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Will Elk Grove's District 4 Race Go Negative or Just Be Filled With Buzzwords?

Written By EGN on Sunday, August 31, 2014 | 15:06

August 31, 2014 |

As is typical in any political race, candidates promise to make their campaign an issues-oriented one.  

Inevitably though there comes a point, especially in local elections, that issues, if they were ever addressed to start with, are put on the back burner and two other time-tested tactics surface. We are of course are speaking of the the omnipresent mailer and negative attacks.  

For candidates with enough money, the one certainly is the use of mailers. We have all seen them fill our mailboxes in the days leading up to an election.

It is at that point where candidates reach out to the mass of citizens who vote, but really don't keep a close eye on issues and turn their campaign into a series of buzzwords. We have all seen buzzwords like transparency, integrity, accountability, leadership, etc., thrown around like dice at a crap table. 

The second thing that can occur are the negative attacks, which Elk Grove politics has not been immune from. This tactic has been used effectively by several current and past Elk Grove City Council Members.

In the District 4 race, two of the candidates are unlikely to be subjected to negative attacks. Daniel Jimenez and Nayyar Sarfaraz have never held public office by appointment or election and unless they flood the area mailboxes, are unlikely to be subjected to them.

Even though Jimenez and Sarfaraz are the presumed underdogs at this point, they could both prove to be spoilers in the race. Furthermore, while they may not be subjected  to attacks mailers, they could attack one or both of the two other candidates.

Which brings us to Nancy Chaires and Steve Ly, both of who could be attacked with negative mailers.

For Chaires, the most obvious way she could be attacked by one of her opponents, or an independent expenditure committee, is the hundreds of votes she has cast since 2007 as an Elk Grove Planning Commissioner. It might be noted that Chaires' fellow planning commissioner George Murphey was subjected to this in his 2010 race against Elk Grove Council Member Pat Hume.

On the Saturday before that election, a postcard sent on behalf of Hume appeared in the mailboxes of members of Elk Grove Roman Catholic parishes. Chaires, like Murphey, had voted against the Diocese of Sacramento and  St. Maria Goretti's application to build their parish facility on Bradshaw Road in Elk Grove's rural district.

It is hard to quantify what effect this may have had on Hume's ultimate victory over Muphey, but it certainly didn't help hurt Hume. For many people of faith in the community who vote at an arms-length from issues, this postcard may have been enough to tilt their vote to Hume.

So will Ly, or an independent committee target faith-based voters in Elk Grove over Chaires' against St Maria Goretti? And if so, will the attack come at the last minute?

Likewise, Ly can be attacked from any of his three opponents over votes during his two years as a Trustee on the Elk Grove Unified School District. Given Ly has not cast any controversial votes is his short time as a trustee, the more likely scenario is that he will be attacked for leaving his halfway though his first four year term.

Politically this would be a trickier move for Chaires to handle, but there are ways it could be used. The most likely scenario would be that an independent group send mailers attacking Ly for not completing his term as a trustee or being a  political opportunist and abandoning his commitment. 

Furthermore, this narrative is already being discussed in Elk Grove political circles, so Ly needs to effectively explain why he is willing to abandon a seat he was elected to two years ago. This is a question he needs to clearly articulate for opinion makers in Elk Grove who can influence friends and family, which in a close four way race,  may be the difference between defeat or victory. 

Chaires, likewise would be well-served to again get in front of St. Marie Goretti issue now rather than later. It is not a hard thing to communicate, but by addressing it now, she can put it to rest should it pop up in late October.  

Of course Chaires and Ly might calculate negative attacks could be a zero-sum game and instead rely on the time-tested method for winning office in Elk Grove - flooding mail boxes with mailers filled with buzzwords.

See presentations from Chaires and Ly recorded last March in front of the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club.

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Starbuck Out as Elk Grove Economic Development Director

Written By EGN on Saturday, August 30, 2014 | 11:35

August 30, 2014 |

Randy Starbuck is out as Elk Grove's Economic Development Director.

An official statement from the city says "City of Elk Grove Economic Development Director, Randy Starbuck, is leaving the City to pursue other opportunities.  His responsibilities with the City have concluded.  Randy will be on paid leave through October 17, 2014, when his employment with the City will end.  We appreciate all of the contributions Randy has made to the City of Elk Grove over the past three years and wish him all the best in the future."

Starbuck, whose primary experience before coming to the Elk Grove was in redevelopment, was hired in October 2011. Previous to working for Elk Grove, Starbuck was a redevelopment director for Pittsburg, Calif.
Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume criticizes
former Elk Grove Economic Development Director 
Randy Starbuck at the March 26, 2014 city council meeting.

Just as Starbuck was being hired, the city formed its own redevelopment agency. However the State of California ended funding for these agencies and Starbuck's role evolved into economic development director.

In recent months Starbuck's quarterly activity reports were placed in the consent calendar portion of city council meeting agendas. Previously, Starbuck presented his quarterly activity reports to the city council as a regular agenda item.

At the March 22, 2014 city council meeting, Starbuck, City Manager Laura Gill and the city's economic development activities were criticized by Elk Grove residents. Joining in the criticism were Mayor Gary Davis and Council Member Pat Hume.   

At that time both Davis and Hume said they wanted the reports to be part of the regular agenda. Since that time, no economic development reports have been included as regular city council meeting agenda items.

Over his tenure as economic development director, one of Starbuck's primary focuses was on resurrecting construction of the unfinished Outlets Collection at Elk Grove, formerly known as the Elk Grove Promenade. Starbuck regularly attended trade shows in Las Vegas in hopes of generating interest from possible tenants.

Although the facility's owner, the Howard Hughes Company, announced the conversion of the Promenade to the Outlets this spring, since that time no tenants have been announced and construction has not resumed.    

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City Council District 4 Candidates Stake Out Positions on Elk Grove Soccer Stadium Proposal

Written By EGN on Friday, August 29, 2014 | 16:08

August 29, 2014 |

As the City of Elk Grove's only council race for 2014, District 4 candidates will be facing questions from voters on a host of issues, least of which involves the city's high-profile bid for a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise.

Although the city has been in an exclusive relationship with Fabian Nunez' Northern California Soccer (NCS) group since 2011, the initiative gained momentum this week when it was announced the MLS will be visiting Elk Grove next month as part of their previously announced Sacramento tour. The city and NCS also announced they will be working on finalizing a formal agreement where Elk Grove would construct a multi-million dollar stadium and facility to host a franchise which then can be presented to the MLS.

As one of the issues to face the candidates this fall, each of the four candidates have been contacted regarding the issue, and not surprisingly, all have varying views on the topic.

Candidate Nayyar Sarfaraz said he believes the stadium would be a positive for the community as it embraces the healthy lifestyle the city promotes, as well as providing additional tax revenue. He also said the stadium would bring other events to the city.

"If we examine some of the numbers of positive economic impact, we can see the job growth in Elk Grove created by vendors, restaurants, stores and others," Sarfaraz said. "I like what councilman Hume has said that in addition of hosting soccer games, the stadium would be used for other civic and entertainment events."

Candidate Daniel Jimenez reiterated his opposition to the stadium saying that the city's resources could be better used on infrastructure projects. Jimenez also noted the employment generated by the stadium would be low-wage jobs.

"Spending millions of dollars on a future soccer complex is not a sound investment for long term growth," Jimenez said. "At best it will bring hundreds of part-time minimum wage jobs because nobody wants to pay for medical benefits."   

Taking a more nuanced position, Steve Ly said that stadium proposal is a complex project with many moving parts, but that he is supportive of endeavors that help correct the city's jobs-to-homes imbalance.

"It is at this point early and difficult how this project will unfold," Ly said. "Generally, I am supportive of projects that would bring jobs and revenues to the city and would bring us closer to fixing the job-housing imbalance."   

Candidate Nancy Chaires said the timing of the publicly financed stadium is currently not in the city's best interest. 

"My husband and son are avid soccer players, and I'm very supportive of soccer in our city," Chaires said. "I am keeping an open mind, but I don't think the residents of Elk Grove should go into debt right now to finance a soccer stadium." 

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Ly Opens Campaign Office For Elk Grove City Council District 4 Race

August 29, 2014 |

With 68 days to go until the November general election, Elk Grove City Council District 4 candidate Steve Ly opened his campaign offices last night to a throng of volunteers and supporters.

Ly, who is currently an Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee, is one of four candidates seeking to fill the seat that is currently held by Bob Trigg. In January, 2013 Trigg was appointed to the position when Gary Davis was elected mayor of Elk Grove and vacated the seat.

Although there are four candidates who have qualified for the November ballot, it is believed the top two contenders are Ly and fellow Democrat, Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires. Also appearing on the ballot are Daniel Jimenez and Nayyar Sarfaraz. 

In his comments, Ly discussed how the city could integrate Elk Grove schools into a comprehensive approach to solve the city's jobs to home imbalance. Ly said that the quality of area can be an effective recruiting tool for employers to locate in Elk Grove.

"I think we need to highlight the schools," Ly said. "I think we need to highlight the fact that Elk Grove is one of the safest places to live, and at the same time we have one of the best school districts."

Also speaking was Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, who said that if elected as a council member, he and Ly may not agree on every issue, but that he would be a good addition.

"We don't agree on everything," Davis said. "But what I know is this, Steve and I share the same values, and that's why I am supporting him."

Both Davis and Ly stressed the importance of door-to-door campaigning in getting out the vote to the approximately 100 supporters attending the event.

"He is in for a race," Davis said. "That school race that many of you were part of, were small potatoes compared to what we are to endeavor here for the next 68 days."

More of Ly's comments can be viewed in the video posted below. 

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Elk-topped Billboard Approved, Mayor Davis Says it Will Give Elk Grove 'Character'

Written By EGN on Thursday, August 28, 2014 | 13:00

August 28, 2014 |

Aside from a discussion on whether or not it should be topped by a plastic elk, the Elk Grove City Council unanimously gave the green light to construction of a massive 76-foot high billboard at their regular meeting last night.

The billboard, which will be located south of the Laguna Boulevard-Bond Road exit on the east side of Highway 99, is being erected by Monument Partners of Fairfield, Calf. Bruce Bishop, owner of Monument Partners, appeared before the council claiming the billboard will be an economic shot-in-the arm for the city and mom and pop businesses.

"We wanted all the retailers near the freeway to gain the advantage of being exposed to the freeway as this would create additional sales, which in turn create additional jobs, and make for a more successful retail environment," Bishop said.

While the council finally decided in favor of topping the billboard with a plastic elk, the council also offered a variety of justifications for allowing erection of the precedent-setting structure. 

Council Member Pat Hume also said if the billboards attract travelers to stop in Elk Grove, it will help local retailers, which in turn helps generate more sales taxes. 

"Anybody that is driving past Elk Grove, that comes off and spends a dollar in Elk Grove that won't have otherwise because of this sign, that is free money," Hume said.  

Hume also said freeways are not visually pleasant places to start with, and the addition of this billboard will not create blight.

"Freeways to me are fairly ugly to begin with," he said. "I think these signs, if done correctly, are a benefit."  

While deliberating the plastic elk statue, it was suggested that future billboards, such as a stagecoach-topped Bishop has suggested he will propose, be considered as part of the city's public art collection.

"I think with the artwork on top, it makes it unique," Council Member Steve Detrick said. 

Detrick went on to say that perhaps the city's art commission be consulted for artwork on future billboards and that Bishop would be open to their input.

"He's always looking for creative new ideas," Detrick said. "At least with the artwork, it gives it some unique character."

Mayor Gary Davis said the billboard would be a quirky addition to the city. Davis, who has spearheaded efforts to transform the city into a major tourist destination, said the plastic elk would be a positive addition to the city. 

"I actually think there is quirkiness that comes with it, that give us character," Davis said. "We can put the elk back in Elk Grove now."

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Elk Grove, Nunez Led Group To Continue MLS Pursuit; City Buys 99-acres

August 28, 2014 |

The City of Elk Grove and Northern California Soccer, LLC, (NCS) decided to continue their joint pursuit of attracting a Major League Soccer (MLS) team at tonight's Elk Grove City Council Meeting.

Elk Grove and NCS, which have been in an exclusive agreement since December, 2011, will seek to formalize their agreement that will have the city building a $100 million soccer facility and NCS operate an MLS team. NSC, which has not secured a franchise with the MLS, would pay for the franchise fee estimated at between $50 and $75 million, receive all stadium and facility revenue and collect the naming rights royalties.
Fabian Nunez.

In her presentation, Elk Grove City Manager Laura Gill said that the surcharge the city would impose on parking and tickets, along with the estimated $1.4 million in additional transient sales taxes that would be generated citywide because of the facility, would make the stadium financing cost-neutral. In previous reports, the stadium was projected to operate at a deficit.

Gill cautioned that if the transient sales taxes from the city's five hotels were only half of the estimates, the city would be operating the stadium at a loss. 

"When they are cut in half, the hotel and motel and sales taxes, we do run a deficit of about one million dollars a year," Gill said. "What I would like to suggest however, is that truth is probably somewhere in between."

Although Gill expressed skepticism about the proposed project at a June city council meeting, at last night's session she was more optimistic. Citing a 2012 trip that she and Vice Mayor Jim Cooper made to Frisco, Texas, Gill said that suburban edge city in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex successfully operates a facility similar to what is proposed for Elk Grove.

Citing numerous media reports about MLS's interest in the Sacramento market based on the success of the United Soccer League's Sacramento Republic FC, and their desire to locate franchises in urban areas, Council Member Pat Hume asked if Elk Grove's demographics are a match.

"The urban demographic is who they are targeting," Hume said. "That is where they think they have their fan base."

Gill again cited Frisco as a suburban community that successfully operate a competitive soccer facility and hosts an MLS team. The majority of current MLS stadiums are in non-suburban areas.  

"Frisco, Texas, that model works," she said. "It works really well, and it is not in an urban center."

Hume also stressed his concern that the prolonged negotiations between the city and NCS is stalling the construction of much needed competitive soccer fields. 

"You are holding up fields that could be of use to your residents right now, on a maybe from the MLS on this entity," he said.  

Fabian Nunez, NCS's principal who appeared before the council without introducing himself, said his group would be willing to move forward on the soccer fields exclusive of the stadium component. 

"There is no reason we couldn't bifurcate that process and say, 'let's get going with the soccer facilities now,'" Nunez said.

Nunez added that on Tuesday he was at MLS's New York headquarters and acknowledged that while they prefer downtown stadiums, said the league told him they are having difficulty finding those sites in possible expansion cities.

"MLS is having a very difficult time building a downtown soccer arena in New York City," he noted. 

During their deliberation and without voting, the city council agreed to continue its negotiations with NCS to reach a final agreement that Nunez could present to MLS and directed city staff to split the soccer field component out and pursue that ahead of the stadium matter. No time frame was given on when the soccer field component would be ready for council action.

In a separate matter, the city council also approved the $4.3 million purchase of a 99-acre parcel located off of Grantline Road, just outside of the city limits. The matter was on the consent calendar and following public comments voiced about the purchase, Hume noted the property could be used for several purposes including a site for a possible county fair, and that because the property was outside city limits, it was about one-third of the cost to similar property in the city.

"We are buying it without any use in mind," Hume said.




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Folsom City Council Approves Specific Plan Amendment for Capital SouthEast Connector

Written By EGN on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 | 12:26

August 27, 2014 |

Last night the Folsom City Council unanimously approved a Folsom Plan Area Specific Plan amendment supporting the Capitol SouthEast Connector project. 

The proposed 34-mile road will connect Interstate 5 south of Elk Grove to Highway 50 at the new Silva Valley Parkway interchange just east of El Dorado Hills. Its planned alignment in Folsom is along White Rock Road.

The specific plan amendment indicates that access to the Connector will be limited to signalized intersections at Empire Ranch Road, Scott Road, Oak Avenue and Prairie City Road, with a right in-right out at Placerville/Payen Road.  It also anticipates that interchanges will be developed in the future at Empire Ranch Road, Scott Road and Prairie City Road.

Folsom is the second of the five Connector Joint Power Authority jurisdictions to approve a general plan or specific plan amendment that supports Connector implementation. The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in May approved a Connector-related General Plan amendment with Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove and El Dorado County expected to follow. 

“We’re very pleased with the City Council’s expression of support for getting the Connector built," Tom Zlotkowski, executive director of the Connector JPA said. "We’ll now move quickly to do required environmental planning in the Folsom section in anticipation of getting into construction as soon as we can secure additional funding.” 

The Connector’s overall first phase, expected to be completed between 2019 and 2025 and estimated to cost $315 million, will include construction of a four-lane roadway over the entire 34-mile length, improved at-grade intersections, a continuous multi-use path, and right-of-way preservation for the project’s full build out.

The project’s second phase includes interchanges and two additional lanes in some segments, and would be completed as demand dictates and additional funding is obtained.

The plan amendments in the JPA jurisdictions ensure consistent Connector design and implementation, and set the stage for more detailed planning during the environmental review of specific Connector segments.

Click to enlarge. 

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Chew's Reviews - 'The November Man'

Written By EGN on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 | 21:00

By Gary Chew | August 26, 2014 |

Opens tomorrow

You could say that “The November Man” is Pierce Brosnan’s fifth James Bond movie, except that he doesn’t play 007 in it, nor did Ian Fleming write the novel. That was done by the late Bill Granger under the title “There Are No Spies.”

Brosnan plays Peter Devereaux, out of Granger’s “November Man” series of spy stories. And if that weren’t enough, Olya Kurylenko, who played the same part in “Quantum of Solace” with Daniel Craig (our present-day Bond) is seen in “November Man” as Alice — even though she looks rather Russian. 

Devereaux has retired from the CIA and is taking life easier in Switzerland. But with only a few frames having slipped through the projector, the super spy is brought back online for … yes, you guessed it … one more caper. This one has to do with a soon-to-be new Russian president named Federov (Lazar Ristovski) and confusing connections that thread all the way down to a series of murders of Chechen refugee girls; one of whom who had been given aid by Alice, inasmuch as Alice works for a relief agency in Belgrade. 

Hanley, Devereaux’s former CIA boss, is handled well by Bill Smitrovich. Smitrovich looks starkly suave sporting his “Yul Brynner” hair shave. Or maybe that’s a “Jesse Ventura” cut … I’m not sure. 

Flashing back a few years, the script reveals a mentor/rookie relationship between Devereaux and a new agent named David (Luke Bracey). Father/son spies. Really? No, matter of fact. Devereaux and David don’t get along at all. Competition is a large thing out there in the Cold. Sure ‘nuf, David snuffs an old Russian double-agent girl friend of Devereaux’s that pisses November Guy into a rogue snit. Watch out!

Another passing item to watch out for is — pretty much — the only thing that really got my attention in this Roger Donaldson’s photo play. That would be the character Alexa, played by a woman who has the grooviest nose I ever seen in a moving picture. Her name: Amilia Terzimehic. Donaldson should have allowed more screen time for this lithe, flexible female as her character strides across several movie sets killing people, willy-nilly, with no apparent sense of remorse. Lets hope more casting directors slip Ms. Terzimehic into more heady stuff like she pulls in “The November Man.” She’s touted as a Champion of Rhythmic Gymnastics for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Moving almost relentlessly, the applied action, chasing, shooting and smashing could inure a film goer, while the surprises and twists almost collapse in on themselves with little impact. The cause might be that there isn’t a character for whom one can give a damn except, maybe, for Alice and Devereaux’s dead girl friend.

No doubt, this kind of flick has wide appeal. I’m sure it will attract young folks who didn’t have that great, first experience seeing Sean and Ursula do it back in 1962. Using 21st century film making tools just aren’t enough to really raise the temperature much for this “Warmed Over Bond.”
Copyright © 2014 by Gary Chew. All rights reserved.

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Nunez' Group Agrees To Sweeter Terms For Elk Grove in MLS Stadium Proposal

August 26, 2014 |

The group led by former California Assembly Speaker and current lobbyist Fabian Nunez has agreed to allow the City of Elk Grove to get a piece of the action should the city be able to attract and build a soccer stadium for a Major League Soccer (MLS) club.

Nunez's group, Northern California Soccer, LLC, (NCS) which has been in an exclusive agreement with Elk Grove since December, 2011, has agreed to allow the city to add a surcharge to admission tickets and parking fees should the city build a stadium according a staff report released yesterday. The report is part of an added agenda item on city council's special meeting scheduled for 5 p.m. tomorrow.
Mayor Gary Davis believes Elk Grove's youth
soccer participation and suburban location make
it well-suited for an MLS team and stadium.

The city's actions come on the heels of an announced September visit to Sacramento by the MLS. Sacramento's Republic FC, of the United Soccer League, has garnered national attention for its sellout crowds in its inaugural year of existence and is a candidate to become an MLS club. 

While the Republic FC's success has not gone unnoticed, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has said that although he would welcome an MLS team, Sacramento is not in the position to finance a soccer stadium. Even though Sacramento has the urban core sites the MLS desires, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis has repeatedly said suburban Elk Grove is the ideal place for an MLS club and should seek to hammer out an agreement with Sacramento Republic FC owner, Warren Smith.   

According to the report, after further negotiations between the city and NCS, it was agreed the city would be permitted to levy $5 and $3 surcharges to admission tickets and parking fee respectively. The surcharges are expected to generated about $3.3 million annually for the 18 MLS matches, two non-MLS matches, eight concerts and 15 other sporting events that NCS also agreed to organize. 

This enhanced revenue, added with the approximately $1.5 million in additional sales taxes that are estimated to be generated citywide by the soccer stadium, would put the operating surplus at $6,680 dollars after the second year of operation.

On the cost side, the original total estimated funding needs were said to be $120 million. Citing the experiences of other MLS stadiums, the city now estimates the revenue bond issuance would be $88 million. 

The report also says that interest rate would be 5.5-percent versus the 6.7-percent in earlier estimates, which would lower annual debt service cost from $8.6 million to $6.8 million.

Voter approval is not needed for the city to issue revenue bonds. 


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Elk Grove Woman Arrested on Suspicion of Meth Possession

August 26, 2017 | 

A Monday night traffic stop led to the arrest of an Elk Grove woman for allegedly being in possession of methamphetamine. 

According to Elk Grove Police, 52-year old Lori Kathryn Crump was operating a vehicle near Calvine and Elk Grove-Florin roads that was stopped for a vehicle code violation. During the course of the stop, police found that Crump was unlicensed. 

During an inventory search of the vehicle, a controlled substance was discovered. Crump was arrested under California Health and Safety Code 11377 (a), possession of methamphetamine.

The suspect was booked into the county jail and has been released on bail. 

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Will Wednesday Night be the Final Act in the Elk Grove, Moore Billboard Charade?

Written By EGN on Monday, August 25, 2014 | 16:00

August 25, 2014 |

On Wednesday night, the Elk Grove City Council will hear a request to place a massive 76-foot tall billboard just south of the Bond Road-Laguna Boulevard exit on Highway 99.

The request is coming from Fairfield, Calif.-based Monument Partners, which specializes in construction of those behemoth billboards planted along freeways. Monument Partners, which is owned by Bruce Bishop, also represents fast food and gas station developer Gil Moore, who is seeking a similar sized billboard on surplus land he bought from the taxpayers of Elk Grove on Highway 99 near his Sheldon Road-West Stockton Boulevard development.

Regular readers of this site are probably well-versed in the entire process by which Moore was able to financially persuade members of the Elk Grove City Council to relax the city’s formerly strict billboard requirements. Moore said the placement of the massive, many say unsightly, structures were needed so he could land an all-important McDonald’s at his development.

After numerous hearings, a very biased and tilted workshop favoring Moore’s proposal and even a denial from the Elk Grove Planning Commission, the city council, perhaps motivated by the tens-of-thousand of dollars they raked in from Moore in the form of campaign contributions, approved his request to castrate the citizen-built billboard ordinance.

Even though the planning commission, with the exception of Commissioner Sparky Harris turned down Bishop’s recent request for the first of his two billboards that he will seek, few doubt the 76-foot sign request will be turned down by the city council this Wednesday night.

Oh sure, a few concerns about the slippery slope will be expressed, and it may not even be the normal unanimous vote. But it will be justified under the fa├žade of economic development, or perhaps aiding small businesses even though most locally-owned small businesses probably don’t have the capital to rent a panel on the billboards.

There is one final note we’d like to note on the whole process of Moore’s fast food billboard charade. Regular city hall observers may recall first hearing of this proposal in March, 2012 when Moore and his wife Marites, in a faux display of humility, appeared before the city council meeting pleading (see video) for the billboard as if he were a small business operator and not the multi-millionaire gas station operator and oil distributor that he is in actuality.

Recently Elk Grove News submitted a public information request with the City of Elk Grove regarding Moore’s purchase of surplus property from the city where he and Bishop will erect his billboard. A review of the 221-page document response shows that as early as November 19, 2011, a full four months before Moore and his wife came hat-in-hand to the city council, there was correspondence from Moore’s representative Stan Mette seeking, among other  things, possible fee reductions and to “identify location of offsite signage.”  (See this and other documents below.)

Not surprisingly, before Moore or any city council members made a peep about the controversial billboard change, much of the groundwork, not to mention campaign contribution, had already been laid. Other documents released also show the accommodations made by city staff ensuring their bosses, city council members, wishes were met well before the matter made its way to the public. (See documents below.)

So as this process nears its completion, it would be most surprising if the massive billboards were not approved.

To request a link to the 221-page documents released regarding Moore’s purchase of surplus property, email news@elkgrovenews.net, and please write “document link” in the subject line.      

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Elk Grove Grove Man Shot by Unknown Gunman

August 25, 2014 |

A man was injured by gunshots early Saturday morning in Elk Grove by an unknown shooter.

According to Elk Grove Police, the 21-year old Elk Grove victim was inside the garage at his residence on the 6800 block of Sandy Souza Way when multiple shots were fired at the dwelling. Two of the shots went through the garage door, with one of them hitting the victim in the leg.   

The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment. There is no suspect information at this time. 

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Elk Grove Man Pleads Guilty to Workers' Comp Fraud

August 25, 2014 |

An Elk Grove man pled guilty last week to felony to workers' compensation insurance fraud.

On September 12, 2012, Robert Earl Sallie was loading an exercise machine into a front bucket loader while working as a refuse truck driver for the City of Folsom. When he looked away from what he was doing, the exercise machine fell out of the bucket and the handle of the device hit him on the head. He suffered a cut on his head that required four staples, but a CT scan and MRI showed no other injury related to the accident. 

Sallie filed a claim for workers’ compensation insurance benefits, including Total Temporary Disability, which paid him two-thirds of his average weekly pay tax free. At subsequent doctor’s visits, Sallie continued to complain of headaches, dizziness and poor balance. While performing a balance test in the doctor’s office, he fell over onto the doctor. 

Beginning October 7, 2012, the City of Folsom had investigators conduct video surveillance on Sallie. Sallie was seen driving two vehicles, visiting friends and neighbors, going to Starbucks, bending over and engaging in other activities without any indication of the debilitating dizziness, headaches and vertigo he described to doctors. 

He also fabricated a story that a co-worker had been paralyzed as a result of injuries he suffered in the same incident in which Sallie received his head wound. He told doctors that he tried returning to work, but got too dizzy and had to go home. In fact, Sallie never went back to work and no one else was injured in the incident. 

Sallie was sentenced to 60 days on Sheriff’s work release, three years formal probation and ordered to pay $28, 270.63 in restitution to the City of Folsom. 

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Elk Grove's Third Annual Multi-Cultural on Tap Tomorrow

Written By EGN on Friday, August 22, 2014 | 11:00

August 22,2014 |

The City of Elk Grove's Third Annual Multi-Cultural Festival will be held tomorrow at the Elk Grove Regional Park.

Tomorrow's festivities will be held from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. and will feature a variety of ethnic foods, music, an art show, entertainment, fashion shows and activities for kids. Parking and admission are free. 

Two stages at the festival will feature more than 23 demonstrations from Mexican, Brazilian, Azteca, Indian, Marshallese, Cuban, Chinese, West African & Afro-Caribbean, Scottish, Tahitian, Filipino and Punjabi performers, square dancers and martial artists. Musical performances will include Zorelli and Groove Thang. 

The event will offer interactive activities for children, including face painting, a petting zoo and free art activities that promote diversity. A photo booth and pledge forms will allow participants to sign the Elk Grove Diversity Pledge and take a photo to be included on the “face jumble” at elkgrovediversitypledge.org. 

Thirteen food vendors will offer a variety of cuisines, including ahi and salmon poke, spam musubi, egg rolls, Japanese baked goods, hot dogs, Polish pierogi, Italian ice, and barbecued tri-tip and ribs.

More than 60 nonprofits, churches, and community groups will have booths to educate the community about their culture or organization.

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Suspected Car Thief Crashes Into Elk Grove House, Flees to School

August 22, 2014 |

A Rancho Cordova man was arrested yesterday afternoon after he crashed a stolen car into a residential structure.

According to Elk Grove Police, 24-year old Randy Matthew Gilbertson was operating a motor vehicle that had been reported stolen and was listed as the person responsible for the theft. A vehicle stop was initiated and Gilbertson pulled into a parking lot. 

Police officers instructed the suspect to place his hands out the driver's side window, and rather than complying, he drove away. A short vehicle pursuit of less than one mile ensued before Gilberston collided with a support column of a residential carport in the 10100 block of Brenna Way causing minor damage. 

After the crash, Gilbertson fled from the vehicle on foot, was pursued by officers and was located hiding inside a bathroom on the campus of the Elk Grove Charter School. The suspect was arrested and booked into the county jail where he remains in custody on $90,000 bail.  

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Elk Grove Man Arrested on Suspicion of Elder Abuse

Written By EGN on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | 09:22

August 20, 2014 |

An Elk Grove man was arrested last night on suspicion of abusing his elderly grandmother.

According to Elk Grove Police, 20-year old Michael William Anderson was involved in verbal argument with his 87-year old grandmother. During the course of the confrontation, Anderson allegedly pushed his grandmother causing her to fall to the floor. 

The victim was taken to an area hospital for medical treatment and the suspect was arrested and booked into the county jail where he is being held on $100,000 bail. 

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Chaires Receives Democratic Party of Sacramento County Endorsement in City Council Race

Written By EGN on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 | 19:00

August 19, 2014 |
Elk Grove Planning Commissioner and District 4 city council candidate Nancy Chaires announced several endorsements today. The latest round of endorsements come from a business association, Democratic club and a fellow city council candidate.
Chaires received the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County and the Women Democrats of Sacramento County.
Nancy Chaires with supporters Elk Grove Vice Mayor Jim
Cooper (l) and California Assembly Member Dr. Richard Pan.
Also offering his support was District 4 candidate Kristofer Tan, who until last week was in the race. Chaires is facing Daniel Jimenez, Nayyar Sarfaraz and fellow Democrat Steve Ly.  
"After spending time and speaking with both Nancy Chaires and Steve Ly and getting to know them both, I strongly feel that Nancy Chaires is the most capable, most knowledgeable and definitively, the best candidate for the position," Tan said.
On the business side, Chaires also received the support of the Sacramento Association of Realtors (SAR) which represents thousands of small business owners in our region.
"I am encouraged by the strong support of the SAR," Chaires said. "We share common goals, such as the desire to bring good jobs to Elk Grove, to ensure that residents have a real opportunity to own a home in our city." 

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