Charter School Interests Pours $166,000 into Heather Davis' Sac Board of Education Campaign

June 3, 2016 |

As evidenced by the number of slick mailers received by registered voters in the Area 6 district of the Sacramento County Board of Education, special interest money is flowing into Heather Davis' campaign.

The most recent cash infusion that Davis received was $34,891.60 on May 31 from the Parent Teacher Alliance of the California Charter School Association. Just days prior on May 27, Davis received $8,750.

In the period covering April 24 through May 24, Davis received $12,000 in donation, $10,000 of which came from the employer of Davis' husband, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, the California Charter School Association, the sponsor Parent Teacher Alliance.

Davis also received $6,458 on May 24; $22,150 on May 21; $14,598 May $14,598.60; May 13, $9.609.10; May 5, $12,930; May 4, $23,100; April 26, $3,750; April 29, $10,000; all from the Parent Teacher Alliance. 

That alliance to date has donated $166,237 to Davis' campaign. Davis is facing three other opponents  Orlando Fuentes, Jrmar Jefferson and Stephanie Nguyen for the seat in next Tuesday's primary. 

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Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Short of Ms. Nguyen or Mr. Fuentes being able to muster enough voters to the polls to force a November runoff, the Davis's overwhelming cash pile will probably swamp them. The question for voters is Ms. Davis a proxy for her husband? Given the source of the funds, it looks that way.

Gregory Jones said...

Just checked what the dictionary had to say about "dynasty".

Seems to fit.

Josie said...

This is starting to sound like our Mayor Davis is starting to have a fetish with Charter Schools much as we have read about KJ & his spouse in the past. Might be to our cities best interests if our Mayor took care of the business he was elected to do and let his spouse run her own campaign. I don't know about anyone else, but this taxpayer is tired of the emails using his campaign address pushing for a vote for his spouse. Clean up your act Mayor Davis! If she can't do her own campaign without using her minor daughter and Mayor husband how can I expect her to do the duties of the Sacramento County Board of Education? JMHO

Unknown said...

Charter schools and PTA supporting a candidate is a bad thing? Is this opposite day? I can't think of better endorsements.

Tim Stockton said...

So endorsements from the PTA and charter schools is a bad thing? Is this opposite day? I can't think of 2 better organizations to get endorsements from.

Gregory Jones said...

@Tim : Fruit is a good thing, generally. Look to Adam & Eve for an exception.

Did you notice *what* PTA -- and the specific charter school connection?

Are you aware of the mayor's activities regarding getting a local (i.e. EGUSD) foothold by the *particular for-profit* charter school?

Are you aware that the office *the mayor's wife* is running for has some power/ jurisdiction over school districts in the region?

So, no-- it is not "opposite day". It is connect-the-dots and ask the appropriate questions day.

Craig said...

@Tim, also note that the "PTA" referenced in the article is NOT the Parent Teacher Association that we all likely had around our schools when we were growing up.

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