Beloved Texas Fast Food Institution to be Resurrected in Elk Grove

April 1, 2015 | In the economic tug-of-war between the Union's largest states, score one for California, and more specifically, E...

April 1, 2015 |

In the economic tug-of-war between the Union's largest states, score one for California, and more specifically, Elk Grove.

In an announcement late yesterday afternoon, descendants of the founder of Texas-based Pig Stand Restaurants said they will be resurrecting the beloved institution when it open's up a state-of-the-art drive-in outlet at the Sheldon Center in Elk Grove.

Established in Jackson, Texas in 1921, Pig Stand Restaurant founder Jessie Kirby holds the distinction of conceiving the drive-in concept and is reputed to have invented onion rings and Texas toast. After its humble start, Pig Stand eventually grew into 130-plus stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, New York and Oklahoma with the greatest concentration in Texas and California.

Although the chain peaked with over 130-stores, it suffered a long decline culminating in a 2006 Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation. It was in those proceedings that Kirby's great grandson, noted olive oil-importer and bull semen broker, Ken Bob Kirby, bought the rights to the name.

"We are excited that we have been able to find angel investors to help us in the resurrection," Kirby said. "With the number of fast food establishments already in Elk Grove, the government's willingness to allow billboards (see illustration below) and their openness to our beleaguered industry from all those namby pamby tree hugging health kooks, it seemed like a perfect place to reintroduce the Pig Sandwich."

Kirby plans to open his restaurant by the summer of 2016, the same time the highly anticipated aquatics center has been promised to be opened by Elk Grove officials

In addition to the Elk Grove store, Kirby hopes to expand in the Central Valley and begin manufacturing their well known and award winning Pig Stand Basting Sauce. Kirby said he is seeking separate funding for that endeavor, but is confident about the prospects. 

If Pig Stand Basting Sauce funding is secured, Kirby noted Elk Grove's location in the Central Valley is well suited logistically. He expects the facility will need about 10,000 square feet and could employ up to 20 people. 

"Pig Stand Basting Sauce will do for Elk Grove what Sriracha Sauce did for Irwindale," he said. "When you drive into this town and take a sniff, you'll know you're in Elk Grove." 

Kirby, a native Houstonian said he was looking for a  fast food market where the brand could get a fresh start and California seemed like a good fit. Elk Grove came to Kirby's attention after seeing an advertisement proclaiming "Don't mess with Elk Grove" in the Houston Business Journal.

"Any city with that much George W. Bush-style swagger and that big of set of cojones is someplace where Pig Sandwiches will flourish," Kirby noted. "I'm glad Mayor Gary Davis has the swagger of my friend GWB and bought that ad."

How the Pig Stand Restaurant sign might
look on one of Elk Grove's numerous billboards.

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Anonymous said...

Great news! Elk Grove needs more dining choices. It seems like Mayor Davis' economic development plan is really coming together. I wonder why he didn't announce it during his State of the City Address last week? He rattled off the extensive list of other restaurants that were coming. I'm sure it was just an oversight but I do hope the owners didn't feel slighted. Welcome to Elk Grove, Pig Stand! Elk Grove: If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for any pig.

Anonymous said...


Kirby plans to open his restaurant by the summer of 2016, the same time the highly anticipated aquatics center has been promised to be opened by Elk Grove officials.

Is this an April Fool's joke?


Bubba said...

I'm familiar with this establishment. This will be a great asset to Elk Grove. I hope they'll have a drive-thru. Yee-ha!

Gary Davis said...

The real story here is the role Elk Grove News played in attracting The Pig Stand to Elk Grove. Not saying anything about slop here. In fact, Dan will soon be announced as the new City of Elk Grove PIO & Economic Development Manager due to his hard work in attracting this business. Welcome aboard Dan!

Anonymous said...

Good one....happy April Fools probably had the mayor in a tail spin this morning...LOL

Anonymous said...

LMAO..that's a good one! I don't know which shirt to buy...Hawaiian or Miss Piggy.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I can't wait for when I'm watching the Olympic Trials and can smell those tortillas, chips, and tostadas baking to the south and the Miss Piggy Sauce from the north drifting over Elk Grove. That's when I'll know we have made it BIG TIME.

Anonymous said...

Gary Davis said...

That is what we get from our Mayor...a snarky response to the many questions the taxpayers have? But then again, why should we expect anything more. Very unprofessional.....

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't a joke. Their saturated pigs feet are to die for!!!

Anonymous said...

"saturated pigs feet"? I've heard of pickled pigs feet but never saturated pigs feet. Is that with fat? What about some Gator Sushi, that should go over big with the sushi lovers. Maybe pull in a Florida or Louisana business and we're on a roll.

George Romney said...

Do we have a Pig Stand in Michigan?
If we don't, we should.
What's so damn special about Elk Grove?

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