Elk Grove, Sacramento County Water Agencies Slated For Higher Water Use Cuts

May 6, 2015 | With yesterday's order by the California Water Resources Control Board, Elk Grove residents are being slated for sli...

May 6, 2015 |

With yesterday's order by the California Water Resources Control Board, Elk Grove residents are being slated for slightly higher water conservation rates.

In yesterday's order, the Board ordered an across-the-board 25-percent state wide reduction in water use. However, certain water providers will be targeted for higher conservation rates based on recent results.

The tiers are from one to nine with nine requiring a higher conservation rates. No-rural Elk Grove residents have two water purveyors -  Elk Grove Water District and  Sacramento County Water Agency

According to information on the Water Resources website, Elk Grove Water District is a tier seven district requiring a 28-percent reduction. Customers of Sacramento County Water Agency are in a tier eight district requiring a 32-percent reduction.

Local agencies can fine property owners up to $500 a day for failure to implement the water use prohibitions and restrictions. The Board can also issue informational orders, conservation orders or cease and desist orders to water suppliers for failure to meet their conservation standard. Water agencies that violate cease and desist orders are subject to a civil liability of up to $10,000 a day.

A summary of the order is available here

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Anonymous said...


Why are all those new houses and high density low income housing projects being built?

Now we can only water our lawn once a week and use our drip system three days per week.


We suffer just so those developers can build more homes and high density low income housing projects that use more of our precious water.

Real forward thinking there Elk Grove.

This place is going to look like a browned out desert wasteland with those water restrictions.

Elk Grove, land of the brown lawn and dead trees.

Elk Grove Thirsty, NOT Elk Grove Thriving!


Lynn said...

To above,

I agree with you. However until the residents can outnumber the developers at city council meetings nothing will change. Until the developers are not the "major stakeholders" in landuse planning decisions. Until we have leaders whose campaigns are no longer funded by developers.

Nothing will change.

We can all complain on blogs, with our friends etc....complaining won't change it. We need to unite and tell our leaders in mass numbers.....don't represent us it will not matter how many big campaign signs, etc.....You are out of here! This takes educating the masses....

our residents need to get beyond political party because our city leaders vote the same doesn't matter party affiliation!!

As a one time active participant said of our leaders decisions and the direction of the city. WE(residents) are screwed.
I still hold out hope...am I wrong to do so?

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