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Cosumnes Community Services District Offering Summer Day Camp

Written By EGN on Sunday, May 29, 2016 | 07:00

May 29, 2016 | 

With summer vacation just around the corner, The Cosumnes Community Services Distroct (CCSD) will be offering Sumer Day Camps.

Teen Summer Adventure Camp is a day camp for students entering grades 7-9. The camp operates out of The Grove Teen Center inside the Wackford Community Complex (9014 Bruceville Road). Camp and runs weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from May 31 to August 5. Half-day sessions are also available.

This teen day camp offers activities that incorporate fun weekly themes including indoor and outdoor games, art projects, contests, sports and daily swimming at the Wackford Aquatic Complex. Full-day registration includes weekly field trips to Strikes Bowling, Sunsplash, Crocker Art Museum, Surf Extreme, the movies and more.

Kid Central Summer Day Camp is an outdoor camp for children currently enrolled in Kindergarten through sixth grade. It is located at the Youth Center at Elk Grove Park (9922 Elk Grove-Florin Road) and weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. from May 31 to August 5.

This elementary day camp offers games, arts and crafts, sports, science fun, playground adventures, daily swimming at the Jerry Fox Swim Center, and special events based on awesome themes. Six field trips are offered to participants for an additional registration fee and include adventures to Crocker Art Museum, Yolo County Wildlife Basin, Camp-a-Palooza at Folsom Sports Complex, and more.

For more information and registration fees, visit www.yourcsd.com. Register by phone at 916-405-5600 or 916-405-5300, or in person at a CSD registration location: Parks and Recreation Department Office, 9355 East. Stockton Blvd., suite 185; or the Wackford Complex, 9014 Bruceville Road.

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School Boundary Changes Coming For Several Elementary Students in the EGUSD

Written By EGN on Friday, May 27, 2016 | 10:50

By Lorelei Miguel-Rossow | May 27, 2016 

A change is occurring within Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) that will affect students and their families.  

Students that attend Sunrise, Franklin or Arlene Hein Elementary schools, may have to move school sites in the upcoming school year. There is a community information meeting that all affected families should attend. 

Two of the meetings already lapsed but there is one more on Wednesday, June 15, at Arlene Hein Elementary from 6:30-8:30 p.m. 

The district will address the building of two new elementary schools. One will be constructed in the Laguna Ridge North Community (near the Elk Grove Auto Mall) and the other will be built near Sunrise Boulevard within the Anatolia Community. 

Due to overflow and potential population boom of these two areas, the schools are set to open for the 2017-2018 school year. The creation of these school sites also requires a reevaluation of district boundaries based on students' residences.

For your own reference, here is the Facebook post from EGUSD: https://www.facebook.com/ElkGroveUnified/?fref=nf

Click on map below to enlarge. 

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Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Ly Could Learn Something From Councilman Pat Hume

By Dan Gougherty | May 27, 2016 |

Wednesday night's Elk Grove City Council meeting hearing on the proposed Costco planned for City Council District 4 was interesting on several different levels.

First, there were the comments by Councilman Steve Detrick, who said the media, including this site, had misled the public regarding possible economic incentives sought by the developer of that project, Pappas Investments. While there isn't any substance to Detrick's comment - one reader contacted EGN to express what he said was "disgust" with Detrick's calling him deceptive  - politicians blaming the media is nothing new.

Contrasting with Detrick was Mayor Gary Davis, who pushed back on the incentive comments. Davis countered Detrick and said yes, Costco had, in fact, told him as long as eight years ago that they wanted economic incentives.

While Detrick and Davis were engaged in a point, counter-point on the incentives, there was a more interesting, yet subtle study in contrasting abilities of councilmen on display for those who watched the proceedings. That study was between Councilman Pat Hume and Vice Mayor Steve Ly.

For those who have any familiarity with the project site near Bruceville Road and Elk Grove Boulevard, know that has always been zoned for retail as part of the Laguna Ridge Special Planning Area. As Davis and Hume reminded homeowners near the project site of "buyers beware," both men emphasized that the City has long pursued a Costco-type big box membership warehouse for that parcel as justification for their support of the project.

While Davis, Detrick, and Hume (Councilman Darren Suen recused himself from the deliberations) all discussed various aspects of the project, Ly barely spoke at all about the project. 

Indeed, had Hume not stood his ground and demanded higher-quality building materials for the structure, there is a good chance the lower-quality facade approved by the Planning Commission would have been rubber-stamped. As a result, Costco will come back to the council in July with what we hope will be a more ascetically pleasing exterior design, at least as much as you can expect from a big box warehouse.

Before anyone accuses us of being biased towards Hume, it should be noted the third-term councilman has been critically reviewed through EGN's eight-and-a-half years. We suspect Hume would be in agreement on this.

While we have been critical of Hume, we never have, to the best of our knowledge asserted that he was uninformed or unclear in his deliberations. We do not agree with Hume on a majority of issues facing Elk Grove, but we can confidentially say Hume presents his arguments in a coherent, thoughtful manner, and that is crucial in planning our city's future.

Comparing Hume's stance on the Costco exterior design compared to Ly's deliberations is like comparing New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to a high school back-up offensive lineman. They are operating in different leagues. 

Interestingly, the Costco project lies in Ly's district, and yet he barely addressed any specific concerns voiced primarily by District 4 constituents. Ly, whose major contribution to the discussion was that he occasionally shops at the Lodi Costco because of their merchandise selection, was either uninterested, incurious, or lacking the intellect to discuss the matter in any way other than regurgitating cliches. 

Maybe, you say,  Ly's deficiencies can be attributed his lack of experience. After all, Hume has been a council member for almost 10 years and was a planning commissioner for six years prior.

This might have some validity if it were not for the fact that his fellow Councilman Darren Suen has served for exactly the same amount of time. Notwithstanding his professional experience, Suen has proven to be a quick study and is not afraid to ask historical questions and probe during meetings for a deeper understanding of what is being deliberated.

Ly's constituents in District 4 must be wondering why, even if he was in favor of the project, didn't he try to listen genuinely to their concerns and explain his rationale. Instead, there was silence, and it is not because silent rivers run deep.   

So Vice Mayor Ly, we will offer this advice - as much as parents should never compare siblings, that rule does not apply to elected officials. You ought to listen and learn from all your council colleagues, most notably Councilman Hume. 

Instead of being concerned about hobnobbing with diplomats, attending crab feeds, posing for pictures with your personal photographer, and being seen all over Elk Grove and the region mugging for publicity, stay home and hit the books. This job is not about how many supposed VIPs you can be photographed with to post on Twitter, it is about competently attending to the business of the people. 

Hole yourself up in a room, read the staff reports, have a briefing with city staff if need be, meet with the public and constituents for constituent matters as needed, put your U.C. Davis and law school degrees to work, and for goodness sake, have something intelligent to say during deliberation other than your usual squishy "but at the same time..."

Take a break from your publicity seeking events - elections are over two years away - and bone up on your material. Vice Mayor Ly, in the long run you will do yourself a favor, and more importantly you will be able to properly represent Elk Grove residents, not yourself, like you were elected to do.  



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It's Official - Elk Grove is an 'International Point of Destination' According to Vice Mayor Steve Ly

Written By EGN on Thursday, May 26, 2016 | 18:45

May 26, 2016 |

Memorial Day marks the traditional kick-off the American summer vacation travel season, and according to AAA estimates, this years three-day weekend could be great. With cheaper gas and an improving economy, the AAA says this could be the second busiest Memorial Day on record. 

This is great news for Innkeepers in Elk Grove because our city is about to be over-run with passport-toting tourist. This great news comes to us according to Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Ly. 

That was the proclamation issued by Elk Grove's only nationally, check, make that internationally known elected official, via his Twitter account about a month ago. This slipped by us because EGN has been blocked from the internationally known Vice Mayor's Twitter account, but thanks to a reader, we can help spread the Gospel according to Ly.
With its crush of international tourist, Elk Grove may need
to convert the recently installed wayfinding signs to 
accommodate a multilingual audience.  

So if you see heavier the normal traffic in town this weekend, or just in general, especially cars with Canadian or Mexican plates or an over abundance of rental cars, we all know the reason. Likewise, if you encounter a person speaking a foreign language or American English with a distinct twang, say from West Texas, walking along the street with a bewildered look as they study their "Grove" tourist maps, extend a warm Elk Grove greeting and help them find their way around town. 

Yes, thanks to Vice Mayor Ly's proclamation, we are now an international destination so get ready for a regular throng of international tourist descending on our city. It may cause traffic, but hey it will bring us lots of sales tax revenues, and an international flair rivaling that of Yuba City. 

And who knows, maybe the Howard Hughes Company will be sufficiently motivated by all those discretionary tourist dollars spent by free-wielding travelers to get off their rear end and finish building the Ghost Mall. We can see it now - busload of foreign well-heeled tourist converging on the Outlet Collection at Elk Grove.

Alas, by transforming Elk Grove into an international jet set spot has resulted in some short-term collateral damage.  That damage is all of the recently installed Elk Grove wayfinding signs. 

Now that we are an "International Point of Destination" as proclaimed by the Vice Mayor, we taxpayers may have to cough up another $400,000 or so to convert the signs to accommodate a multilingual audience. That my friend, is a small price of success! 

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Elk Grove Police Arrests Man Suspected of Early Morning Van Break-in

May 26, 2016 |

Elk Grove Police apprehended a man suspected of breaking into a vehicle yesterday morning.

Officers were dispatched to the 8900 block of Sheldon Creek Drive on the city's north side just before 4 a.m. in response to an in-progress burglary. A witness observed Eddie Ford Barrett (pictured above) enter the cargo area of a white van and remove property.

Barrett was detained as he was walking away from the area and officers located the vehicle described in the call and confirmed that a burglary had taken place. Officers also located property, that had been removed from inside the vehicle, stacked next to a garbage can. 

The suspect was arrested and booked into the county jail and is being held on $180,000 bail and faces felony burglary charges and violating probation. Arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. 

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Elk Grove Signals Support For Costco, Seeks Design Changes Prior to Formal Approval

May 26, 2016 |

At their regular meeting last night the Elk Grove City Council voiced support for the Costco proposed near Elk Grove Boulevard and Bruceville Road but did not formally approve the project pending design modifications.    

After nearly two hours of public comment and deliberations, the big box retailing behemoth was instructed to come back at the July 13 meeting with aesthetic modifications to the proposed 150,000 sq. ft. structure and at that time, it would be approved. There was limited discussion regarding economic incentives that might be pursued by the project's developer, Pappas Investment.  
No word if  competitive eating champion Matt "Megatoad" Stonie will make
an appearance at the Elk Grove Costco store once it is open for business. Watch
video of Stonie crushing six Costo muffins here

During public comment, the council heard from several people who expressed a variety of concerns from the appropriateness of locating the store directly adjacent to a residential neighborhood, proposed economic incentives for Pappas Investments and traffic. Elk Grove resident Ethan Hunt called current traffic on Elk Grove Boulevard a nightmare, suggested the store be relocated near one of the city's freeways and chastised the councilmen for their lengthy discussion of Costco's merchandising strategies. 

"Most of the people who live in Laguna Ridge don't care, no offense, we don't care about noodles, we don't care about Patagonia sweaters," he said in reference to comments from the dais about Costco's merchandising. "All that stuff is great, but what we care about is the quality of life."

During their deliberations, Councilman Pat Hume badgered the applicants insisting the exterior be upgraded to reflect other Costco stores throughout the country. At one point Hume held his smartphone up showing a picture of another Costco.

Hume also addressed the concerns expressed by Laguna Ridge residents but noted the correspondence he received was overwhelmingly for the store at the proposed location.

"Those who oppose show up," Hume said. "The people who are happy or want it, aren't going to take the time out of their schedules to say yes."

Mayor Gary Davis noted that the site had long been planned as a retail center and that the city "has been working their tail off" to land an anchor tenant for the development. He added that having a tenant at that corner is a keystone in landing other quality retailers.

Addressing the incentives as outlined in the City of Elk Grove's staff report, (on page 13) Councilman Steve Detrick accused the media of agenda-driven reporting on the matter. The incentive was first reported on this site, followed several hours later by the Sacramento Bee.

Following comments by Costco representative Mike Debrota who claimed Costco has never sought financial incentives from the city, Detrick agreed and said the public had been misled. 

"Folks, when you read the newspaper, read it online information, doesn't mean it's always accurate," Detrick said. "It is usually spin somebody is putting on things ... to foster negative. I don't know how that story came out, because there is nothing even true about Costco ever asking for a subsidy."

Countering Detrick's claim was Davis who said he "would set the record straight" and asserted that as long ago as 2008, Costco told him they would seek economic incentives.

"I had a meeting with the Costco real estate team in 2008, and they directly requested a sales tax sharing agreement," Davis said. "That may not be a direct request of this team today, but that was absolutely a direct request of that team in 2008. So I think that it is important that be set straight."

In the story posted on Tuesday, EGN reported that according to the staff report, the Pappas Investment Company was threatening to kill the project unless an economic incentive was offered by the City. The following quote was copied directly from the City of Elk Grove's Staff report. That quote read - "The Property Owner has advised the City that the proposed lease with Costco will not be financially viable for the Property Owner, and the Costco Project might not proceed, unless the Property Owner receives an economic incentive from the City in an amount to be determined."

Following Davis' comments refuting Detrick, there was no further discussion of a possible incentive for Pappas or Costco. 

Citing holdings in Costco stock valued between $10,000 and $100,000, Councilman Darren Suen recused himself from the proceedings. The matter will come back at the July 13 meeting. 

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What Happens When a Cup of Coffee Costs More Than a Share of The Sacramento Bee, MNI?

Written By EGN on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 | 16:45

 | Has the time come to short MNI? |
May 25, 2016 |

It is no secret that mid-sized major metropolitan daily newspapers are under siege and our very own Sacramento Bee is no exception.

For those who follow such things, a share of McClatchy Company, owner of the Bee and about 30 other fishwraps, or MNI as it is listed in the New York Stock Exchange, is trading at $1.06 a share as of today's closing. The trading range of the MNI over the last 52 weeks is between $0.75 and $1.64.

If declining readership, falling revenues and losses weren't enough, recently MNI announced what could be described as a self-imposed Fight Club-type punch in the face  - a reverse stock split. In order to continue its NYSE listing, which requires a sustainable share price above $1.00, the company announced a 1 share to 10 reverse split. 

Making matters worse for the Bee, the Sacramento Business Journal reported in March that the reverse split would be 1 for 5 shares. Put another way, MNI's share prices faltered in the last two months that executives had to double up on the split, or perhaps more accurately, consolidate the number of outstanding shares which institutional investors generally view unfavorably.

For its 2015 fiscal year, MNI reported a loss of over $300 million. With analyst estimates showing a continued sea of red ink in their forecasts, those with the money and  moxie might want to watch the movie The Big Short and test your skills on profiting from what looks to be the continued degradation of MNI's stock price amidst an uncertain future.   

Click to enlarge. 

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Will City Qualify Survey as Unscientific as Elk Grove Soccer Attempts to Skew Results?

Written By EGN on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 | 20:00

May 24, 2016 |

Anyone who have ever taken an online poll knows, or should know, those results should be viewed more like a popularity contest. It is not unlike voting for a Prom King and Queen - a contest based more on popularity than anything else.

Indeed, when a survey is conducted on this site, it is always qualified as unscientific. While some information can be gleaned from such surveys, they should always be viewed through the popularity prism.

Currently, the City of Elk Grove is conducting an online survey like others found on websites that are unscientific. The survey is called "Community Update on Quality of Life Service Needs & Priorities."

In a letter from Elk Grove City Manager Laura Gill, she primarily discusses public safety while failing to mention other quality of life issues like the support of the arts, traffic, air quality or the enhancement of the city's trail networks. Of the seven categories in the survey, four are dedicated to public safety.

While public safety is the focus of the survey, respondents can add categories such as those mentioned above. Nonetheless, the survey seems to equate quality of life primarily to public safety.

Back to the unscientific nature of these popularity polls, a reader recently forwarded us an email distributed by Elk Grove Soccer (see above, click to enlarge) on its Constant Contact account to its member families. The email instructed families to take the survey and said:

"In Question No. 1 on the Survey, you can check any of the items that you believe are important to your family. To help the City understand the importance of soccer to your family, make sure you check the third box "Attract and Retain local businesses/ improve economic development." Then tell the City in the Survey Question No. 2 that you believe the sports complex with soccer fields should be a priority that would be benefit Elk Grove families as well as to the City itself.  

Like any organization hoping to skew public opinion to reflect their point of view, Elk Grove Soccer is only playing the game in hopes of influencing elected officials. More accurately, they are probably trying to give Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis ammunition to help convince at least two fellow councilmen, in an election year no less, to justify a questionable multi-million dollar expenditure. 

Indeed, some people intimately involved in youth soccer locally have expressed skepticism to EGN if there is the need that Elk Grove Soccer, its Chief Executive Officer Andrew Donnery and Davis have claimed exist in the City. Although that is a separate story, taxpayers need to question if the need exists in Elk Grove or if it is more a matter of more efficiently and fairly scheduled use of athletic fields provided by the Cosumnes Community Services District, and the Elk Grove Unified School District.  

So as the results from this online Elk Grove quality of life survey are revealed, the city needs to clearly state that the poll is unscientific. Furthermore, if the results show an inordinate amount of respondents saying soccer fields are a priority, you'll know Elk Grove Soccer will have organized its members well, but this may not be an accurate measure of facts on the ground. 




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Elk Grove Police Holding Community Meeting This Thursday Night at Roy Herburger School

May 24, 2016 |

As part of their on-going outreach efforts, the Elk Grove Police will hold a community meeting this Thursday night.

The public is invited to attend the meeting at Roy Herburger Elementary School, 8670 Maranello Drive, and will cover topics of interest to residents the department's Beat Area 3 (see map above). That area includes the portion of Elk Grove between Highway 99 on the west and the city's eastern boundaries and between Bond and Calvine Roads.

Personnel from various units within the Elk Grove Police Department will be on hand to answer questions that residents may have regarding crime issues. Community beat meetings are designed to strengthen the partnership between the police department and the community it serves.

For more information, please contact the Problem Oriented Policing Unit at (916) 478-8110. The meeting starts at 6:00 p.m.

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Elk Grove to Unveil 2017 Proposed Budget at Tomorrow's City Council Meeting

May 24, 2016 |

With fiscal year 2016 ending on June 30, 2016, the City of Elk Grove's executive team head by City Manager Laura Gill is set to unveil its proposed budget at tomorrow night's City Council meeting.

By law, California municipalities are required to adapt a balanced budget for fiscal year 2017, which starts on July 1, 2016, no later than June 30, 2016. According to the staff report for the agenda item, the budget could be adopted as early as the Council's next meeting on June 8.

Following the cuts during the Great Recession fiscal years, the city's budget has grown modestly which included salary increases for several categories of unrepresented employees. The largest budget item for the city has been police services which consumes about 60-percent of expenditures.

Tomorrow night's meeting is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. at Elk Grove City Hall. 

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Elk Grove Police Investigating Assault, Armed Robbery With Gunshots

Written By EGN on Monday, May 23, 2016 | 11:45

May 23, 2016 |

An early Friday morning assault and gunpoint robbery is under investigation by Elk Grove Police.

Police officers contacted the victim at an area hospital who was being treated for a facial injury. The victim was a passenger in a vehicle near Black Kite Drive and Springhouse Way that was occupied by the suspect and other individuals. The victim knows the suspect, whose name has not been released, through a mutual friend.

When the victim was getting dropped off, the suspect pointed a handgun at victim, and when he pushed the handgun away, he was struck in the face causing the handgun to discharge. The suspect then pushed the victim against the vehicle and took his personal property.

The suspect fled the scene in the vehicle that they had arrived in.

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Elk Grove Police Apprehend, Arrests Four Juveniles Suspected of Residential Burglary

May 23, 2016 |

Four 17-year old males were arrested Friday afternoon after they allegedly attempted to burglarize an Elk Grove residence.

Elk Grove Police were dispatched to the 4900 block of Willow Vale Way after receiving a report of an in-progress residential burglary. The reporting person observed three male juveniles, who were wearing masks, entering the backyard of a residence and that there was another male juvenile sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked on the side of the residence.

Upon arrival, officers detained one of the juveniles in the described vehicle and the three other suspects fled the backyard in an attempt to escape. Officers established a perimeter and eventually located the three suspects. 

Officers confirmed that the residence where the suspects had been was burglarized. The four suspects, three of whom are Elk Grove residents and the other form Sacramento, were taken into custody and transported to juvenile hall.

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Elk Grove City Council To Hear Costco Project; Will Pappas Hold Project Hostage in Pursuit of Economic Incentives?

Written By EGN on Sunday, May 22, 2016 | 19:15

May 22, 2016 |

In what has developed into a relatively fast process, the Elk Grove City Council will consider approving the proposed Costco project at their Wednesday night meeting.

The project, which was approved by 3-1 vote of the Elk Grove Planning Commission at their May 5 meeting, calls for a 150,000 sq. ft. warehouse store located near the southeast corner of Elk Grove Boulevard and Bruceville Road in the city's master planned Laguna Ridge area. As approved, the store will include a 24-pump gas station and sits on a 17-acre site.

The staff report for Wednesday night's meeting recommends approval of the project with a qualified conditional use permit. However, the report issued a warning on the purported finances of the developer and its affiliated businesses, Pappas Investments, with regards to this specific project.

The report says (on page 13) "The Property Owner has advised the City that the proposed lease with Costco will not be financially viable for the Property Owner, and the Costco Project might not proceed, unless the Property Owner receives an economic incentive from the City in an amount to be determined."

Also, the report notes the City has not made any commitments to the request for incentives, but the matter is under study. If the City Council approves the project and if it considers any financial incentives for Pappas, it will be done at a future meeting.

In the past, Elk Grove has extended economic incentives to several car dealers who opened in the Elk Grove Automall as well as Pappas Investments. As part of the deal that brought the California Prison Health Care Services to the City in 2011, the City Council awarded $1.9 million to the prison health care agency and $1.5 million to Pappas Investments. 

Pappas Investments, which has been deeply involved in the development of the City and continues to exert its influence, has also been a politician patron of most of the city council members since the City's 2000 incorporation. Pappas will once again test the return of that political patronage investment with the Elk Grove City Councilmen should they decide to pursue more economic incentives under the threat of killing the project.  

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Notorious P.I.G. Takes 1st Place in Judges Category, 3rd For Peoples' Choice at Elk Grove Chili Festival

May 22, 2016 |

In spite of a mid-afternoon downpour and cooler than normal weather, thousands descended on Elk Grove's Old Town Plaza yesterday for the International Chili Society sanctioned Ninth Annual Elk Grove Chili Festival.

Organized by the Old Town Foundation with proceeds going to local charities, the event drew visitors to Old Town Elk Grove and dozens of cooks competing for a host of prizes. The cook teams competed in red, salsa, and homestyle categories while visitors enjoyed the wide array of chili styles.

Among the winners in the homestyle category was the Elk Grove-based Notorious P.I.G. team. Anchored by team captain emeritus Jack Lee, the cook crew included Marieza Calip, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee and Lynn Wheat. 

For their efforts, the team's Positively Incredible Grub chili not only won third place in the Peoples' Choice category, in a blind tasting, but it also earned First Prize in the homestyle Judges category. With the Judge's victory, Notorious P.I.G. will be invited to this October's ICS International Competition in Reno.

Congratulations to Notorious P.I.G!  

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Another Mailer From Davis, First For Nguyen in SCOE Area Six Race

Written By EGN on Friday, May 20, 2016 | 14:00

May 20, 2016 |

Though it isn't the blitz voters will be subjected to this fall, one June primary election is bringing political mailers to Elk Grove mailboxes. That race is for the Area Six seat for the Sacramento County Office of Education.

That seat, which is being vacated by John Scribner, is being sought by Heater Davis, Orlando Fuentes, Jrmar Jefferson, and Stephanie Nguyen. With Scribner leaving the seat, the position has not only attracted four candidates, it has taken on higher visibility. 

The most visible candidate so far has been Heather Davis of Elk Grove. To date Davis has sent two mailers and another one on her behalf from an independent committee. 

While Davis has initially jumped ahead of her competitors by dropping her first mailer last week and another this week, Nguyen, also of Elk Grove, has jumped into the fray. Yesterday a mailer that appears to target mail-in voters was received yesterday.

To date, no candidate literature has been received from the Fuentes and Jefferson campaign. The Area Six SCOE district includes all of Elk Grove and southern portions of Sacramento County. 

With a little more than two weeks until the June primary, Elk Grove voters can expect to see more candidate pieces in their mailboxes.   

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Galt Man Allegedly Brandishes Knife, Arrested by Elk Grove Police on Assault Charges

May 20, 2016 |

A Galt man is being held at the Sacramento County Jail after he allegedly brandished a pocket knife during an argument yesterday afternoon.

The suspect, 42-year old Donald Harris (pictured above) was involved in an argument with his victim on the 9500 block of East Stockton Boulevard. Harris allegedly brandished a pocket knife during the argument and when the victim retreated, Harris chased the victim.

After several witnesses came to the victim's aid, Harris fled the area on foot. Responding Elk Grove Police officers located Harris a short distance away and was found in possession of the pocket knife. 

A records check revealed that Harris also had an active arrest warrant. The suspect was arrested, is being held ineligible for bail and will be arraigned Monday afternoon.  

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Elk Grove Chili Festival This Saturday in Old Town - Stop by Notorious P.I.G. Booth and 'Say Hey'

Written By EGN on Thursday, May 19, 2016 | 17:00

May 19, 2016 |

This Saturday Old Town Plaza will play host to the Elk Grove Chili Festival cook off. Now in its ninth year, the Cook Off is growing in popularity every year.

For this years competition, there will once again be two categories. The first category is the Homestyle Competition and an International Chili Society sanctioned contest.

Admission to the festival is free and tasting kits for up to six samples are available for only $5. Proceeds from the event, which is sponsored in part by the Old Town Foundation and runs between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., will go to a to-be-determined Elk Grove charity. Sample tastings start at noon

In addition to the chili competitions, there will be free entertainment including live music and a host of children activities, a beer tent, and food trucks. Weather is expected to be unseasonably cool this Saturday, so come by and warm-up with some great hot chili.

If you do make your way to Old Town on Saturday, stop by the booth for last year's Second Place People Choice award winner in the Homestyle categoary, Notorious P.I.G. and Say Hey! Captained by Steve "Say Hey" Lee, the Notorious P.I.G, which includes your friendly EGN staff, has racked up first place awards in Rib, Tri-tip and Pork Tenderloin competitions in Elk Grove over the last two years. 

More information about the festival is available here, and don't forget to stop by and Say Hey to the Notorious P.I.G. team!   

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Union Pacific Misses Deadline, Elk Grove Blvd. To Remain Closed One More Day

May 19, 2016 | 

East Elk Grove commuters and residents take note - The City of Elk Grove has announced traffic through Old Town Elk Grove on Elk Grove Boulevard will be closed for one additional day.

The additional closure day was announced this afternoon by the City after Union Pacific Railroad disclosed that it will need one more day for the repairs underway on the rail crossing on the Elk Grove Boulevard in Old Town. The road was scheduled to be reopened this afternoon.

This closure will continue to impact all eastbound and westbound through traffic on Elk Grove Boulevard travelling between Elk Grove-Florin Road and Waterman Road including emergency and pedestrian traffic. A full 24-hour closure will remain in place between First Avenue and School Street. Access for all property owners and businesses will be maintained.

Roadway users are advised to continue to use alternative routes (see detour map). Detour signs and electronic message boards will remain in place to alert motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists about the closure.

Train traffic will continue during construction. City Public Works remain in communication with UP. Should work be completed earlier than expected, crews will be in position to re-open the road as quickly as possible. 

Traffic is expected to reopen at 5 p.m. tomorrow and it is not expected to affect traffic for this Saturday's Chili Cook-off in Old Town. For questions or more information, please contact the Public Works Maintenance hotline at (916) 687-3005.

A rare view - no traffic on Elk Grove Boulevard during rush hour.
Traffic will reopen Friday afternoon. 

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Elk Grove Police Apprehend, Cite Alleged Tagger at Automall

May 19, 2016 |

A late night tagger was apprehended by police at the Elk Grove Automall.

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning, Elk Grove Police officers contacted 19-year old Mason Peterson of Elk Grove while walking through the automall after business hours. Upon contact, Peterson was reportedly in possession of several cans of spray paint and other graffiti paraphernalia.

Officers located a nearby utuility box that had been sprayed with Peterson's moniker. Peterson was arrested on vandalism charges. processed at the Elk Grove Police Department, issued a citation and released.  

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Countdown Starts to Opening of Howard Hughes Corp's 'Ghost Mall' Outlet Collection at Elk Grove

Howard Hughes Corporation schedules opening of Outlet Collection at Elk Grove

May 19, 2016 |

To paraphrase a comment made by Elk Grove Mayor Davis at his recent fundraiser and campaign rally, maybe his fellow Councilman Steve Detrick had a premonition earlier this year.

Detrick's possible premonition that Davis was referring to was the restart of construction and the opening of Howard Hughes Corporations's long-stalled Outlet Collection at Elk Grove shopping center. Readers will recall earlier this year during an Elk Grove City Council meeting Detrick revealed that the shopping center, where construction has been halted for eight years this July, was scheduled to open in 2017.

Although HHC has not, to our knowledge, revealed any official information regarding when construction will resume and the shopping center will open, there was a recent development. As noted by Davis on his Twitter account and during his Monday night speech (video link starts at the point of his comment regarding the Outlet) HHC recently installed a sign saying the facility is opening in 2017.

So is HHC actually getting ready to move dirt, sign some more leases and have the strip center open by some undetermined date in 2017 or is this just another empty promise like all the others Elk Grove residents have heard through the years? Even Davis was measured in his enthusiasm announcing the installation of the sign having heard the same promises from HHC through the years. 

So if we are to believe HHC's recently installed advertisement at the ghost mall, as it has come to be known, sometime between now and December 31, 2017, the Outlet Collection at Elk Grove will be open for business and generating those all important sales tax revenues for the city.

To that end, we have installed a countdown clock here to monitor HHC's "love" billboard promising a 2017 opening. According to the clock, HHC has one year, seven months, 12 days, and some change until the outlet mall opens.

Time is running out - HHC better start the planned demolition of the north end of the ghost mall, get some dirt moving, sign those leases and get those bus loads of high-end international tourist premium outlet shoppers flocking to "the new hub for the Central Valley." Time is ticking away and we all will be looking for quantitative signals, not more signs, of progress.   

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A Small Elk Grove Capital Improvement Project Connects One of Several Missing Sidewalk Links

Written By EGN on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 | 10:00

May 18, 2016 |

By any measure, a small capital improvement project that recently broke ground in Elk Grove is probably barely a blip on anyone's radar. When this project is finished, it will not attract any ribbon cutting ceremony or self-congratulatory proclamations by The Mayor or City Councilmen. 

However, it is representative of where we urge the City of Elk Grove to focus their efforts. The project we are speaking of is a new sidewalk being installed on the west side of Elk Grove-Florin Road between West Camden Drive and the Save Mart strip center on the corner of Bond Road.

The sidewalk, which is about 100-feet, connects the sidewalk that was built as part of the Camden Passage neighborhood in the late 80's to the Save Mart strip center which opened in the mid-1990s. In other words, for about 20 years, 15 of which were under the jurisdiction of the City of Elk Grove, that short segment was one of many missing sidewalk links in Elk Grove.

In fairness, through the years, the city has attempted to connect many of these missing sidewalk links, but there are dozens of other missing links. For residents of Elk Grove's Camden neighborhood who not only wanted the safety and aesthetics of having this segment linked, in a sense it marks a complete build-out of a neighborhood that started almost 30 years ago.

For all the talk about soccer stadiums, expanding the number of rooftops and the city boundaries through the sphere of influence applications, private or otherwise, if our elected officials are being real when they talk about making strong neighborhoods, this is where they should focus their efforts. To their credit, there are significant projects like the rural area roundabouts and the trail extensions that are underway.

We urge the city undertake more projects like this that will fill in missing sidewalk links, properly maintain our roads, build out our trail network in the city for those of us who live here already and bring better street lighting to our older neighborhoods. Until then any talk of more rooftops beyond the Southeast Policy Area is robbing Peter - Elk Grove residents - to pay Paul - home builders.

As mayoral candidate and smart planning advocate Lynn Wheat said during her 2012 campaign, let's make Elk Grove better, not bigger.       


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Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis Hold 'One City Many Many Culture' Fundraiser, Rally

May 18, 2016 |

For the second time in four days, an Elk Grove mayoral candidate held a campaign rally and fundraiser at the Falls Events Center. On Monday night, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis held what he called "One City Many Cultures" fundraiser.

In addition to campaign contributors, the event drew elected officials who came to show their support for Davis as he seeks his third two-year term. Among those attending were Elk Grove City Councilmen Steve Detrick and Darren Suen. Elected officials who were unable to attend but have signaled support for Davis included Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Ly and Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Bobbie-Singh-Allen.

"Tonight's theme was very intentional," Davis said. "We are the seventh most diverse city of people with 100,000-plus in the United States of America."

During his comments, Davis also said he is often asked how his campaign is coming along, and noted that he has intentionally not started campaigning. 

"I stubbornly say 'that I am not running the campaign until I have too,'" he said. "I am 100-percent focused on one thing, and that is doing my job."

Davis is being challenged by Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Kevin Spease and Joel Broussard in the November general election. 

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Breaking News - Jury Finds For Deputies in Harassment Suit Against Sacramento County

Written By EGN on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 | 17:24

May 17, 2016 | Updated 6:41 p.m 

A Sacramento County Superior Court Jury delivered a verdict in favor of four female deputies in a sexual harassment lawsuit against Sacramento County. The verdict was delivered shortly after 4 p.m. this afternoon.

The lawsuit was filed by four female deputies, one of whom is now on medical retirement, that claimed they were discriminated against by deputies who are now under the command of Sheriff Scott Jones. One of the officers, now Jones' undersheriff Erik Manness, was a Captain at the County Jail when the deputies confronted him regarding what they felt was inappropriate behavior with another female deputy.

The plaintiffs contended they were harassed during the time Jones was commanding officer of the jail in 2007-2008 or after his election to Sheriff in 2010 as a result of their actions.

Details of damages awarded are not immediately available.

6:41 p.m. Updated to reflect the suit was against Sacramento County, not the Sacramento County Sheriff as originally reported. 

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