Elk Grove Man Robbed at Gunpoint in Front of His Residence

September 15, 2015 | An Elk Grove man was robbed at gunpoint as he stood in front of his house on the 10000 block of Tittle Way S...

September 15, 2015 |

An Elk Grove man was robbed at gunpoint as he stood in front of his house on the 10000 block of Tittle Way Saturday afternoon.

According to Elk Grove Police, the 18-year old victim was approached by an unknown person who was in the passenger seat of vehicle. The suspect began talking to the victim, and as the victim walked away, the suspect exited the vehicle and demanded the victim's phone.

When the victim refused, the suspect brandished a gun and the victim threw his phone at the suspect. The suspect grabbed the phone, returned to the car and fled the area in a silver four door car. 

The suspect is described as a Black male adult, 18-20 year old, 145 lbs., and was wearing an orange hoodie and black pants. The victim was not hurt during the robbery. 

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Anonymous said...

Elk Grove is quickly going down the drain. Becoming the new branch of South Sac.

Anonymous said...

Black lives matter

Unknown said...

Excuse me.... but ALL LIVES MATTER. Period

Cathy S said...

All lives matters! !

Cathy S said...

Excuse me, but all lives matter.

Cathy S said...

All lives matter.

Cathy S said...

Excuse me.... but ALL LIVES MATTER. Period

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the suspect they were looking for in a shooting off of Elk Grove Florin between Calvine and Vintage Park Dr. last night.

Anonymous said...

More new homes

More low income housing projects

More crime

More water rationing

Elk Grove, South Sacramento south

Anonymous said...

This criminal turd's life doesn't matter, but if he thinks it does, better stay away from my hood, because if you come here looking for victims, you just might become one yourself.

Go back to Stockton or So Sac.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, that whole neighborhood has gone to hell. We all saw it coming; broken windows not being repaired, cars parked on front lawns, garbage piles in front yards, weeds 3' tall, etc. It will take decades of gentrification before it becomes inhabitable.

Without injecting race into the comment, NOT all lives matter.

Anonymous said...

Another black youth robbing? Oh its okay he was raised that way. While he is robbing mind you donate more money into helping them cut lines at college entrances and provide them with a high paying job. Black lives matter.

Anonymous said...

Meh... nothing new.

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