....attend a few more meetings, read a few more staff reports and council decisions...this will prepare you for the question

Anonymous said...

Yes, Elk Grove Planning Commissioner George Murphey, you asked that question four years ago when you were running for city council, "Is Elk Grove worth saving?"

What is your answer today? Or shall we ask Gil Moore what your answer is?

Carnac the Magnificent said...

Answer: 3-2

Question: The Elk Grove City Council's vote on Silverado so long time residents and activists don't see that they were totally duped!

Anonymous said...

After spenting hours reading and listening to the EG Planning meetings I see nothing firm that the Senior Housing project may ever happen. Is this just a red herring,something that draws attention away from the matter being discussed or dealt with? It very well may be the case and something that must be addressed. Or do we approach this willy-nilly and just keep our fingers crossed that it will all work out in the end. Well... I know we have at least one councilperson that has the expertise to see that...hopefully more will and do what is best for EG and deny the project as presented.

Votes for Sale said...

We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet.

Stephen Hawking

Steve L said...

I'd like to thank everyone who supported the neighborhoods around this project in fighting to assure that the best project possible was brought forward. Your support is much appreciated and didn't go unnoticed.

The city approved the project last night. The writing was on the wall weeks prior to the approval.

It could have been a better project, more parks, less density, a more detailed and thorough EIR for sure.

But, it also could have been much worse.

The city has spoken, like it or not.

Silverado has been honest and well meaning throughout the process, despite their need (some may say greed) to maximize their profits.

It's been a long hard 10 year fight. I hope when it's all done, we'll have something to be proud of.

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