EGN by the Numbers - Lucky Seven!

January 11, 2015 |

Today marks the Seventh Anniversary of the launch of

In that time there have been:

  • 4545 posts
  • 8544 reader comments submitted
  • Since this time last year, 182,566 sessions and 2,021,063 page views [Source: Google Analytics]
  • Average number of pages per viewer session 11.02 [Source: Google Analytics]
  • Most viewed story in the last seven years: Elk Grove May Spend up to $14k to Host Nigerian Sister   City Royalty - Video Included 
Thanks to our regular contributors including Dan Bacher, Gary Chew, and a slew of concerned Elk Grove citizens who have used this platform, and are invited to continue its use in the future, to exercise their Constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment rights.  

Most importantly, to the readers who may like us, loath us, or are somewhere in between, we sincerely thank you!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Elk Grove is fortunate to have this resource. Glad some are actually paying attention.

Steve L said...

Yes, I'm glad that EGN exists so that our local gov't doesn't run roughshod over all the taxpayers without fear of exposure.

It's a great site Dan. Thanks for paying attention and giving some of those unable to voice their opinions at the dais can share them here. Happy Anniversary!

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