The Characteristics of Elk Grove Zip Codes - Up-and-Comers, Bloomburbs and Soccer Moms

July 23, 2015 | Depending on which of the three Elk Grove zip codes you live in, you could be classified as an up-and- coming fam...

July 23, 2015 |

Depending on which of the three Elk Grove zip codes you live in, you could be classified as an up-and- coming family, soccer mom, or a bloomburb. Those are the findings of Redlands, California-based

A international supplier of geographic information system (GIS) software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications, Esri has created profiles of every zip code based on demographic information. The database has 14 lifemode groups, and within those groups, 67 unique market segment classifications.

So what does the map say about Elk Grove's three zip codes?

The following are the top unique three market segments in each of Elk Grove's three zip codes:

  • Up and coming families - 18-percent (LifeMode 7 - Ethnic enclaves)
  • Soccer Moms - 18-percent
  • Bloomburbs - 17- percent
  • Bloomburbs - 57-percent (LifeMode 1 - Affluent Estates)
  • Up and coming families - 27-percent
  • Golden years - 13-percent
  • Soccer Moms - 24-percent (LifeMode 4 - Family Landscapes)
  • Up and coming families - 19-percent
  • Home improvement - 17-percent
As for highest income and youngest area of Elk Grove, 95757 is the youngest at 32.9 years and has the highest Elk Grove median household income at $86,000.

The map for all zip codes can be viewed here

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Anonymous said...

Is there a code for "Olympic High-Dive" families?

Anonymous said...

That's a good one Anon. 16:27. I'll break it down into the actual body count for you...that would be 5!

Connie said...

As a 95624er for over 38 years in rural Elk Grove, and can still do some math, the total demographics listed for 95624 totals 53%. That leaves 47%. And if I could speculate regarding 95624, I would venture to guess the majority of the 47% are baby boomers and seniors.

Since most of 95624 is built out, as well as the oldest part of Elk Grove, I don’t get the 17% Bloomburbs. That is unless I am not understanding the definition here which I believe is, “An outlying residential district of a city that is expanding rapidly.”

Can someone enlighten me here?

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